~Wednesday, June 20, 1928~

YarnKittymon: LB: ::puts on the show as usual, and groans when her mother and brother show up again, near the end::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Mrs. Williamson and Denny then looks back at Libby.:: hmmm..
Alexlndigo: JI: ::A Young Man is sitting in the audience::
YarnKittymon: MW: ::looks less than amused during the show, though Denny seems to enjoy it::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::finishes the show, then looks around to see who's interested in seeing who afterwards::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::Walks up to Libby with a smile:: Hi, can I see Erin? She is here today?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::a bit surprised that an "oriental" would speak such good English, but nods:: You have a quarter, right?
Alexlndigo: JI: Yes Ma'am I do! ::hands her the quarter::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::takes the quarter:: She's right over there. ::looks around for other visitors, hoping they'll prevent her from talking to her mother, but she doesn't seem to have any such luck::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::Walks over to Erin:: Hello miss, how are you, I really like your act! ::smile grows bigger::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Walks next to Libby:: need any help?
YarnKittymon: : ::the weather's so nice (and Alex is engaged), so few people stay behind, leaving poor Libby to deal with her mother::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::smiles back, but seems a bit bored:: Thank you very much. What's you name?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks around at what's left of the crowd:: No, thank you.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks around for Becky::
YarnKittymon: MW: ::apologizes to her daughter for coming, handing her two dimes:: Denny wouldn't give me any peace until he got to see the show again.
mythrilhal0: BM: ::comes out from the lighting room and heads over to daniel::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::My name is Junichiro Honda, nice to met you. :
YarnKittymon: DN: ::nuzzles her, yawning:: I'm gonna take a nap 'til the next show.
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, he's seen enough of it, then.
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::shakes his hand:: Likewise. Do you come to the show often?
YarnKittymon: DY: ::looks around at everyone on and near the stage, smiling::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::rolls his eyes at Greta:: ummm humm
mythrilhal0: BM: ::smiles:: Sure, if you want
Alexlndigo: JI: Whenever I have enought saved, I come to see you miss Erin.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::heads off into the back room::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::goes over to join libby but doesn't go right up to her since she's talking to her mother::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::smiles:: That's very flattering. Is there anything I can do for you just now? Autograph? Demonstration?
YarnKittymon: : ::quite suddenly, everyone near the stage, excepting Denny and Mrs. Williamson, finds themselves in a forest, within sight of a primitive-looking village::
Alexlndigo: AX: What the hel...just happened...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks around, eyes wide:: I don't know...::shudders::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::eyes widen but still smiling:: Huh? is this a trick too?
mythrilhal0: BM: Reminds me of when sara was here...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::shakes her head:: I have no idea...
Alexlndigo: JI: Oh...my how neat.
Alexlndigo: AX: Libby....whats going on?
RGRIFFITHK: ER: Neat? Well, I suppose... ::Looks to Libby::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::in a quiet voice:: I don't know...unless I've sent us so far into the future...
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks around:: hmmm...
Alexlndigo: AX: You think you done this?
mythrilhal0: BM: You think it's likely that coney eventually becomes a forest?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head:: I doubt it, but perhaps someplace nearby. I don't know what would happen if we travelled forward further than our lifetimes...when I send people, they always wind up reappearing where they *would* have been had they been around for the time they missed...if they were planning on moving to Manhattan and they went forward a week they might *be* there, all moved...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::moans:: oh ....
mythrilhal0: BM: But why would we all be at this place?
YarnKittymon: LB: I don't know...
YarnKittymon: : ::they see some motion coming from the village::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks around:: umm....ummm...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::stands next to Junichiro:: Sorry about this...guess you're really getting your quaters worth.
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks at Libby:: This is more than a quarter worth!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: I'll charge you another when we're safely back.
YarnKittymon: : ::the creatures coming towards them are walking on all fours, and seem to be furry::
Alexlndigo: JI:: eyes widen:: you charge more? I don't have anymore ma'am....what..
Alexlndigo: AX: ::eyes widen::
mythrilhal0: BM: I *really* wanna know where we are now
YarnKittymon: : ::there's about half a dozen of the creatures, and it becomes evident that they are, indeed, giant cats; they hiss at the intruders, their backs arched::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::hastily takes a step behind Junichiro::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::eyes widen:: Oh my! ::gets in a fighting stance:: I will protect you!
mythrilhal0: BM: ::rather amazed:: They look like Dan
Alexlndigo: AX: ::starts screaming:: Oh man, there everywhere, this is a sick joke!
YarnKittymon: : ::the creatures hiss at Junichiro, though one makes some funny mrrrowring noises, almost as if it's a form of speech::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::Puts his hand down slowly so the creature can smell him:: Nice kitty...kitty kitty...
mythrilhal0: BM: ::to the creatures:: i don't suppose you can understand us...
YarnKittymon: : ::the creatures look rather irritated::
Alexlndigo: AX: Okay if they attack, I'll start popping okay?
