~Monday, April 30, 1928~

YarnKittymon: : ::late that afternoon, a large group from the show somehow makes it to Alex's apartment::
CleoDominic: ::Alex's father opens the door t let them in::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods politely to Mr. Indigo, though her eyes are cold::
CleoDominic: FO: I suppose you came to see Alex? Hes in his room, down the hall to the right.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::with unusual dignity:: Thank you, sir. ::heads that way::
HJennyG: ER: ::doesn't look at Fox as she follows Libby through::
MV: ::sitting next to Alex's bed:::
CleoDominic: ::Alex is wrapped with bandages. and face is black and blue but not swullen anymore::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::gasps; he looks worse than she'd imagined::
HJennyG: ER: ::runs to Alex side, shocked::
Quantum Catz:
BM: ::stands in the doorway, leans against it slightly, still looking tired::
CleoDominic: AX: ::eyes are close but starts muttering words:: Kill it...just kill it...
HJennyG: ER: ::looks to Maeve:: What is he saying?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sharply:: Alex!
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks confusd:: I dont know
CleoDominic: AX: ::Opens the only eye that you can see from the bandages:: huh? what?
CleoDominic: FO:: ::stands behind becky::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looking rather concerned:: Alex...how are you feeling?
MaeveOwens: MV: :::says gently:: Hey there, how are you feeling? You got somee visitors.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::is hesitant to move any closer, since Alex won't recognise her::
HJennyG: ER: ::smiles:: Hey Alex, we came to see how you're holding up.
AX: ::looks at them:: I'm fine...just turn the ringing off...and set the room down...
HJennyG: ER: ::frowns, doesn't know what to say::
AX: Did we killl the cat?
MaeveOwens: MV: No, the cat is safe.
CleoDominic: AX: oh ok....
CleoDominic: FO: Alex you should say hi to your guest, your being rude!
CleoDominic: AX: hullo guest...how are yo.
MaeveOwens: MV: ::turns to glare at Fox::: He just woke up, he doesent have to mind his manners!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::to Alex:: You just rest for now. Don't worry about being polite.
CleoDominic: FO: ::stares at her:: he could aleats try.
MaeveOwens: MV: :::whispers angrily to him::: And you could at least try and accept him for the way he is!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::moves forward just to be a bit further away from Fox::
CleoDominic: AX: How is everyone...hope you didn't come out of the way...
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, I had nothing else to do. Cheaper to come see you than a film.
CleoDominic: FO: ::whisper back:: when he accepts his self I will.
CleoDominic: AX: ::laughs:: Libby...I love you, your so funny...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::glares at him a little more before deciding to drop it for now.:::
CleoDominic: AX: I missed you guys...Erin, becky....I missed you and thought of you...didn't want to leave you....
CleoDominic: AX: and Ethan...I have to bug ethan...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks back to Alex, still feeling guilty about what happened::: Do you need me to get anything for you Alex?
CleoDominic: AX: Oh....no I'm fine, I have everthing I need right here! ::smiles:: except jasmine and Ethan..
Quantum Catz: BM: ::yawns and then smiles slightly:: Yeah
YarnKittymon: LB: ::gruffly:: I'm glad Maeve didn't tell us how badly off you were, or I would've worried more...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::avoids eye contact and stares at the floor:::
CleoDominic: FO: None sense hes fine...just a bumb on the head.
CleoDominic: AX: ha..I'm fine...don't worry, I always swing back...
CleoDominic: AX: I was lucky I didn't get shut by that gun!
CleoDominic: FO: Alex!
YarnKittymon: LB: Gun?
CleoDominic: AX: these guys started to chase us, and was shuting at us!
MaeveOwens: MV: ::::glares at him::: Alex!
CleoDominic: FO: Thats enough, alex! shut up!
CleoDominic: AX: and the cat...we dodge the cat...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks nervous::: Yeah, at least we didnt hit the cat. ::: mutters:: Daniel should be proud that I saved it.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::rolls her eyes:: Oh i'm sure he'll be grateful
YarnKittymon: : ::Erin suddenly disappears::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head at Alex:: You seem to get involved in a lot of trouble....you and those McHenrys, both...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::coughs::: It was my fault, not his.
