~Friday, April 27, 1928~

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Alexlndigo : ::One morning::
Alexlndigo : ::Alex walks in with his night clothes still on, seeing Maeve looking bored on the couch.::
MaeveOwens : ::sits, staring at the ceiling:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Yawn! Boy don't you look bored. ::goes though the fridge::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::sighs:: I am. Nice of you to join the land of the living.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Sorry I stayed up last night listening to the radio. ::gets out the bottle of milk::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::watches him through half closed eyelids:: Think of something to do.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Hey...::looks at his glass of milk:: I'll make a bet with you if you that bored.
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks skeptical::: What kind of bet?
Alexlndigo :
AX: Who ever wins, gets to do whatever they want to the loser. ::winks::
Alexlndigo : AX: anything!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::perks up::: What do we have to do in order to determine the winner?
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::gets another glass and pours milk in it:: Who ever can finish their glass of milk without spitting it out, wins!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::gets up from the couch, an evil smile on her face::: I'll take that bet with you cause your gonna regret it.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Oh I don't think so , I'm the best a gulping down milk,::passes her a glass::
Alexlndigo : AX: Now on the count of 3...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::takes the glass::: We'll see about that.
Alexlndigo :
AX: 1....
Alexlndigo : AX: 2....
Alexlndigo : AX:..3!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::picks the glass up and starts drinking:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::starts gulping it down::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::half of the glass is empty, but Alex is beating her, she drinks faster::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::he finishes it, puts his glass down and looks at Maeve, and then he laughed, having milk come up his nose, having him disquified::
Alexlndigo : AX: man...I'm leaking..!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::finishes the glass, sets it down and looks triumphantly over at Alex::: ha! i told you I would win!
Alexlndigo :
AX: I need to clong my nose...before doing that again::still having milk coming out his nose::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks thoughtful::: Now, what should I make you do?
Alexlndigo :
::The radio is still on in Alex's room, talking about the lastest fashion for ladies::
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh I forgot to turn off my radio.
MaeveOwens : MV: :::grins::: Come on Alex, get dressed, we have some shopping to do!
MaeveOwens : ::pushes him out tof the kitchen:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: I thought you hated shopping?
MaeveOwens : MV: :::giggles:: I did, but that was before you made that bet.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::thinks to himself:: great, now I gotta buy clothes for her! ::goes and gets dress, and comes out to met Maeve:: Okay I'm ready.
MaeveOwens : MV: . :::rubs her hands togther::: Oh yeah, this is going to be good. :::grabs his arm and drags him out the door:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: I don't have a car, or we going to walk all the way down there?
MaeveOwens : MV: We are going to have to walk. Which will be good, especially for the walk back :::mysterious grin on her face:::
Alexlndigo :
::They walk to the department store::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::drags him to the woman's department:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: Oh well I guess...so what do you want Maeve?
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks through the dresses and pulls out a pink dress with red roses on it and a big bow in the middle::: Here! Perfect! :::holds it up to him:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: That dress is way to big for you, look its big enought to almost fit me!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::smiles::: exactly.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::eyes widen:: What what?! No...no you can't..no...no...!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::gives him the dress and shoves him towards the dressing room::: Oh yes I can, remember? you said *anything*.
Alexlndigo :
AX: I take it back! Anything in my vocabuary means...like eating a hot dog with peanut butter...not putting dare ol' me in a dress!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::grins::: Oh no, your not getting out of this one. Now go on, the sooner you do this the sooner you will be safe and sound at home.
Alexlndigo :
AX: sigh ::goes and puts the dress on:: wait, I don't have jewels or hose, or make up or even a hat..it looks to blah!
MaeveOwens : MV: Oh dont worry, its coming. :::goes and picks up a pink hat with flowers on it, matching pink shoes with a big rose on the top and hose:: Here ya go.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Look! I need to shave my legs! Have you ever saw a lady with hairy legs!
Alexlndigo : AX: ::puts on whatever Maeve Brings him::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::laughs hysterically:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::looks like a very strong lady:: Umm..okay, can I get into my other clothes now....
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shakes her head::: No! I think I want to keep my creation around for a little while. ::giggles::
Alexlndigo :
AX: I'm not leaving this store looking like this, I'm insane, but not that insane!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::takes out some make up things and tries to put blush on him::: Now hold still, this wont hurt a bit ::pauses:: alexia. ::tries not to smile but fails:::
Alexlndigo :
::People walk by gasping::
Alexlndigo : AX: Alexia? what? Oh nonononono!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::doubles over laughing::: I have found you a new nickname! Alexia!
Alexlndigo :
AX: Okay, lets go home quickly now...I feel a breeze going up my dress...
Alexlndigo : AX:::just stands there hiding his face:: Maeve, your so mean to me...what to do...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shakes her head::: Before we go back home :::pauses:::: There is one more thing. :::pulls out a camera and snaps a picture before he can get away:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: want me to actually pose? I will!
Alexlndigo : AX:: Makes a pose and smiles:: can't wait to show my kids!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::nods and smiles:: yeah! even better! ::takes pictures::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::blows a kiss:: how about this one.. ::puts his hand on his hips::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::laughs and snaps another picture::: Put your arms above your head and twirl.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::does whatever she says::
Alexlndigo : ::People starts gathering around them::
Alexlndigo : AX: Okay, I'm changeing now...people are around us....
MaeveOwens : MV: :::takes a few more pictures::: perfect! :::looks around::: Uh-oh, you better get out of that! ::whispers::: the sales person is coming!
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::runs and change quickly:: Okaylets go!
MaeveOwens : ::they leave the store and start walking home. On the way there they pass a theater:::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::starts shouting::: Harrison Ford's new movie is out!! :::tugs on Alex's arm::: We have to go see it!!
Alexlndigo :
AX: Hey can we see the Jazz Singer again? I love that movie, you haven't heard nothing yet!
Alexlndigo : AX: Is that Rush hour, or the fast and the furious that hes staring in?
MaeveOwens : MV: :::tugs harder on his arm::: Noooo we have to see Harrison ford! he is soooo cute!!!
AX: ::looks at her:: I'm better looking than he is...but hes not that bad...I guess...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::smirks::: In your dreams.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Well I have pretty women in my dreams so there!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::rolls her eyes::: Come on! we have to go see golf Widows. Besides, we know the Jazz Singer by heart!
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::starts quoteing word by word::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::joins in::
Alexlndigo :
::People stare as they pass by::
Alexlndigo : AX: why come people stare at us?
MaeveOwens : MV: ::makes a funny face at one of them that pass b:::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::shrugs:: I dont know, maybe its because we are different.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Well lets go see a cinema....nothing better to do anyways...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::smiles::: yes! Harrison Ford here I come!

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