~Sunday, July 23, 1928~

Quantum Catz: BM: ::is sitting on the stage, something suddenly seems to occur to her:: I wonder where Libby is - it must be getting kinda *early* now
JopDance: jm: ::yawns:: The time must have slipped away from her.
Dot Wrnr: TY: Maybe she's raving drunk.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles wryly:: That's a nice thought...you'll have me out looking for her if you keep going like that
JopDance: jm: Hmm...I should try that sometime.
Quantum Catz: BM: What? Getting drunk?
Dot Wrnr: TY: It's not quite as fun as it sounds.
JopDance: jm: It is for a little while.
Dot Wrnr: TY: But cleaning up the next morning's not fun at all.
JopDance: jm: True, but sometimes it's worth it for a little while. ::laughs:: And now I sound like a drunk.
SP00KY One: MV: :::flings open the door of the freak show, her eyes wild, her breath in short gasps::: Everyone! Quick! :::dramatically::: The entire world is at stake!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Maeve, frowning:: What?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks up at Maeve skeptically::
JopDance: jm: What happened?
SP00KY One: MV: :::shrugs::: Nothing I just wanted to say that.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::laughs disbelievingly:: What're you doing here in the middle of the night anyway?
SP00KY One: MV: :::comes in and closes the door::: Because something has come up and I need help in finding out what it is.
Quantum Catz: BM: What sort of help?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::comes inside, looking around the main room, stumbling a bit::
SP00KY One: MV: Well, you see I need back inside Mrs. Madison's house cause they kicked me out. Problem is that there is gates, a wall and dogs.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::jumps off the stage, ignoring Maeve now:: Libby, are you okay?
JopDance: jm: It looks like Libby's finally back.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::smiles faintly:: I'm fine...feel a little funny...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::only vaguely hopeful:: You weren't drinking were you? ::moves over to Libby, taking her arm to steady her::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::smiles a bit:: Just a couple bathtubs full. I'm not that drunk, really. ::she's not speaking with her German accent, so she might not be::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiling weakly:: Oh, was that all - that's alright then
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::after a pause:: Guess I'll go go to bed...but we'll take tomorrow off.
SP00KY One: MV: :::sounds a little wired and a little to anxious ::: Nope no time for that cause we got some investigating to do.
Dot Wrnr: LB: Like what?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Maeve:: Sneaking into someone's house apparently
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::suddenly laughs:: Well, I'm good at that sort of thing.
SP00KY One: MV: ::nods:: Yep. No time to waiste. They know that I know that they are up to something.
JopDance: jm: I still don't understand why.
Quantum Catz: BM: What're they up to exactly?
SP00KY One: MV: :::wryly::: Donald isn't as good as we all thought he was. Which I should have known because anyone to take an. :::stops herself short:: Anyway, him and his friends have something going on involving a scorched rat that should be
SP00KY One: dead but isnt.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::stares silently at Maeve::
SP00KY One: MV: And I want to know what. But I cant get back inside there by myself. I tried already.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::suddenly looks serious:: Donald... ::looks away, biting her lip::
SP00KY One: MV: What? You know something?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::glances at Toby and then says softly:: He told me he could help me be...normal...and then he...said something about making us all live forever
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks a little distressed:: What?
SP00KY One: MV: Yeah well, I got the impression that they are up to more then just handing out the fountain of youth.
Quantum Catz: BM: He told me about a rat....said he cut off its tail and it grew back
JopDance: jm: ::frowns::
Dot Wrnr: TY: Ick.
SP00KY One: MV: :::grunts::: Now why would he tell you that and hide it all from me! Heck I had to sneak around a house just to find out about the dumb rat!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: He said he could help me...after i...
SP00KY One: MV: After you?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns, looking at Becky::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::shakes her head:: He saw me on the beach, all transparent, and i was upset and he said he could help me be more...human
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::scowls:: You're plenty human!