YarnKittymon: : ::one of them sniffs at Becky, and another one snaps at Junichiro, more as a warning; not really aiming to bite::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::raises her hand for the creature to sniff::
Alexlndigo: JI: ::slowly moves his hands back:: There not happy....
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the cats suddenly goes back towards the village; the others stand their ground::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::gets scared:: Libby...can't you do somthing...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::steps out from behind Junichiro, looking rather embarrassed:: THey's have attacked by now if they were going to...right?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks helpless:: Probably...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks like hes about to panic:: Wheres Daniel, is he here, or not...darn, Libby you should of brung him!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sounding a bit scared:: I didn't choose to come here! ::frowns:: Besides, I'm not sure he knows their language, if they have one at all...
Alexlndigo: AX: your right they might of eat him! Good thing...
mythrilhal0: BM: If that's their village, they must have some kind of intelligence...they probably have some kind of language...
Alexlndigo: JI: If there is anything I could do to help...I will.
RGRIFFITHK: ER: What did you have in mind?
Alexlndigo: JI: I know Kendo, and a bit of karate, thats all I can do to help and I don't have my sword today..
Alexlndigo: AX: ::starts to back away::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: You do, really? ::looks impressed:: Well, lets just see what they do next.
Alexlndigo: JI: yes, I think they may be friendly..perhaps. ::smiles::
YarnKittymon: : ::the cat that left comes back with a pure white cat, with green eyes; it stands on its back two paws when it reaches them; it hisses briefly, but then speaks in barely decipherable English:: Wi myuu hirr?
mythrilhal0: BM: Why what?
YarnKittymon: : ::with more of an effort:: Wi m--yuu hairr?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks oddly at the cat:: where here, because...Libby you tell him..
YarnKittymon: LB: ::weakly:: I don't know...we'd be happy to leave if we knew how...
mythrilhal0: BM: ::to the cat:: Where exactly are we?
Alexlndigo: JI: ::just stares::
YarnKittymon: : Rorr rand... ::Junichiro might be the only one there to whom it's obvious that 'rand' is their way for saying 'land,' as the Japanese 'r' and 'l' are the same::
Alexlndigo: JI: This is your rand, Land, Well how can we get off?
YarnKittymon: : ::the cat hisses again::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::whispers a hiss back::
YarnKittymon: LB: Do you have anyone who speaks English better?
YarnKittymon: : ::the cat swipes its paw towards Alex's face, not aiming to scratch, but as a warning; then turns to Libby:: In thi wirrash... ::one of the cats turns to head back to the village::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::turns white::
Alexlndigo: JI: I think he went to get somone eles, how biazzare...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::hesitantly:: What did it say?
mythrilhal0: BM: In the...village?
YarnKittymon: : ::the cat glares at all of them for a moment, before nodding to Becky:: FFarrow.
Alexlndigo: JI: ::nods his head to the cat and smiles::
YarnKittymon: : ::the other cats get behind everyone, and try to herd them towards the village::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::cant move:: eeeeeppp....
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the cats hisses at Alex, snapping at him, and then nudging him with his head::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::starts to walk slowly:: I wanna wake up...let me walk up, I know your doing this Dad...let me wake up...
mythrilhal0: BM: ::starts heading towards the village; ignoring alex::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::allows herself to be herded along::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly, taking Alex's arm:: This might not be the best thing to do, but if we fight them here they'll just get the rest of their village and we'll still be killed.
Alexlndigo: AX: ::holds on to Libby's arm:: This has to be a dream...I wan't out...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at the ground:: No; we'll likely all be eaten, and it's my fault. I'm sorry.
Alexlndigo: JI: ::Follows them::
Alexlndigo: AX: They wont eat you.....I'll shock them first...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::overhears Libby and looks alarmed::
YarnKittymon: : ::they're soon at the village, which is a few dozen huts (two in trees, the rest on the ground). There's already about twenty cats gathered around, looking at them curiously, some only kittens::
Alexlndigo: JI: I'm sure everthing will be alright. ::smiles::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::still looks more depressed than frightened::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::softly:: This's like Dan's *people* or something...it's so weird...
YarnKittymon: : ::a dark gray cat approaches them curiously, its whiskers twitching; it says something to the white cat, who says something back--then it turns to the humans:: Who are you?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Libby:: its okay Libby, cheer up! ::He lets go, and stands tall:: I' am a man, I can handle this!
YarnKittymon: : ::the grey cat drops to all fours, looking at Alex skeptically:: You don't even have claws.
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks to Libby:: Should you be our speaker, or should someone eles.
mythrilhal0: BM: ::can't help but laugh::
Alexlndigo: AX: oh, you speak, neat, hi, I'm Alex, I'm harmless, can we go home now?
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::can't hepl but smirk at 'harmless'::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head, rather pale, at Junichiro::
YarnKittymon: : ::the cat nods:: You can call me Natalie, though my people call me Wisaffiff.
Alexlndigo: JI: Why hello there Natalie, how are you?
YarnKittymon: NT: ::snarls:: I've had enough of that treatment from you humans already.
Alexlndigo: JI: Sorry miss....::looks away::
Alexlndigo: AX: so are you gonna eat us now....