CleoDominic: AX: oh yeah Stella...I miss her..and Hugo...
CleoDominic: AX: ::looks at Maeve::
MaeveOwens: MV: :::still staring at an interesting spot on the floor, doesnt meet his eyes:::
YarnKittymon: LB: The cause doesn't much matter.
CleoDominic: AX: yeah, libby is so smart, it doesnt, the point is that were alive...oh Erin's gone...::looks at becky and smiles:: Whats wrong becky?
CleoDominic: AX: ::his right eye widens:: Whose this beatiful woman?!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks behind her to see if anyone's come in and then turns back to Alex:: Who? Me?
CleoDominic: AX: Yes you? Look at you, a lady, how did you become one so fast, I mean you were cute, but now your beatiful!
MaeveOwens: MV: :::quietly gets up from the chair and turns to leave, tears in her eyes:::
Quantum Catz: BM: it's a long story ::yawns::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at Maeve, quietly:: Are you all right?
CleoDominic: AX: Maybe you should lay down...where Maeve going?
MaeveOwens: MV: :::turns to look at Alex, shakes her head::: I have something I have to do. :::leaves the room:::
CleoDominic: FO: ::Turns to look at her and follows:: Maeve?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::frowns, then smiles weakly at Alex:: Your whole family's mad.
MaeveOwens: MV: :::shakes her head:: ::whispers:: I'm a danger to all of you. I *have* to leave!
CleoDominic: AX: ::smiles:: so maybe I'm normal after all....huh?
CleoDominic: FO: But Alex needs you...
MaeveOwens: MV: ::voice raises::He doesnt need someone who almost gets him killed!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles weakly:: comparatively normal
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sounding annoyed:: I prefer you to your father...
CleoDominic: FO: Maeve calm down, its okay..stay...
CleoDominic: AX: I love my father...just the same where I last saw him...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::tears strart to fall::: I cant! Those men were after me, they will be back!
CleoDominic: AX: ::turns his head:: Maeve? No, she can't leave!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at Alex, puzzled:: What are you talking about?
CleoDominic: FO: Maeve stop this now...your only going to make things worse....Libby talk to Maeve will you miss?
CleoDominic: AX: ::points out the door::
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks upset::: How can i make anything worse than what it already is?
YarnKittymon: LB: What are you talking about?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sits down on the chair Maeve was sitting on before::
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks at libby::: I have to leave.
YarnKittymon: LB: You'll do no such thing.
CleoDominic: FO: Libby talk some scenes into her!
CleoDominic: AX: ::Tries to get up, but moans:: Ouff...! Maeve...
MaeveOwens: MV: ::throws her hands up in the air, frustrated::: You dont understand! None of you do!
YarnKittymon: LB: I'm quite sorry, Maeve, but I must agree with Mr. Indigo on this one point. Please don't leave.
Quantum Catz: BM: Alex don't try to get up, you might hurt yourself even more
CleoDominic: FO: Maeve! don't leave!
CleoDominic: AX: I have to stop Maeve! ::Stands up:: arrgggg.....
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grabs Alex's arm to try and help him *stay* up::
MaeveOwens: MV: :::starts to cry when she hears Alex::: I dont know what to do! if I stay i could put you all in danger! And the last thing I want is to hurt Alex
YarnKittymon: LB: Danger?
MaeveOwens: MV: :::sighs, and looks at the ground::: those two men who were shooting at us, the ones that caused the accident were after me. They will be back.
CleoDominic: AX: ::grabs Maeve pulling her down:: Maeve its okay...stay please...
YarnKittymon: LB: Alex! Get back in bed! You'll get sick!
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks at Alex, shocked::: Alex! You should be in bed! :::takes his arm and helps him back into the room:::
CleoDominic: AX: ::moans:: Maeve, please stay...please, father will help us...
MaeveOwens: MV: Now lay down and dont you dare get up from that bed again!
CleoDominic: Fo: Yes, Maeve, they won't know your here..I'll make it that way..
MaeveOwens: MV: ::looks at Fox::: You can do that?
CleoDominic: FO: yes, I can make them believe that you died in the wreck!
