~Monday, April 9, 1928~

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Aug 05, 2002 06:59 AM

Bethany couldn't of helped but watch, her young daughter, with that man. Her eyes narrowed.
She heard Hugo talking about him before.
She would just have to tell him about the scene, except for her daughters hidden talent.
She would however tell Alan, but he wouldn't care too much, for she knew what he would say:
"She's a young lady now, she can make her choices, and Alex is a gentelman, he would be nice for her"

She came up to Hugo's home, with her sharp smile, and her black hair, with tads of grey.
She knoced on the door.
thinking to herself.
"anyone but him, not Alex, not any from Indigo's."


Stella reached her apartment about noon.
She was glad to be home for lunch instead of work.
She unlocked the door, and went in.
The sun was gleming in from the shades, but something felt werid, she took a step forward, but to have a hand grab her by her mouth, and chaining her body to his.
she stuggled a bit, trying to scream and break free, but then his voice came over hers.

"Your job is done Stella, I will award you well..."

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 05, 2002 11:41 AM

Hugo answers the door. "Good evening, Mother. What brings you here today?"

Alex Indigo:
Aug 05, 2002 07:48 PM

Bethany has her hair pinned up in a bun ontop of her head(shes got long hair) She steps in and looks at Hugo.

"Well you won't believe what I show yesterday evening..." She smirks putting her hand on Hugo's shoulder. "I saw in the hall way, that gutter rat, and Michelle, kissing!"
Bethany folded her arms, lifted one of her eyebrows.

Just then the phone rings.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 05, 2002 08:32 PM

Hugo looks rather appalled. "What?!" He glances at the phone. "Pardon me," he says, still rather disturbed. He picks up the phone. "Hello?"

Aug 06, 2002 07:31 AM

A deep mans voice anwsered. There was a womans yell in the background.

"If this is Mr. Hugo Mchenry's residents, I think you better bring Alex Indigo to Stellas apartment immedily, or eles, Stella will be killed."

There was just a pause. with just heavy breatheing.

"Tell Alex, his time is up."

The phone slamed down.

Aug 06, 2002 10:24 AM

((BTW, since this was the 1920s and all, I doubt there would be a phone right by the door, so Hugo probably went further inside to answer it, inviting his mother in.))

Hugo keeps the phone by his ear, rather confused. After a minute or two, he hangs it up, looking a bit scared. "I don't know if that was a joke or not," he muses quietly; it's not his habit to speak aloud to himself, unless he's really concerned. "He should have let me speak to her if he really had her, at least...but then, if she really is in danger..." He shudders, then turns to his mother.

"I'm afraid I have some unexpected business to attend to. You said Alex was still at Father's estate? I have to take him on a call to see Stella. Hopefully it will be a short and ordinary visit..." But he looks rather concerned.

Aug 06, 2002 01:31 PM

Bethany looked puzzled.
"Well Alex was having tea with Alan, you better huggy to catch him."

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 06, 2002 02:05 PM

Hugo says a brief goodbye to his mother and hurries out to his car. He starts it and drives towards his father's house at top speed.

Aug 06, 2002 02:37 PM

Alex opens his car door, hearing a speeding car coming up. He turns his head.

"I wounder what idiot would be driving their car that fast?!"

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 06, 2002 03:44 PM
On his way, Hugo's mind races as fast as his automobile. He realizes he never told her much about what he wanted with Alex, how she seemed to have her own purposes... It was almost a godsend, really--Mrs. Madison would, in time, forgive him for losing one of the people she wanted so much to meet, and Alex would be away from Stella and Michelle forever. (If Stella really was in trouble, of course.)

But he also knew that anyone who would kidnap someone wasn't particularly trustworthy. He could bring Alex to this person, tied and gagged, and the kidnapper might still hurt Stella, and might even kill Hugo to keep him from telling the police.

Hugo would have kicked himself for not alerting the police himself, if that wouldn't have involved removing his foot from the gas pedal. If he'd telephoned them right when he got the call, they might have been able to check Stella's apartment. But it was too late now.

Hugo swiftly pulls up right beside Alex's car, and slams on the brakes, so the cars' drivers' sides facing each other. He opens his door. "I've something important to talk to you about," he says, a note of urgency in his voice (and a bit of concern in his eyes).

Alex Indigo:
Aug 06, 2002 05:16 PM

Alex stood there stunned...Hugo looked very concern and whatever it was, Alex thought best just to hop in.