YarnKittymon: NT: ::whiskers twitch again; to Alex:: If you'd like.
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::whimpers::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Narrow his eyes:: Please don't we just wanna go home!
YarnKittymon: NT: ::looks at Erin; tail twitches:: How did you find us? How do you know of us?
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks at Libby::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::groans:: If Dan were here at least they might trust us a bit
RGRIFFITHK: ER: We...didn't. We just kinda - appeared... ::looks to Libby::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shrugs helplessly:: I don't know. I don't know where we are, or even what year it is. I--we just *appeared* here. Like magic.
Alexlndigo: AX: puff, magic!
Alexlndigo: JI:We are sorry to intrude on you.
YarnKittymon: NT: ::the cat mrrs, counting on its fingers:: I *think* it's 1931. You're very poor sorcerers, then.
Alexlndigo: AX: Well she is anyway.
YarnKittymon: LB: 1931? ::looks about ready to faint::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::nervously:: So, ermm, what does this mean?
Alexlndigo: JI: where in 1928....
Alexlndigo: AX: so great Evil cats take over...wippiee doo da..
YarnKittymon: LB: ::weakly:: It means we've lost three years of our lives...::sits down::
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::curses, sits down on the ground and puts her head in her hands:: So we're stuck here.
YarnKittymon: NT: ::after quite a long pause:: I hate your people.
mythrilhal0: BM: ::sighs:: Does it help that one of my best friends is one of *your* people?
YarnKittymon: NT: ::eyes widen:: How can that be?
mythrilhal0: BM: We rescued him...he'd been caught by other humans...and he lives with us now
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly, to Erin:: Do you have any links to anyone intact? So we could see what's going on back...home? Assuming this isn't home?
YarnKittymon: NT: ::hisses:: And you treat him like a pet! Like a creature in a 'zoo'! Right?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::angry:: No! He's my friend! I'd never let anyone treat him like that!
Alexlndigo: AX: No, I have to go back home, I gotta get married!
YarnKittymon: NT: ::softly:: Prove it.
RGRIFFITHK: ER: Yes. ::considers:: Yes I do. Give me a min. ::closes her eyes for a moment::
Alexlndigo: JI: hmm....
mythrilhal0: BM: ::annoyed:: How can i? He isn't here
YarnKittymon: NT: Tell me about him. Where does he live?
mythrilhal0: BM: At our home, with me and libby
Alexlndigo: AX: yeah...and he hates to dance too....
YarnKittymon: NT: ::hisses again:: And I suppose this 'friend' doesn't even have a name?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::glares at her:: Daniel
Alexlndigo: AX:or Danny...
YarnKittymon: NT: ::tail twitches, but says a few words to the white cat, who says quite a few in return; finally:: What does he look like?
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::exitedly:: I have one - Samantha's. ::closes her eyes again and concentrates::
YarnKittymon: : ::Erin sees a book that Samatha's reading--when the vision shifts upward, she sees Samantha's in the same hospital room where Erin had visited her::
mythrilhal0: BM: He's got brown fur with black stripes
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ...she's still in hospital - but...?
YarnKittymon: LB: How could that be?
YarnKittymon: NT: ::confers with the white cat, then steps closer to Becky:: Where is he? Bring him back to us!
mythrilhal0: BM: What?
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::looks again, just to be sure:: I have no idea... So if she's still there, where are *we*?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::rather cheerfully:: Who cares? It might not have been as long as we thought...if she's still in the hospital, only a few days should have passed, right?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::takes a deep breathe:: Oh goodness, serena told me about that....
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::unconvinced, but nods slowly:: ...right.
YarnKittymon: NT: A few years ago several of our people--myself included--went out to try to visit the humans. But they caught us all, sold us, put us in shows...::hisses::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::murmurs:: I wish someone would bring that poor girl a newspaper...
mythrilhal0: BM: Dan...came from here?
YarnKittymon: NT: We had a brown kitten with us.
Alexlndigo: AX: Wait, you Want Daniel to come back? But what if he doesn't want too?
YarnKittymon: NT: His mother is dead, but he's one of us! He belongs here! Now bring him to us! We'll keep one of you here to make sure you do!
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks at the ground; trembling slightly:: I...I could bring him here
YarnKittymon: NT: ::whiskers twitch:: Do it.
Alexlndigo: JI: I'll stay here if you wish....
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks over at libby as if asking her what to do::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: If you really *can,* Becky...he'd be better off with his own kind...but don't use too much energy...
mythrilhal0: BM: ::sighs and then teleports away, looking for Daniel::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::looks down:: Be careful Becky.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::is in the back room of the freak show, napping::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::kneels down in front of him:: Hey, Dan...
YarnKittymon: DN: ::yawns, waking:: Hi. Is it time for the show? ::looks around:: Where is everyone?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks away; softly:: Um...they're at this place...we found....where you came from
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks very frightened:: The circus? Did they lock them up in cages too?
mythrilhal0: BM: No...i mean....where you came from before then. Others like you
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs:: Huh?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::smiles sadly:: A village of other giant cats who can talk...your home...