SP00KY One: MV: Oh. Did he say what you had to do in order to obtain this?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Toby:: Hey, i'd just been absorbed into a girl's head and nearly stopped existing at all, give me a break
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks down, almost as if he's embarrassed::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs and turns to Maeve:: He just said i'd...have a choice or something...and i'd know when the time came
SP00KY One: MV: ::nods::: Well, anyway, I want to know what they are up to. Anyone else game?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns, looking less than thrilled::
Dot Wrnr: LB: I guess we could all go.
Quantum Catz: BM: We can't just break into their house
SP00KY One: MV: :::jumps up and down::: Come on you have to be a little curious.
SP00KY One: MV: We dont have to break in... I mean if we happen to get across the yard and one of the doors just happen to fall off its frame...
Dot Wrnr: TY: Sounds like this guy's got something missing upstairs, though.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::wryly:: Or what if someone just happens to teleport in and open the door for you, make it easier? We could get arrested!
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::quietly:: Do you really think he'd arrest *her*? ::looks towards Maeve::
SP00KY One: MV: Yep, see you stick with me and you're imune to the justice system.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::resumes looking skeptical::
SP00KY One: MV: What could possibly go wrong? You are speaking to the queen of... sneaking... around...
JopDance: jm: ::smiles and slides from the stage:: Well, we have to do something.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::raises his eyebrows, then looks at Becky:: If you're going, I guess I'll chance it.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::weakly:: I guess i am going but you don't have to, if you don't want
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::smiles weakly:: I guess it's an adventure.
SP00KY One: MV: Good. Lets go.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::rolls her eyes:: You get plenty of adventures round here
Dot Wrnr: LB: I'll call for a cab. Think we can all fit into one?
SP00KY One: MV: Hmmm.. I wonder if the old guy I threatened into giving me a ride is still outside...
Dot Wrnr: TY: What?
JopDance: jm: ::shakes her head:: I can't believe you...he probably ran off.
SP00KY One: MV: :::her eyes widen and she puts her hand to her mouth::: Oops did I just say that out loud?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::after a pause:: Well, I didn't see anyone outside. There were a couple taxis outside the speakeasy, though; perhaps one is still there. ::goes out the door, pausing to fumble with her keys::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::glances at Libby:: You sure you're sober enough for this?
Dot Wrnr: LB: Sure. The night air will do me some good.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::suddenly pauses again:: Actually, if the rest of you would like to go ahead, I'll come behind in another cab...::weakly:: I know we like each other, but perhaps not *that* much.
SP00KY One: MV: Oh come on, it will bring us all close together. :::grins::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::laughs:: I don't think so
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::smiles at Becky:: I'll meet up with you.
Quantum Catz: BM: Are you sure? One of us could go in the cab with you
SP00KY One: MV: Someone would have to because there would still be four of us squished.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::wryly:: Maybe we should separate you and Toby
SP00KY One: MV: :::grins::: Of course, the two of you should have your own cab. We wouldnt dream of splitting the two of you up. :::winks::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks at them helplessly::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::under his breath:: I guess someone ought to babysit her.
SP00KY One: MV: I beg your parden. I dont need babysitting.
JopDance: jm: ::rolls her eyes:: Could we just get this over with?
Quantum Catz: BM: Without arguing would be nice
SP00KY One: MV: Yep. Times a waisting. Lets go.
Dot Wrnr: TY: I was talking about Miss Williamson...
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::has slipped off during the argument::
SP00KY One: MV: Oh.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns:: Let's just go. I'll make room in the back if we need it.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks around for Libby:: Well i guess Libby doesn't want our company anyway
SP00KY One: MV: :::walks out the door, and flags down a cab. She hops in::: You guys coming?
JopDance: jm: Guess she found her own cab...::follows Maeve into the Taxi::
SP00KY One: MV: Does she even know where this place is?