"Whoa, whats going on, you look like, is something wrong?!"

Alex's now had the concern look as he shut the door. thinking to himself, what can be wrong, what could it be?

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 06, 2002 05:25 PM

Hugo's words are calm, but his voice shakes just the slightest bit, and he looks very worried. "I received a threatening phone call today telling me to bring you to Stella's apartment or else Stella will be killed. I don't trust whoever has her to set her free even if I bring you, which is why I'm leveling with you now. I'm not sure exactly what to do; I fear the police wouldn't act quickly enough to save her." He shakes his head, looking away. "I'm not sure what to do."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 06, 2002 07:52 PM

Alex sits straight up in his seat. Putting his hands though his hair.

"What?! Who, who would do that..." Alex sat and thought awhile, letting his hands shake, and mummbling to himself. "Well if it's not a trick, and they want me, then me they shall have, the lightning part!" He cracked his knuckles.

"noone messes with Stella, not while I'm around!"


Stella stood quitely watching the man she knew as Davis, writing a note, and leaving it on the kitchen table. She could see what it said. "Look for her on the roof, no cops, or she dies."

She would like to see him take her to the roof! She tried to back up into her room, where she had a gun hidden in her drawer cloeses to her bed, but the man grabbed her.

The man had half his face burned, but was well dressed, and in one of his hands held a suit case.

"Now, Stella, I promise I won't kill you or Hugo, a deal is a deal." He paused. "Even if you tell the police, I will still have what I wanted, Alex."

Stella snapped back.

"Please, please don't kill Alex, if I knew you were, I would of never agree.."

"Shut up, and get out that window, were going to the roof!"

Stella opened the window, looking down at the alley, and the fire exit, the latter lead up.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 07, 2002 10:14 AM

Despite his relief, Hugo can't help but look a little annoyed. "It's not *your* job to protect her, Alex." More subdued, he says, "But I still need your help." He swallows. "Thank you. I'll drive; you just get your lightning thing all ready." He gets back into the automobile. "If it's not a trick...dear Lord, I *hope* it's just a trick..."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 07, 2002 02:57 PM
Alex looked as if he was about to cry for a moment. Then looked up at him.

"I hope it's a trick, and who ever is pulling, going to get pulled..."

Alex scartched his head.

"Who do you think you are, you can't protect, you just...just...too normal."

He crossed his arms, and looked out the window.

"So shall we go, or wait and turn on the radio for a homiside report?"

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 07, 2002 03:10 PM

"Let's go." Hugo gets in the car and waits for Alex, then drives recklessly to Stella's apartment complex. It's a wonder he doesn't get in a crash, but he doesn't. "Remind me to buy a gun when this is over," he says, only half-sarcastically. He heads towards Stella's apartment, but doesn't unlock the door 'til Alex looks ready.

Alex Indigo:
Aug 07, 2002 03:14 PM

Alex, runs after him, ((probally faster moreso, cuz of his long legs.))

"Well Stella has a gun next to her bed in her lamb drawer, but thats probally past where they are..okay just open the frickin door!" Alex strecthes his arms out, his eyes glowing blue. 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 07, 2002 03:21 PM

Hugo looks rather surprised at Alex's eyes, but opens the door, then hides most of his body behind the wall and frame, only his head showing. But no one seems to be there. He walks inside, very slowly.

Alex Indigo:
Aug 07, 2002 03:50 PM
Alex's eyes stop as he enters.
Nothing to strange, except a note on the table reading that there on the roof.
Alex runs to her room, and pulls the gun out.
"Here Hugo, this might come in handy!" tosses it to him, with some ammo.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 07, 2002 03:59 PM
"Are you crazy? Don't throw that thing!" Hugo says, tucking the gun into the inside front pocket of his jacket. He walks out of the apartment and re-locks the door. "Come on. And be *careful.*" He heads for the stairs or ladder to the roof.

Alex Indigo:
Aug 07, 2002 06:35 PM

Alex follows trying to be more *careful*.

Once they reached the roof, they can see, a man, with half his face burt, holding Stella by her hair,with a gun to her head. The man smirks.

"Good evening, Alex, my you do look like your father."

Alex clenches his fist. "Let her go!"

Stella struggles a bit, but then gives up.

The man thorws Alex a gun.

"Now lets see how were going to kill you..."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 08, 2002 07:28 AM
Alex looks at the man, with his eyes narrow.

"Why come you want me dead? What did I do?"

The man laughs.

"What did you do? Hahahah, You only killed my wife and son in a fire, along with your family!"