YarnKittymon: DN: ::eyes widen:: Really?
mythrilhal0: BM: Yeah...i'm gonna teleport you there okay?
YarnKittymon: DN: Okay...
mythrilhal0: BM: ::suddenly hugs him tightly, hesitates for a moment, and then teleports them back to the village::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks around, amazed; mrrs::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::looks at Becky:: Are you okay?
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a murmur from the cats as Daniel appears; a couple come up to sniff him::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::is flickering but hardly seems to notice; keeps her eyes on Daniel:: Yeah, i'm fine
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks quite pleased at all the attention, though he doesn't understand a word anyone's saying::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::eyes water:: Do we have to leave him, Imean, hes our friend...and its not fair....
YarnKittymon: NT: ::turns back to Becky:: Thank you.
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks like she's about to cry::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::goes to hug Becky:: We will miss him, its not fair...
YarnKittymon: NT: Now you may all return to where you came from.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks at Becky:: Why're you so sad?
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks at Daniel:: hmmm..
Alexlndigo: AX: Because we have to leave you here, doesnt that stink!
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs:: What do you mean?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::sadly:: You're better off here, Dan. They're your kind
Alexlndigo: AX: There mean beast..who don't care what you feel...
YarnKittymon: DN: ::doesn't quite understand all this:: Will you stay too, Becky?
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks away:: I...I'll come visit...i don't think they'd appreciate me living here
Alexlndigo: JI: ::looks at Erin:: Will you miss Daniel too?
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs, head down:: I don't wanna stay here without you...
RGRIFFITHK: ER: ::suprised at the question, sniffs:: Of course I'll miss him.
Alexlndigo: JI: Then I will miss him also.
YarnKittymon: : ::Erin suddenly vanishes::
mythrilhal0: BM: You're safer here - people won't shoot you, or try to hurt you
YarnKittymon: DN: ::voice shaking:: But you said you'd keep me safe...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Natalie:: I hope your happy...
YarnKittymon: NT: ::just looks rather puzzled at the situation, ignoring Alex::
mythrilhal0: BM: But you wouldn't *need* to be kept safe here
Alexlndigo: JI: Where did Erin go? how...
YarnKittymon: DN: But I wanna stay with you...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::half-heartedly:: That'll cost you another quarter.
Alexlndigo: JI: Me feel poor now...::sighs::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::looks over at Natalie and then actually does start crying::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::quietly:: You've seen the show, that I can't control my talents.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs; nudges his way out from the group of catpeople around him and runs to Becky, nuzzling her:: Don't cry...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::looks at Daniel and Becky:: Okay Natalie, he wants back home...let him go!
mythrilhal0: BM: ::hugs Daniel, doesn't say anything::
YarnKittymon: : ::the cats seem to have a pretty lengthy discussion amongst themselves::
YarnKittymon: : ::finally, Natalie goes to Daniel:: Come with us.
mythrilhal0: BM: ::pulls away from daniel and looks at the ground::
YarnKittymon: DN: I don't wanna!
YarnKittymon: NT: ::sternly:: Just for a few minutes. ::grabs Daniel so that he can't really escape and drags him off to a hut::
mythrilhal0: BM: ::softly:: He *is* better off here
YarnKittymon: LB: If it were the end of the season I might not have such mixed feelings...
YarnKittymon: DN: ::comes out of the hut a few minutes later; runs over to Becky and the others::
YarnKittymon: DN: They said I can stay with you!

YarnKittymon: : ::almost as soon as Daniel announces he can stay, all the people who appeared with the catpeople find themselves back in the Freak Show building--without Daniel::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::looks around worriedly:: Where is he?
YarnKittymon : : ::Alex, Junichiro, and Erin promptly and inexplicably vanish::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::just sits down on the stage, exhaling, looking down::
Squidged : AL:: Enters Freakshow building::
JopDance : jm: ::enters Freakshow building too::
YarnKittymon : : ::several of the acts are in the building, along with Libby's mother and her brother, the latter of whom has an idiotic grin on his face::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::looks up, rather dazed, at the newcomers:: Hello...
JopDance : jm: ::walks over:: Hello
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::looks around comfused but realizes he's just reappeared at the freak show::
Squidged : AL: HI every1
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::walks into the freakshow building::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::agitated:: Where's Dan? What happened?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::::walks in behind Maeve:::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::sighs, self-pityingly:: I don't know...I'm dangerous...
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::looking around:: Where's Alex?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::shrugs helplessly::
mythrilhal0 : BM: But he said they were going to let him stay!
Squidged : AL: hi Maeve
: BM: And i'm too tired out to go find him!
YarnKittymon : MW: ::Libby's mother grabs her grown son by the collar, yanking him towards the door::
Squidged : AL: I dunno where Alex is
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::looks disappointed that alex isnt there:::
YarnKittymon : LB: You brought him to those catpeople; I didn't. So I couldn't very well be expected to bring him back!