YarnKittymon: LB: Perhaps you need a stage name.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::to herself:: I'm too tired for this...i'm just confused
MaeveOwens: MV: ::nods:: Yeah, most likely. :::sighs::: I had thought this had ended four years ago. ::looks at Alex::: I cant begin to teell you how sorry i am for all this
CleoDominic: AX: Sorry? sorry that they killed your parents in cold blood?
CleoDominic: FO: Alex! Hush and get to bed!
CleoDominic: AX: ::lays back down::
MaeveOwens: MV: My being here is what caused this. ::gestures towards the bed and his bandages::::
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, you can't help existing, and if you hadn't been with them, maybe something worse would've happened to you...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::shrugs::: I would rather die than have anything happen to Alex, or Uncle Fox. I've already lost my sister.
CleoDominic: AX: You heard what my father says, he can make them see that you are already dead..don't worry...
MaeveOwens: MV: :::looks skeptical::: But what if I run into them again?
CleoDominic: AX: just stay with father....as long as your around him..they can't see you....
MaeveOwens: MV: ::rolls her eyes::: That will do wonders for my social life.
CleoDominic: AX: well you can always marry him. ::winks::
YarnKittymon: LB: Your uncle?!
MaeveOwens: MV: :::wrinkles her nose:: Alex!
CleoDominic: FO: that was uncalled for!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::chuckles::
CleoDominic: AX: ::laughs with Becky::
CleoDominic: AX: In case you are all wounering. ::pauses and shuts his eyes then opens them:: he has the power of Illustons, and dreams...
CleoDominic: FO: Alex, if i wished for them to know, I would of told them..!
YarnKittymon: LB: No matter. Maeve, I'd risk my own life happily if it will keep the show from going under. So please continue to perform with us. I'm sure we can all keep you safe--you could probably hold your own against anyone who's after you.
CleoDominic: AX: yeah your one tough cookie, thats chocolate cookie!
CleoDominic: FO: and again, Alex is making no senese!
MaeveOwens: MV: ::smiles and nods::: Its not me I'm worried about. But I appreciate your concern.
MaeveOwens: MV: :::smiless:::: mmmmm. Chocolate? I could use some chocolate.
CleoDominic: AX: mmm...me too....and soup, and gum,and a coke!
CleoDominic: FO: ::just stares:: Oh please..you two...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sighs:: I guess we'd better be getting home, then, but we'll come bother you again, Alex. I'll see you on Saturday, Maeve, right?
MaeveOwens: MV: :::thinks a moment and then reluctantly nods::: Yeah. I'll be there.
CleoDominic: AX: bye you guys, thanks so much for seeing me! Now give me a hug.
CleoDominic: FO: ::just watches::
MaeveOwens: MV: :::watches sadly:::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::hugs Alex, a bit hesitantly::
CleoDominic: AX: thanks Libby, I'll try to make it!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::hugs Alex too:: Soon as i get my energy back i'm going to be coming to check on you every day
CleoDominic: AX: Your so sweet Becky! Tell the others hi for me!
YarnKittymon: LB: You just rest, Alex; the show will get along without you for a week or two.
CleoDominic: AX: Oh....I'll come watch!
CleoDominic: AX: ::digs under his bed quietly:: Here, Libby go see a movie! ::tosser her a 20::
YarnKittymon: LB: Alex!
CleoDominic: AX: Just go see a cinema! Go on...
YarnKittymon: LB: We could buy a whole moviehouse for a night with this. ::hands the money to Becky::
Quantum Catz: BM: What am i getting it for?
YarnKittymon: LB: I'm not accepting Alex's money. You may give it back to him if you like, or take it as his gift.
CleoDominic: AX: ::stares at Libby:: Must I get up...and make you take it?
MaeveOwens: MV: :::mummbles::: go ahead, he has plenty more...
Quantum Catz: BM: Oh give it a break Alex, you won't be able to convince her ::reaches out her hand to give it back:: And i'm going to be resting in bed for like the next week so i don't need it
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles at Alex:: When you're better you can treat us all to a movie if you like. That's the most you'll get from me. So you'd better work hard on getting your strength back!


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