~Friday, July 6, 1928~

YarnKittymon: LB: ::has already put a sheet over the 'Freak Show' sign outside, and is now covering up any references to having freaks on the inside, as well, though she's hardly in the condition to do so::
SquirtLaWort: OR: ::walks up to the freak show building carring a notebook and pencil, notices Libby.:: Hello Miss ::holds out his hand.:: I'm Orion Hanson are you Libby Williamson by any chance?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes the man's hand warmly:: Yes, I am. Are you here about the advertisment?
SquirtLaWort: OR: ::nods:: Looks like your closing up though.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::blinks:: Oh, you mean the *old* advertisment. No; I'm not looking for any more freaks; sorry. Just someone to lease the space for the remainder of the summer.
Hgriffithk: ER: ::approaches Libby and waves, nods at OR:: Hi, just wondering if you needed a hand?
OR: I guess I'm too late then.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods to Erin soberly:: I'm sorry; I had to take down all your lovely drawings...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at Orion for a moment, then smiles:: I'd still be interested to hear about you, even if you can't perform here...
SquirtLaWort: OR: ::shrugs:: I don't see why not. I can put word into people's minds, well only if I read them. ::holds up his notebook.::
YarnKittymon: LB: That's splendid...what is that book?
SquirtLaWort: OR: This is my notebook that I've been writing all my ideas in. I'm writing a screen play, I'm almost finished with it.
YarnKittymon: LB: A pity you're not finished; you could rent the space here and put it on...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::smiles:: What's it about?
OR: ::smiles at Erin:: It's a great story, it's about a group of peaceful Martians that come to earth and are feared and hated by the people of earth. ::pauses:: I'm sorry I didn't get your name.
Hgriffithk: ER: Oh ::offers her hand:: My name's Erin, pleased to meet you.
OR: A pleasure to meet you Erin, I'm Orion Hanson. Do you work here?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::thinks for a while::
Hgriffithk: ER: Yes, or at least I did.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: How soon do you think you could finish your play, Mr. Hanson?
SquirtLaWort: OR: Oh in about a week or so I think I'm on a roll with this one.
YarnKittymon: LB: Why don't you finish it by Monday? We can start casting tomorrow.
Hgriffithk: ER: ::looks amusely at Orion, wondering how he'll take to Libby's forwardness::
OR: ::smiles:: I see. You want me to rent out your building for my play. Well I think I'll do it. Yes, I can have it ready by Monday.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles:: Splendid. If you can really do what you say you can do, we can start performing almost immediately after casting.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::glances at Erin, smiling:: And you could have a part as well, I'm sure, even sporadically.
Hgriffithk: ER: ::laughs:: Could I be a Martian?
OR: ::laughs:: If you can act, of course.
YarnKittymon: LB: Oh, all my acts can act, Mr. Hanson. I'm not sure how they can memorize, but they won't need to, right?
SquirtLaWort: OR: I'll have to see them for myself, your a good buisness women miss Williamson.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::blushes faintly:: It will be fifty dollars a week for use of the space--or if you'd rather, thirty percent of what you bring in from ticket sales.
SquirtLaWort: OR: Thirty percent sounds best, Since I don't know how well the play will go.
YarnKittymon: LB: I'm certain it will go very well. Provided your script is decent. Please write me a copy of the cast of characters, so I can begin work on the costumes.
SquirtLaWort: OR: ::nods:: No problem.
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, then! Let's get to work!
YarnKittymon: : ::Orion suddenly disappears, notebook and all::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just stares at where he disappeared:: Well, he'll be back sometime, and probably with his play written. ::shrugs, then inhales sharply::
Hgriffithk: ER: ::sighs, wondering when he'll be back::
YarnKittymon: LB: Would you like to go shop for some make-up?
Hgriffithk: ER: ::nods:: I would love to.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles:: Though I'm not sure where to find green...
Hgriffithk: ER: Hmm, I know a shop that does theatrical supplies. ::offers her arm grandly:: Shall we?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::takes Erin's arm, smiling, then pauses:: It's not too long a walk, is it?
Hgriffithk: ER: Not really.
YarnKittymon: LB: Good. I'm not supposed to exert myself too much. But never mind that. ::leaves the building, locking the door behind her::
Hgriffithk: ER: ::frowns:: Sad to see it go?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::doesn't answer for a while:: The *show* wasn't making any money anyway. The only thing that matters is my friends...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::agrees:: And, this new venture sounds interesting.
YarnKittymon: LB: I hope you will all still be involved...::pauses, eyes wider:: I forgot to tell Mr. Hanson to keep quiet about being a freak!