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: Hi Alisha
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::is relived that alex isn't there::
YarnKittymon : DY: ::Libby's brother looks a little scared:: I didn't do anything wrong!
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::looks at the ground; says softly:: He's better off with the catpeople anyway
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::looks at Libby:: What happened?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::irritated:: Don't say that!
YarnKittymon : LB: I sent us all to another place--a place full of catpeople, like Daniel. Becky brought him to them, but we all disappeared and came back here--except Daniel, who's still with them.
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::sighs:: He should be with his own kind - it's for the best
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::looks at Becky confused:: catpeople?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: Oh. Well i hope you guys get him back.
JopDance : jm: ::eyes widen:: Cat people? ::pausees:: Can't you go back?
YarnKittymon : LB: I'm worthless! I can't control anything I do!
mythrilhal0 : BM: Not just now - i used up all my energy
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::comforts libby:: You arent worthless libby!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::slumps down on the stage, turning away from Serena:: I've never done anything this terrible before...
YarnKittymon : MW: ::looks about ready to say something, but thinks better of it:: Come on, Denny. You've done more than enough here.
JopDance : jm: ::frowns thoughtfully:: Is he happy there?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::puts her hand on Libby's shoulder::: What was so terrible? You made them disappear for a couple of hours. So? It will keep Alex out of trouble. Hopefully.
SquirtLaWort : EM: don't beat yourself up Libby, you didn't do anything intetional.
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: yeah, this could be good for Alex
YarnKittymon : LB: No; we could've been killed, and poor Daniel's not around...
YarnKittymon : DY: ::laughs::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::looks a little confused and doesnt know what to say now:::
SquirtLaWort : EM: No one is hurt and we'll see Daniel again, I'm sure
mythrilhal0 : BM: Daniel's better off with his own kind - he'll learn to live with them - he'll be happy there
YarnKittymon : LB: ::softly:: But then you'll have no reason to stay with us...
RGRIFFITHK : AL: Wait a min, what r u all talkin bout?
: BM: ::shrugs:: I've got no where else to go
YarnKittymon : DY: You won't go away! You're pretty.
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::frowns uncertainly at denny::
YarnKittymon : DY: ::he's older than Libby, but nowhere near as bright:: I'm sorry I made you sad.
mythrilhal0 : ((is he talking to becky?))
YarnKittymon : ((Yeah; sorry))
YarnKittymon : LB: ::finally stands up:: We have to get ready for the next show. Serena, you'll help us, right?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::turns a little pale but nods anyway:::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::smiles weakly at Denny:: Uh, that's okay
YarnKittymon : LB: :without enthusiasm:: The crowd loves you, especially when you impersonate celebrities.
YarnKittymon : DY: ::smiling sheepishly:: I can send you back.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::blushes a little::: Oh please, not that again!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::grins:: Surely you do it for Alex sometimes...
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::turns an even deeper shade of red and ducks her head::: Umm...no....
mythrilhal0 : BM: Send me back?
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::starts backing away towards the door thinking they probably don't want her anywhere near the show::
YarnKittymon : DY: To wherever you went before! I think I can do it if I try!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::sees Maeve:: Where do you think you're going?
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::frowns uncertainly:: How?
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: I was just umm...just...going...out for a little fresh air? Yeah fresh air is um good
YarnKittymon : MW: ::sounding frightened:: Denny, stop this nonsense this instant!
YarnKittymon : DY: I don't know. I just do.
YarnKittymon : LB: Get into your costume. Then you may go out and attract a crowd if you'd like.
mythrilhal0 : BM: Do you...do you have a power like Libby's?
YarnKittymon : MW: ::shouts:: We're leaving! ::drags Denny to the door before he can reply::
mythrilhal0 : BM: No, wait! I want to go back to Dan!
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: Right ::goes to change in to her costume::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::follows Maeve back to get a costume to wear:::
YarnKittymon : : ::in just a moment, all the acts present find themselves back in the midst of a catperson village, back in an unknown forest, surrounded by some rather bewildered-looking catpeople, the same type as Daniel::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::looks around for Dan::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::quickly:: I didn't mean to!
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::surprized by all the catpeople around:: Always something new I guess
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::looks around startled::: What happened? Where are we...
JopDance : jm: ::surprised::
YarnKittymon : DN: ::is nowhere to be seen; one of the catpeople stops Becky, hissing::
SquirtLaWort : EM: Careful Becky!
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: VERY confused::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::grabs Ethan's hand, rather frightened:: I can't keep doing this...
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::glares at the cat who hissed at her:: Where's my friend? I want to see him!
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::sighs:: I'm sorry.. I wish I could help
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::looking around:: What the hel-just happened?
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat hisses back, saying some things that might be words, though Becky can't understand them::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::begins to look lost:: What?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::shudders, then walks off into the forest::
YarnKittymon : : ::a couple more cats encircle Becky, all speaking in their cat-language::
JopDance : jm: ::intensely interested in all of the cat people:: What are they saying?