Quantum Catz: BM: I wouldn't think so since you never told her
SP00KY One: MV: She didn't ask. She just left.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns, glancing back towards the Freak Show building, then crams into the back::
SP00KY One: MV: :::gives the driver Donald's address::: And step on it. We'll pay for the speeding tickets.
Quantum Catz: BM: What's the rush anyway? ::tries to move slightly in the crammed seat and gives up::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::doesn't appear to be too distraught over being stuffed into a cab with several women::
SP00KY One: MV: I dont know. I'm anxious. :::squishes herself as close to the door as she can get:::
Dot Wrnr: : ::the driver makes excellent time::
SP00KY One: MV: ::opens the door and practically falls out of the cab::: Oh good, we're here.
Dot Wrnr: : ::the driver steps out, anxiously awaiting his fare::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks at the others::: Umm... anyone have any cash on them? :::looks a little sheepish:::
JopDance: jm: ::frowns:: You're the one dating the rich guy.
Quantum Catz: BM You know when you start schemes like this you're supposed to fund them too
SP00KY One: MV: :::frowns:: I'm afriad thats all but ancient history. Besides, do you honestly think I would ask him for money?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::a cab pulls up behind the other one; Libby steps out the front seat::
SP00KY One: MV: Hey, it usualy doesnt cost me anything.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::sees the predicament they're in and pays the cabbie:: Keep the change, and get out of here quietly.
Dot Wrnr: : ::the cabbie obeys::
Quantum Catz: BM: Now what?
SP00KY One: MV: We break in.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks around quickly:: Where are those dogs you were talking about?
SP00KY One: MV: On the other side of the wall
Quantum Catz: BM: Got a plan to get past the dogs and into the house?
SP00KY One: MV: Well, plan A was for Libby to make them disappear. Plan B was throwing a fireball and hoping they would chase. Or we could just use Toby for bait. :::grins::
Dot Wrnr: TY: I'm not loving that plan.
Quantum Catz: BM: Don't really like the chances of any of them
SP00KY One: MV: :::Still smiling:: Oh but I am.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::thoughtfully:: Can we outrun the dogs?
SP00KY One: MV: smirks::: Why dont you go first and if you make it then we will follow.
Dot Wrnr: TY: Because the dogs might sniff you through the giant hole in the wall and come attack.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::under her breath:: my kingdom for a piece of steak laced with poison
SP00KY One: MV: Um. ok. sure. We need a decoy.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::smirks:: Hmmmm....let's hope this works better than in the Simpsons...::kneels down next to the ground, concentrating::
SP00KY One: MV: Simpsons?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::shakes her head, smiling:: Not really important right now
Quantum Catz: BM: ::turns to Toby:: What exactly are you doing?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::when he stands up again, he's holding a 20-pound roast in his hands:: Not as good as the real thing, but it might work. Except on the Simpsons the dog ate it in mid-air and kept chasing Bart..."Run, boy! He has a taste for meat now!"
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks confused:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::laughs:: Oh we're really all insane...i knew it
Dot Wrnr: TY: It's from a television show. Like a little movie.
JopDance: jm: ::nods even though she doesn't understand::
SP00KY One: MV: :::nods::: Ok. Right. Television... sure.
Dot Wrnr: LB: But how will we get in? I suppose I could try the gate...
SP00KY One: MV: Don't bother, locked. Besides we dont want to announce that we are here. There is a tree over on the side that is good for climbing. ::::she has the scrapes to prove otherwise:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles hopefully:: How bout i teleport in and leave you all here where it's safe?
SP00KY One: MV: Not a chance. I want in on the fun.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks at Maeve, then shakes his head; frowns at Becky:: I can get us through the wall, if someone's ready to throw the roast like a bowling ball towards wherever the dogs are, and if everyone's ready to run.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: I don't like this and i never liked Donald. ::looks at Toby:: Always ready to run
SP00KY One: MV: :::a wave of sadness washes over her features but is gone as quickly as it came::: I'm ready. Who want the roast?