Hgriffithk: ER: Do you think he's likely to?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::calmer:: Probably not, but he was pretty open with me... The police will arrest us all if they think it's a freak show going on in there.
Hgriffithk: ER: ::considers:: I'm sure he's careful about who he tells. Anyway, there's not much you can do about it just now.
YarnKittymon: LB: True...now where is this shop?
Hgriffithk: ER: This way for a bit ::points down the street:: Not too far.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods, making her way through the huge crowds rather deftly, though the farther they get from the ocean, the fewer people there are:: When I was young, there were few people here...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::follows behind Libby as best she can:: It was quiet where I used to live. I'm not sure I've ever got used to such crowds.
YarnKittymon: LB: But that was back when only the rich could afford to visit here. It's just as well we have the subway now; otherwise I couldn't come, myself...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles slightly:: I've always lived near the city, though our old estate was large enough, one didn't have to contend with people...
Hgriffithk: ER: You should visit my part of the world one day. It's a lot different ::looks around, considers:: More trees...and it rains more often. I think you'd like it though ::smiles::
Hgriffithk: ((has Libby been to England?))
YarnKittymon: ((I....don't know; probably, when she was young, and maybe even later when she was older--I feel like she's been to Europe, but I'm not sure ^^;;; ))
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles:: Well, the cities are still crowded.
Hgriffithk: ER: True. ::gestures to a small shop with colourful harlequin fabric in the windows:: There.
YarnKittymon: LB: I've been by here before; I'm surprised I hadn't noticed. Perhaps my thoughts were elsewhere. You'll help me decide what to buy, right?
Hgriffithk: ER: ::grins:: I wouldn't have it any other way. Did you get the cast list before he...went?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head:: No; we'll just have to improvise. I'm sure there's a pretty girl Martian, anyway, probably as the lead...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::draws her hand over a roll of fabric:: This looks martian-ish
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods:: We need fabrics that sparkle; they'll look good on stage.
Hgriffithk: ER: The make-up's at the back.
YarnKittymon: : ::a well-dressed lady approaches them:: Erin! Nice to see you again!
Hgriffithk: ER: ::looks behind her, than again at the lady:: Umm...hello.
YarnKittymon: : ::the lady frowns:: I'm sorry; I'm not trying to be forward. I waited on you the last time you were here.
Hgriffithk: ER: ::looks embarassed:: Of course, yes. Hello again.
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman smiles:: Can I help you and your friend find anything today?
Hgriffithk: ER: ::looks to Libby:: Ermm, just browsing I think. And do you have and green stage make-up?
YarnKittymon: : Of course. Are you changing your show, then?
Hgriffithk: ER: Changing...yes. Drastically infact. Be sure to visit us when we open ::grins::
YarnKittymon: : I'll be sure to. ::smiles:: I'll go get the make-up--how much will you need?
Hgriffithk: ER: Ahh, I'm not sure - Libby?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shrugs helplessly:: Just enough for a few applications, for now; we'll probably need more eventually, but right now, we'll just want to test it. If you have any glitter, we'd like some of that as well.
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman nods and goes off to get them::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles at Erin:: You were in here earlier? What were you shopping for?
Hgriffithk: ER: It was a while ago - I'm surprised she recognised me. Nothing exciting, just curtain fabric for Alisha's room.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles:: When I was shopping for the show, I went to the boutiques downtown, since transporation wasn't a problem. What do you picture the martians wearing?
Hgriffithk: ER: ::considers:: Silver cat-suits, I suppose ::almost laughs:: Maybe I don't want to play a martian after all.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks:: Actually, that might work...the more attractive people in tight clothing, the better it can draw audiences from the beach.
Hgriffithk: ER: Perhaps I could be a stage-hand or something? ::walks across the shop and rools out some fabric for Libby to look at::
YarnKittymon: LB: Oh, I'm sure not every actor has to be...well, half-naked. The main thing is to make sure they're attractive. That's not bad, but it looks expensive...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::grudgingly puts back the fabic:: ...got to give a little to get a little.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles slightly:: Well, perhaps we could use it for trim...
Hgriffithk: ER: ::Ddoesn't seem to hear - leaps across the room to another stack of sparkly cloths::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks anxious for a moment, but gets over it, and looks as well, nearly as excited as Erin::
YarnKittymon: : ::Libby winds up spending a good deal of money--probably about everything she has--on costume goods for a show she doesn't even have the character descriptions for, but she seems satisfied anyway::

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