YarnKittymon : : ::one of the cats sniffs Maeve curiously, without hostility::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::watches them nervously:: I don't understand
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::about to run after Libby but stops when he see all the cats around Becky::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::smiles at the cat::
YarnKittymon : : ::one of them finaly pounces Becky::
JopDance : jm: Hey! ::runs over and tries to drag him off::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::lifts the cat off of Becky::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat mrows, frightened, but two more cats attack Becky::
SquirtLaWort : EM:: Are you okay Becky?
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::tries to push the cats away:: Stop it!
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats bite at her; they probably aren't playing::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::debating on whether or not it would be a good idea to turn into a dog:::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::forms a fireball and shoots it at the cats attacking Becky::
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: takes glove off::
: BM: ::winces and then teleports away from them, landing a few feet away, flickering in and out::
JopDance : jm: ::changes into her catlike self and attacks the two with claws::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats pull back, their fur scorched, and look around, puzzled; a few stalk towards Maeve, while a couple other catch sight of Becky and attack her again::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::Send the cats after becky flying::
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: touches a cat near her, making it faint::
YarnKittymon : : ::the previously burned cats have a hard time fighting well against Jasmine, though they try their best::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::turns herself into a dog and starts barking::::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::can't feel the attacks as she isn't solid, but she tries to pull away from them, crying out::
YarnKittymon : : ::a couple dozen more cats come out from the huts; one of them pounces Serena::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::forms another fireball, ready to strike if necessary::
YarnKittymon : : ::there's a pathetic mrr coming from a hut near Serena, along with some scratching noises::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::yelps and tries to run::: Ok so this wasnt a good idea! I thought cats were afraid of dogs!! :::runs between Maeve's legs:::
YarnKittymon : : ::a cat comes at Maeve from the front, in stalking mode::
mythrilhal0 : BM: Stop it! I just want to see Dan!
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::growls:::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::backs away:: nice kitty...
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: touches all the cats she can ::
YarnKittymon : : ::Natalie, the gray cat that knows English, approaches Becky:: You want to take him from us!
YarnKittymon : : ::several of the cats do more than faint, though several also snap at Alisha's hand, aiming to sever it::
mythrilhal0 : BM: I want to do what's best for him! I won't take him - he's better off here!
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat keeps stalking, but another strikes Maeve and Serena from behind::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::growls again and bites the cats:::
YarnKittymon : NT: Then why'd you come back? The moment he sees you, he'll come running back, and as long as you're alive, he'll miss you.
RGRIFFITHK : AL::Grabs cat about to attack her::
YarnKittymon : : ::one of the cats aims a vicious bite towards one of Serena's back legs::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::miserably:: I just...wanted to see him
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::turns around as the cat attacks, it manages to scratch her arm, she uses the other arm to throw a fireball in the cat's face::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::howls in pain:::
YarnKittymon : : ::another cat goes for Alisha at almost the same time; it's likely one of them would hit::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::pins the cat that bit Serena to the ground::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat has one of its eyes burned shut, but keeps fighting::
YarnKittymon : : ::none of the cats seems to understand that Ethan's fighting, so he goes unassaulted::
YarnKittymon : NT: That's not what's best for him.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::morphs back into her regular form and shrinks back away from the group:::
SquirtLaWort : EM: Serena are you okay?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::looks down at her leg but doesnt see a mark::: Yeah. I guess so.
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::looks at the ground; she wants to argue but doesn't seem to think her opinion's worth as much as natalie's::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::runs over to Serena:: are you ok?
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: jumps out the way of one cat but gets quite badly scratched by the other::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::finally comes back to the village, rather appalled at all the carnage:: What the devil's going on?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::nods yes but you can see fear in her eyes:::
JopDance : jm: ::doesn't really want to fight; tries to get her attackers to run away::
YarnKittymon : : ::the attackers are interested in no such thing, and they fight Jasmine viciously::
YarnKittymon : NT: ::says something to the other cats, and they bite at Becky, intending to kill::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::Sees Alisha being attacked and stops one of the cats from ponceing her::
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: touches another cat hoping it will make her wound better::
: BM: ::begins to flicker more, as if she wants to teleport, but she doesn't have the energy - the cat's can't kill her but she can't escape them either::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat doesn't heal Alisha at all, but it does drop dead from having its energy taken; Alisha finds herself thinking more and more like a cat::
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: runs over to becky:: GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!!
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats don't even look up::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::grabs Serena's shoulder:: Change into Daniel, quickly!
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: ::nods and morphs into daniel:::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats seem more than a little puzzled that they can't kill Becky::
JopDance : jm: ::roars angrily and tries to slap/scratch one of them with all of her strength::
RGRIFFITHK : AL:: looks at her arm where she got scratched and starts to lick it::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::fiercely:: Tell the cats you want to stay with Becky, and run into the forest. Now!
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::speaks loudly in Daniels voice::: I want to stay with Becky! :::scampers off into the forest:::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats look up, surprised, and after quick discussion, all of them follow 'Daniel,' except two that stay behind, still pinning Becky::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::forces the two pinning Becky off of her::
YarnKittymon : : ::in the now relative quiet, it's quite easy to hear a sad little mrr, coupled with scratching noises, coming from one of the nearer huts::
JopDance : jm: ::panting, surprised that they've all run away::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::looking in the direction Serena went:: What's going to happen to her now?