Quantum Catz: BM: I'll take it and i can play decoy if it doesn't work
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns at Becky:: If we get in trouble, *you* escape, at least. ::hands the meat to Becky::
Quantum Catz: BM: Not on my own - i wouldn't leave you guys
SP00KY One: MV: We wont get caught now stop worrying and lets do this.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks around to see if everyone's ready, and then, quick as anything, just plain melts the wall in front of his hands, forming a puddle underneath and a nice archway to go through:: Don't slip.
JopDance: jm: ::eyes widen:: Nice...
SP00KY One: MV: Whose going first? Becky with the meat?
Dot Wrnr: : ::they suddenly hear some growls::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::a little frightened:: Hurry up!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::moves forward with the meat:: You'd better be ready to run
Quantum Catz: BM: ::peers around to find the dogs::
Dot Wrnr: : ::the dogs start barking at Becky, not moving to strike until they catch the scent of the meat; then they give chase::
SP00KY One: MV: :::takes off through the archway, and sprints towards a back door:::
JopDance: jm: ::runs after Maeve::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::throws the meat towards them; teleporting over to the door Maeve's heading for and waiting to see if she has to play decoy as well::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::follows Maeve and Jasmine, a bit unsteadily, still::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::waits until the three women are on their way before following::
Dot Wrnr: : ::the dogs are distracted enough by the meat to ignore the intruders for the moment::
SP00KY One: MV: :::reaches the door and tries the handle::: Its locked. :::looks over at Becky:::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::makes it over to them, out of breath::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles weakly:: I'll just go open it for you ::teleports to the other side of the door::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks behind her::: Everyone here? Wheres the dogs?
Dot Wrnr: : ::the door leads into a kitchen area; it's dark and quiet. There's a deadbolt, but its key is hanging on a hook next to the door::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grabs the key and quickly unlocks the door, opening it for the others:
Dot Wrnr: : ::the dogs stop in the middle of their meal, to bark::
JopDance: jm: ::quickly hurries inside:: I can't believe this is happening.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::leaps inside, rather nervously::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::sighs in relief as she gets inside::
SP00KY One: MV: :::steps inside also:::
Dot Wrnr: : ::no lights come on, and no one steps forward to catch them::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::closes the door so the dogs'll hopefully forget about them; smiles at Toby:: I guess it worked better than in the Simpsons after all
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::shrugs; whispering:: So TV lied to us. ::looks back at Maeve:: What now?
SP00KY One: MV: We investigate.
Quantum Catz: BM: *Where* exactly?
SP00KY One: MV: :::takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders. She walks toward the door at the other end::: Where is i that people usually hide things?
Dot Wrnr: LB: Where have you checked?
SP00KY One: MV: :::puts her hand on the door handle and puts her ear up against the door, looking sideways at them::: One room upstairs is as far as I got.
Dot Wrnr: : ::Maeve can't hear anything coming from the other side of the door::
JopDance: ::there's the sound of someone fumbling at the front door. It creaks open after a few seconds and loudly slams shut::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::freezes::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::mutters nervously to herself under her breath:: I'd probably kill myself if i tried to get them all out of here
SP00KY One: MV: :::whispers::: I' think someone came in the front door. Whoever did wont be coming in here.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::softly:: Don't worry; they won't hurt us.
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks over at Libby, one eyebrow raised in question::: How can you sound so sure? :::still listening against the door::::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::folds her arms, looking a little annoyed::
JopDance: ::footsteps can be heard squeaking in the front hall for a few moments, and then they head with dicided purpose towards the kitchen::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::draws back::L
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::doesn't move::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::weakly:: Oh great, we're trapped. This worked out well
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks over at Libby::: Whats the annoyed look for?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::softly:: Nothing.
SP00KY One: MV: Well... ummm hide? Hit him over the head? Anyone see anyhing?
Dot Wrnr: TY: I'd make a peephole, but I'm sure it's dark in the room beyond too.