He smirked. "I was there, you were so mad when your father said you couldn't come to the party, I watched you go to his study.."

Alex took a step forward.

"I didn't mean to catch the house on fire!"

The man pulled Stella to another side.

"Yes, I know, you didn't mean to kill all those people, but I can't rest until your dead, you set that study on fire, it was on the first floor, burning them alive from underneath them."

Alex looked down at the gun he throw at him.

"How'd did you escape?"

"My burning wife, pushed me out the window before she died! She was so loyal, you can't find women like that these days."

Stella looked up at Hugo, trying to ignore Alex. "

I'm sorry...I didn't think.."

Davis slapped the gun agaist her head.
"I did not give you permistion to speak woman!"

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 08, 2002 11:03 AM

The man's words briefly make Hugo wonder if it would be such a bad thing if Alex *were* killed. But the second he hits Stella, Hugo knows the man is the enemy. In an instant, before the man gets the gun pointed back at Stella's head, Hugo draws his gun and points it him, holding the gun in one trembling hand. "Release her! It's not Stella's fault that you're still feeling guilty because your wife was more of a gentleman than *you* were! I understand that any decent man would never forgive himself for letting his wife die to save him--but a decent man wouldn't hit a lady, either."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 08, 2002 11:08 AM

Stella looked up at Hugo, loving him so much, she had a tear fall, and some blood from were the man had hit her.


Davis looked up at Hugo.

"Go ahead, and shot, but if you miss, remeber, you might hit Stella." Davis smirked. "Or you could just kill Alex, and I will let her go free, and I'll just shot my own self."

Alex wounder why the man handed him the one gun, but aimed it up at Davis.

"Two against one, let her go!"

Davis looked at Alex.

"Die! Alex, just die, and the rest of us can leave here unharm! Just shot yourself!"

Alex Indigo:
Aug 08, 2002 11:35 AM

Alex's eyes turned a bright blue, knowing that if he hit Davis with lightning there was a chance of hitting Stella too, he had to think of something.

He held his gun to his head.

Stella looked at Alex.


Her words faded as she realized what Alex was about to do.

Davis smirked, loosing his grip on Stella.

"My I say my death speech..."

Davis eyes fill with delight.
"go ahead.."

"Good, ....." there was a pause. 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 08, 2002 11:53 AM
Hugo looks at Alex, alarmed. "Don't! You fool!" He fumbles with the gun, manages to cock it, and aims as best he can towards Davis; there's a clearer shot now that he's not holding Stella so tightly. He pulls the trigger.

Alex Indigo:
Aug 08, 2002 12:09 PM
Davis was shot in the shoulder, throwing Stella to her knees.
Davis caught him self aiming the gun at Stella, but befoure he pulled the trigger, a flash a light hit him.

Alex droped his gun and ran over to Davis.
"Huff puff...hes...hes...dead..."

Stella ran to Hugo, kissing him.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 08, 2002 12:30 PM

Hugo doesn't even worry about the dead man for a while; he just drops the gun and hugs Stella, running his hand through her hair. "Stella," he murmurs softly. He's trembling.

Alex Indigo:
Aug 08, 2002 08:19 PM
Alex looked at them. His eyes looked watery, for he had just killed a man.
shaking his head he ran his hand though his hair once more, looking at the man on the ground.
He could'nt stop shaking, and the nerves rushed though him. He didn't want to cry, but he could no longer hold the tears and yells in.

"Oh God, what have I done!!!"
He fell to his knees, covering his face, and sobbing. He looked and sounded like a child, one who needed to be loved, but will not get any.

Stella heard him yell, she turned her head to look at him.
"I...I have to tell you something, this was my fault, I got into something I couldn't handle..."

Alex stopped screaming, and looked at her, his eyes was red.
"Stella, no need for apologies, woman shouldn't have to take the faults of us men."
Alex stood up, brushing himself off with a few sobs.

Stella walked over to an edge to sit.
"such kind words Alex, wait till I'm done with what I have to say, you will abhor me."
She looked down and took a deep breathe.
"I made a deal with Davis, about three years ago, that if I lead Alex to him, he would give me half a million dollars." She paused crossing her arms. "But I didn't think that he would kill him, He told me he just wanted to beat the hell outta the kid to scare him!"

Alex looked confused.
"So you dating me was.."
Stella cut him off mid sentance.
"Was an act, just to get the money."
She looked down, trying not to look to ashamed.