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats mrr, their eyes wide with fear::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::stays curled up on the ground::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::quietly:: They won't hurt her if they think she's Daniel, and soon enough, we'll all probably return home...
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::runs over to Becky:: Becky! are you alright?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::does the same as Ethan, kneeling next to Becky::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::follows Libby and Ethan over to Becky::
JopDance : jm: ::slowly walks over:: Is she all right?
SquirtLaWort : EM: Becky say somthing..
YarnKittymon : LB: ::runs her fingers over Becky's hair, rather pale::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: Is she...okay?
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::softly:: He said they said he could stay with us
YarnKittymon : : ::some claws finally show through a nearby wall; something's trying to get out of the hut::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::softly:: Cats are liars...
YarnKittymon : : ::elsewhere, a couple cats finally catch 'Daniel' and pin him, speaking to him in the cat-language::
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::jumps up and walks slowly over to the hut::
mythrilhal0 : BM: I always hated cats...except Dan ::doesn't even seem to notice the noises coming from the hut::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cat continues to try to get through the wall; the door is tied closed from the outside::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::softly:: Becky, please, just rest...we'll bring him back...
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: :::looks up at the cats, not knowing what to do. she purrs hoping they will go away::: I want becky
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::looks at Libby:: how are we going to get out of here?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::quietly:: Wait until I send us back, I guess.
JopDance : jm: ::warily:: Maybe we should leave. The cats might come back soon.
YarnKittymon : NT: Don't be foolish, Daniel! If she cared about you, would hse have just disappeared?
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::murmurs:: Are you sure it was you? Denny said he could do it....
EVIL TWlNS1909 : SR: She didn't mean to! They cant control it. Please let me go...
SquirtLaWort : EM: we should leave but what about Serena?
EVIL TWINS1909 : MV: ::looking at them:: We can't leave her!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::eyes widen at Becky; curses:: He didn't...
YarnKittymon : : ::there's still mrring coming from the hut Maeve is near:: Lemme out...
YarnKittymon : NT: ::mrrs:: We love you, Daniel. We want what's best for you. Even Becky knows you're better off here.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::tries to peak inside the hut:::
YarnKittymon : : ::unless she unties the rope holding the door shut, she can't see anything::
JopDance : jm: ::frowns:: We can find her...I just don't like being *here.*
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::reaches for the rope and unties it slowly, pulling back the material:::
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::looks away and whispers:: I want to be with Becky
YarnKittymon : LB: ::looks at Ethan:: Help me with Becky, then. We'll get out of this village and make a plan.
YarnKittymon : NT: ::hisses:: Fine. She can live here with us. But you need to stay here, and learn about your people.
YarnKittymon : : ::as soon as the door is anywhere near open, it gets flung open all the way, and Daniel bounds out, possibly flattening Maeve in the process::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::is knocked on the ground by a flying furrball::: Owe! hey watch it!
YarnKittymon : DN: ::looks around, sniffing; leaps over to Becky and nuzzles her::
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::softly:: fine, but let me go back and see her first
Hgriffithk : AL:: Smiles ::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::gets up and smirks:: oh sure, and I am the one that set you free. :::grumbles:;:
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::hugs Dan, smiling, although she still seems rather subdued::
SquirtLaWort : EM: Daniel! what's going on here, all your cat friends attacked us.
YarnKittymon : NT: Fine. ::has several cats surround 'Daniel' to escort him back to the village::
YarnKittymon : DN: ::mrrs:: They're not my friends. They locked me up.
SquirtLaWort : EM: I see.. We should get out of here right away.
JopDance : jm: ::urgently:: Come on! They could come back any minute!
YarnKittymon : DN: ::mrrs:: You all smell like blood.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::shudders slightly:: ok
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::sits down on the ground and pouts:::: why thank you Maeve for letting me out ::says sarcastically::: Why your welcome daniel no probablem.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::picks up Becky:: where to now?
mythrilhal0 : BM: I can walk - i'll be okay
YarnKittymon : : ::when they're about halfway to the village, one of the cats says something quietly, and Natalie talks back in the cat-language, then hisses at 'Daniel':: Who are you?
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::looks at them strangely:: I'm Daniel...remember?
YarnKittymon : DN: ::nuzzles Becky again, then licks at Maeve's wounds:: I'm sorry you got hurt.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Are you sure? They attacked you pretty bad.
YarnKittymon : NT: You don't smell like him.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::is quite suprised by this::: umm...thats ok... thanks. :::smiles:::
mythrilhal0 : BM: I wasn't solid through most of it
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: Well...it's been a while since I've had a bath...
Hgriffithk : AL::wants to lik Maves wounds too, but thinks twice about it and decides not to::
YarnKittymon : DN: ::nuzzles everyone in turn::
YarnKittymon : NT: You smell like a female.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::puts Becky down.::
JopDance : jm: ::growing impatient, pushes Daniel towards the edge of the village when he nuzzles her:: Hurry!