SP00KY One: MV: :::grabs a frying pan::: I'm ready.
JopDance: ::one door creeks open and softly closes. Whoever it is seems to have suddenly decided to use stealth, but they can hear very soft footsteps in the room just beyond if they listen closely::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::hesitates, not eager to kill anyone::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks around at the others, seriously tempted to teleport them all away; she backs away from the door::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks just vaguely nervous, not ready to fight::
JopDance: ::the door opens slowly:: Anybody in here? ::a voice whispers just a trifle nervously::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::is evident enough, as he's not particularly hiding, but doesn't speak::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::stays still as well, though she stands out even more than Toby::
SP00KY One: MV: :::holds her breath, her body stiffens and her grip on the pan tightens:::
JopDance: ti: ::breaths deeply:: I can see you. You might as well just give up now.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::clenches his fists::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks rather resigned::
SP00KY One: MV: Or you could just give up and tell what you are hiding. You're quite outnumbered.
JopDance: ti: ::a little louder:: If you try to fight me I can have the whole house up in a second.
SP00KY One: MV: :::mutters::: Darn, should have brought some rope.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::between clenched teeth:: What good would that do?
SP00KY One: MV: We coulda tied him up thats what.
Quantum Catz: BM: *Before* he shouted for help?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks at the stranger suspiciously, but doesn't move to fight::
SP00KY One: MV: Thats where a piece of cloth for a gag would have come in handy.
JopDance: ti: Well it's too late for that now. ::steps into the room and turns on the light revealing a black-haired man clutching an umbrella::
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::laughs in spite of himself::
SP00KY One: MV: :::blinks a few times:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::weakly:: Guess he was about as prepared as us
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks at the man, frowning::
SP00KY One: MV: What?
JopDance: ti: ::frowns:: Well you look as silly as I do. ::looks pointedly at Maeve and her frying pan::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::suddenly:: Come; let's force him to be our tour guide. ::looks closely at the man::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks down at her frying pan and then puts it behind her back::: What? I see no frying pan.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Libby, surprised:: What?
Dot Wrnr: LB: Surely he knows more about what's in the building than *her.* ::looks back at Maeve::
JopDance: ti: Sure I'll give you a tour. How about we start downstairs?
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks at him suspiciously::: Why? Whats downstairs? and why agree so quickly?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::nods slightly, smiling:: Yep, that's generally where the evil bad guys carry out their nefarious schemes - the basement, where else?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::weakly:: You wanted to see it, right?
SP00KY One: MV: :::nods::: Yes, but that doesn't mean I have to trust him. :::looks at the strange man::: One wrong move and I have a frying pan with your name on it. Now lets move it.
JopDance: ti: ::frowns:: I'm not taking orders from you.
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::glares at the man::
SP00KY One: MV: Five against one and you so much as open your mouth to scream and your gonna find yourself acquainted with the floor.
JopDance: ti: ::glances at Libby then back to Maeve; sourly:: Fine.
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::follows close to the man, almost a little curious, and figuring that now that he's so far into it, he might as well be involved::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::follows at the back of the group::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Libby and says softly:: You don't think he's got a couple of mates hiding behind a door waiting to jump us and make us subjects in an evil experiment do you? ::says it jokingly but there's something in her eyes that suggests she kind of believes it
SP00KY One: MV: :::is right next to Toby, watching the man closely:::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::quietly, but not looking at Becky:: Certainly not.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles weakly:: Of course not
Dot Wrnr: : ::the man leads them down a couple staircases, the second one more narrow than the first, and both dimly lit::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::moves closer to Toby, wishing she hadn't watched so many movies about crazy scientists::
Dot Wrnr: : ::the man has to unlock the door at the bottom of the staircase::
JopDance: ti: ::the man unlocks the door and opens it wide for them to follow::
SP00KY One: MV: :::follows him in:::
Dot Wrnr: : ::there's another hallway, with white walls and a tile floor; there's a couple doors; the room is perfectly quiet::
SP00KY One: MV: :::miutters::: This doesn't look like any basement I ever saw.