Alex felt like a fool, but Stella's whole thing wasn't a act, but Alex kept his mouth closed.
"Oh, well atleast I was wroth half a million..."
He looked at Stella, he knew she was lying, she used to love him, but he would rather end this way, it might help her and Hugo.

Stella walked up to Hugo.
"Thank you for saving my life...I'm so sorry, I should of told you but I told him the deal was off, and he followed me to my new apartment...and...and...oh Hugo, thank God, your here!"
She hugged him tightly.

Alex just left them to take care of the rest.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 08, 2002 09:51 PM
Hugo hugs Stella again, looking rather haunted. But he turns his head towards Alex. "Alex. Don't worry about anything; I'll take care of all this. But I need to talk to you when you're able." He turns back to Stella. His face is full of concern, but he's frowning too. "Stella," he says softly. "Is that true? That you just wanted him for money?" He rests his head on her shoulder. "Is that how you feel about me? Stella, I love you..."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 09, 2002 04:54 PM
Alex stopped next to the ladder, his eyes facing upwards, what could Hugo possibly want with him. A fool.

Stella Looked up at Hugo, her eyes watery.
"Oh Hugo, I, I would never use you for money! I don't want to lose you, but a few years ago, I was just an absent minded girl, but now I know, I know, I'm sorry, Hugo, please don't be mad, I love you so much, I really do, I would do anything for you!" She hugged Hugo tight.

Alex let the wind whistle though his hair.
"it's true, Hugo, she does love you, very much so, you can see it, in her eyes." He walked over to the body. "After all, your no fool, like me."

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 09, 2002 05:07 PM
Hugo looks into Stella's eyes for a moment, and at least lets himself believe she's in love with him. He examines the cut on the side of her head. "Let's go down to your apartment and get that washed up, darling. I'll telephone the police from there and I can talk to Alex while we wait for them to arrive." He takes her hand and heads back down to the apartment, where he calls the police, telling them there's been an accident of sorts. While Stella's in the bathroom, he sits on the couch, not looking at Alex.

"Why'd you do it? Why would you have killed yourself in the hopes that crazy man would let her live?"

Alex Indigo:
Aug 10, 2002 10:38 AM
Alex looked up at Hugo, He smiled.
"It gave you time to shot, and moved Stella away so I could shock him."
Alex looked down.
"No, I...he would of let her go if I did it...well."
Alex looked around the room, he never seen her new arpartment till now, it was lovely.

"Stella's my friend, and I had to do whatever to save her, I would of done the same for you.."

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 10:41 AM
Hugo just shakes his head, puzzled. "You're insane...even so...I'd have died to save Stella, of course, but I would've made the man shoot me. I'd never give anyone the pleasure of watching me end my own life."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 10, 2002 10:46 AM
"Well you have alot to live for too,but then so do I, Leslie, and my friends, and Michelle...I guess it was stupid, but it worked."

Alex watch as Stella came out, her nerves made her hands shake, and she looked really pale and tiny.
"I...I don't want to stay here."
Her voice was almost a whisper.
"I don't want to be here alone..."

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 10:52 AM
Hugo stands, looking a bit pale himself. When he sees the injury on the side of her head, he just sees an image of her sprawled on the ground, a hole through her skull, her body cold... He holds her close, happy to just feel the warmth of her skin. "I promise,I'll protect you. You don't need to live here if you're afraid."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 10, 2002 11:00 AM
Stella bust out in tears as she is being held.
She holds the side of her head were she had been hit.

Alex slipped away from the room and into STella's bed room. He opended the lamb drawer where he had grabbed the gun. He saw a check, he picked it up and put it in his pants pocket.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 11:02 AM
"Sssh, don't cry," Hugo says softly. "I'll take you to the hospital once the police have gone. I just want them to see that that monster hurt you, so they'll understand how dangerous he was..."

Alex Indigo:
Aug 10, 2002 11:13 AM
"I was so stupid..sniff..I should of told you..but I thought the deal was off, I told him no, I wouldn't do it..I even moved!"

Alex walked out.
"Hey...Stella, when you get calmed down...you might want to look at something.."

Stella turned to Alex.
Alex pulled the check from his pocket.
"Is this the check? that he wrote you, and you never cashed?"

Stella looked at Alex.
"Have you been digging around in my apartment! You snoop, stay out of my business!"
She grabbed it from his hands.