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::gets up off the ground::: We should look for Serena.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: It's probably from being around Becky...I assure you I am Daniel
YarnKittymon : DN: ::mrrs:: Did she get hurt too?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: No, at least i dont think so. She is off impersonating you.
YarnKittymon : NT: ::says a couple things, and the cats quickly get 'Daniel' pinned, with a cat's teeth at her throat::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::sniffs at the ground, and walks off in the direction Serena went::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::follows Daniel:::
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::screams and changes back into her normal self::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::follows Dan:: We shouldn't have let serena do that she's probably in trouble.
Hgriffithk : AL:: follows daniel on all 4s ::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::goes after them; pauses:: Becky, keep a hold on Daniel. Maybe he'll return with us if you're touching him when we return.
YarnKittymon : NT: ::laughs:: Changing into a human? That's not so smart--no claws or fur.
YarnKittymon : LB: We'll help her.
Hgriffithk : AL:: Stands up::
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::tries to kick the cat off of her::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::hears Serena scream and takes off into the woods shouting her name:::
YarnKittymon : NT: ::scampers off without another word, and meets the would-be rescuers::
YarnKittymon : : ::the cats just sink their claws into Serena's shoulders; one still has its teeth at her throat, and presses down lightly, warningly::
YarnKittymon : NT: ::stops Maeve:: You can have your friend back, if you let us have Daniel.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::makes a fireball:: You wanna re-think that?
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::stops struggling and just winces in pain::
YarnKittymon : NT: If I don't return, their orders are to kill her.
YarnKittymon : DN: ::mrrs miserably:: Don't hurt her, Natalie.
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: Then return and tell them to realease her and I will spare your life.
YarnKittymon : NT: You humans have already done plenty to me. I'm not afraid of dying.
Hgriffithk : AL:: Runs up behind every1::
: BM: ::i
YarnKittymon : LB: ::suddenly:: Becky! Grab Daniel, hard!
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::hesitates for a moment and then grabs daniel::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::looks at Libby confussed:: how does that help?
YarnKittymon : : ::in just a few seconds, they're all back in the Freak Show building, with Daniel, and without any scary catpeople::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::pulls back her hand to throw the fireball at Natalie:::
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::looks disappointed::: Darn it. No smoked cat.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::still lying on the ground looking around totally shocked:: what just happened?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::runs over to Serena:: Are you ok!?
YarnKittymon : DN: ::nuzzles Serena, noticing she's bleeding::
SquirtLaWort : EM: Did you do that Libby? Were you able to control it?
Hgriffithk : AL: huh?
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::looks a little dazed:: yeah..
YarnKittymon : DY: ::is still in the Freak Show building, with his mother; smiles at Becky:: See?
YarnKittymon : LB: ::shakes her head, glancing at her brother:: I don't think it was me...
Hgriffithk : AL: Well at least we're all in 1 piece.
: BM: ::turns to look at him:: But...how did you know to bring us back then?
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: I think I should get her home. These wounds need to be cleaned up.
SquirtLaWort : EM: She needs to go to a doctor.
YarnKittymon : LB: ::nods:: There's a hospital on Coney Island; we'll take her there.
YarnKittymon : DY: ::just smiles stupidly::
Hgriffithk : AL: Erins gonna scream when she sees the mess iv made of her top.
YarnKittymon : MW: Well, if you're all quite finished, we must be leaving.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::stands up:: no that's okay, I don't need a doctor
Hgriffithk : AL: i will
: EM: ::glares at Denny and mubbles:: idiot he almost got us all kill, why didn't he just bring Daniel back.
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::watches denny, looking rather confused::
YarnKittymon : LB: Come on, all of you. It's the least we can do. ::glances back at Ethan; softly:: I don't think he could have, even if he were smart enough to grasp the concept...
YarnKittymon : LB: You stay back here with Daniel, Becky.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::tries to walk and stumbles::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::nods:: Okay
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::catches Serena when she starts to fall but loses her balance and they both end up on the floor:::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::helps Maeve up:: Carry Serena, Ethan. Alisha, can you walk?
Hgriffithk : AL: Yea i can
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: ::looks at Libby::: Thanks.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::shakes his head:: You can't say you don't need a doctor ::picks up Serena.
Hgriffithk : AL: U 2?
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: I'll be fine, I think I just need to go home and get some rest
YarnKittymon : LB: ::slings Maeve's arm over her shoulder to help her::
YarnKittymon : LB: Nonsense. Come on. Jasmine? ::heads towards the door::
SquirtLaWort : EM: you can't even walk.. your going to a doctor no matter what.
EVIL TWINS1909 : SR: ::opens her mouth to say something but then thinks better of it:: okay...
EVIL TWlNS1909 : MV: :::protests at being helped::: I'm fine Libby. Its Serena thats hurt...
JopDance : jm:: ::follows::
mythrilhal0 : BM: ::looks at Dan, rather wearily:: They'll think we stole u from them like before - they'll think we're just evil humans

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