"Well I saw it when I grabbed your gun, it has his full name on it, and the cops might want to see it."
Alex turn to sit down. 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 11:20 AM
Hugo looks at Stella, a little dazed. "You said you told him you wouldn't bring him Alex...six months ago...but you were dating him in February...you loved him, didn't you?" 

Alex Indigo:
Aug 10, 2002 11:30 AM
Alex knew she had lied, but didn't want to say that to Hugo. Stella did loved him.

Stella looked like a cat between twos dogs. She had to tell him the truth, and now he probally woulnd'nt trust her, because she had just lied.
she took a deep breathe.

"Okay, okay I lied, yes I was still dating Alex because I cared for him, but I found you, and dumbed him."

Alex steped in the middle.
"See, she could never love me as much as money,but she would thorw money away for you Hugo." Alex looked at Stella.

"How'd you know Alex?"
Stella looked down.

"Stella, you grew up, anyone would be able to see that." Alex smiled. "and you learned that..."

Stella cut him off.
"You can always tell money you love it, but it will never say I love you back."

Alex smiled.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 11:38 AM
Hugo glances at Alex. "You're teaching her to be sentimental. Perhaps that's a bad influence." He hugs Stella again, speaking softly. "I'd rather have someone who I know *can* love, even if that means she used to care for someone else... But please, darling, no more lies, all right....?" He trails off at the end, looking a bit perturbed.

Just then, the police knock on the door and interview them regarding the incident.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 10, 2002 11:52 AM
The police seem to rule on the spot that whatever happened, it was self-defense; Hugo's family's standing and lineage probably helps that. Hugo and Stella excuse themselves soon after to go to the hospital.

While they're waiting for a doctor, Hugo looks at Stella, his hands in his pockets. "You really may live with me if you'd like...."

Stella Patricks:
Aug 10, 2002 05:02 PM
Stella looked at him. Her face pale, but making her lips look really red, and her eyes bright.
She put her hand on his face.
"I would love to live with you Hugo, would you mind, I would hate to be a burden to you..."

She give him a soft kiss, putting her hand agaist her head again.
"I'm sorry, to put you though this, I wish I can repay you, your so wounderful...I don't deserve it.." Tears fell to her lap.

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 05:28 PM
Hugo looks at her, then at the floor. "If you wanted to make everything easier for me, you *could* be my wife..."

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 05:33 PM
Stella face turned from pale white to red.
She gave him a big hug, almost leaping into his lap.
"Oh Hugo, could I, really, I would marry you a million times if I could!"
She was almost laughing out the words.  

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 05:42 PM
Hugo's face bursts out in a rare grin. "I hadn't expected you to say 'yes;' we've only known each other a few months..." He kisses her on the cheek, just as the doctor comes in. He backs off, extremely embarrassed. 

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 05:49 PM
Looking up at the doctor, a bit mad, but she smiled.
The doctor looke at her.
"My what a bruise on your head, and closer to he temple, you would be dead..."

Stella looked annoyed, and just wanted to be alone with Hugo, hopeing this would be quick.

The doctor, cleaned the wound, and wrapped it up.
"You might want to take some pain medicine, if it bothers you some, and keep it doctor, so it doesn't get infected."

He hands her some jel to put on it.
"that will be all."

Stella smiled.
"okay, lets go...all done here, nothing wrong!"
She sounded like a little girl. 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 05:52 PM
Hugo takes her hand. "Thank God for that, at least...when would you like to be married? The sooner, the better."

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 05:58 PM
Stella hugs his arm.
"Whenever you like my darling..." 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 06:00 PM
"I didn't know if you had your heart set on a big wedding or not. We could be married tomorrow if you'd like."

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 06:05 PM
Stella looked down. she always wanted a big wedding, but if that was the cause, then her father might come. The thought made her ill.
"Oh, tomorrow sounds wounderful, I hate big parties, sometimes!"

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 06:08 PM
"Tomorrow, then," Hugo says. "We can move your things from your apartment tonight." 

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 06:12 PM
Stella looks at him.
"Must we, I'm so tired...can i just take a few things, and come back for it later on this week?" 

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 06:14 PM
Hugo nods. "I suppose so. We can just stop by for a dress for you to wear. That might be best anyway; then no one can gossip."

Stella Patricks:
Aug 11, 2002 06:15 PM
Looks half asleep.
"yes, noone gossip...I rally don't care if they do, I'm so happy!"  

Hugo McHenry:
Aug 11, 2002 06:18 PM
Hugo puts his arm around her. "Then come on, darling. You can sleep in the car."


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