JopDance: ti: ::walks down the hallway and opens the door at the farthest end:
Dot Wrnr: : ::the room behind the door is too dark to see very far inside::
SP00KY One: MV: ::looks over at the man::: Well? Where's the light switch?
JopDance: ti: ::takes a step inside and flips on the lightswitch::
SP00KY One: MV: :::takes a step forward also, peering in:::
Dot Wrnr: : ::it's a large, open, bare room, with a window at the end that has a curtain on the outside, so they can't see into whatever's beyond, and a few blankets and pillows in one corner. There's two bodies laying on the floor, one a
Dot Wrnr: white-haired young woman that Jasmine at least met earlier, the other, a pile of familiar brown fur::
Quantum Catz: BM: Dan! ::pushes past Maeve, rushing over to Daniel::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks rather alarmed; glares at the man:: What have you done?!
Dot Wrnr: DN: ::is still breathing; he looks really scared, but doesn't move, other than his shallow breaths::
Quantum Catz: BM: Dan? Talk to me Dan - are you okay?
Dot Wrnr: DN: ::still doesn't move::
JopDance: ti: ::looks just as surprised as the rest:: I didn't do anything!
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::after a long pause, goes over to check the other figure on the ground:: She's not dead...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks like she's about to cry:: What did they do to you, Dan?
Dot Wrnr: DN: ::tries to look a little calmer for Becky, but his eyes are still wide and scared::
JopDance: jm: ::steps into the room:: What happened to them?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::tears in her eyes:: I don't know...I'm sure...they'll be all right...::looks back at Maeve, wherever she is::
SP00KY One: MV: :::still standing next to Tony staring at the two bodies on the floor:::
JopDance: ti: ::steps into the room looking a little worried::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks up tearfully at Tony:: Do something! Help them!
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::starts to cry, herself, but steps backwards and swings the door shut; it closes with a 'click'::
JopDance: ti: ::jumps at Becky's words and then again at the slamming of the door:: I don't know what to do...
SP00KY One: MV: :::turns to glare at the man::: Who are you and what is your part in all of this anyway?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::sits down in a corner, not minding getting her dressed mussed, looking miserable::
JopDance: jm: ::kneals quietly beside the woman::
Dot Wrnr: : ::the woman is in the same condition as Daniel, hardly able to blink, let alone move; her heartbeat is pretty rapid::
JopDance: ti: ::softly:: That's none of your business...
SP00KY One: MV: ::: threateningly::: How about I make it my business?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::suddenly looks back at the man, fiercely:: Answer her!
SP00KY One: MV: :::raises the frying pan:: Or I could just beat it out of you. :::smiles:::
JopDance: ti: ::he suddenly looks angry, but then it just as quickly melts into sadness:: I was supposed to lead you down here. I didn't know about any of this...::gestures vaguely towards the two figures on the ground::
SP00KY One: MV: By who? Who else knew we were here?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly but sharply:: Does it matter? I bet the door's locked now, you know. And if it's not there'll be someone out there waiting for us
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::starts to weep in earnest::
JopDance: ti: Donald...and her ::points at Libby::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks over at Libby::: What?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::stares at Libby blankly::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::chokes back a sob as she looks at Libby and then turns back to Dan without a word::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::softly, through her tears:: He said...it was the only way to help my father...
JopDance: jm: ::looks up to see what else has gone wrong::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sounding angry:: Your father's *dead*
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::cringes, almost whimpering:: Not yet; he's just sick...
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks confused::: but.. we ... he was...
Quantum Catz: BM: He died in the *war*!
Dot Wrnr: : ::the curtain rather suddenly draws back from the window; a man even taller than Alex, and about twice as bulky, is holding a young adult less than half his size, one with darkish skin and medium-brown hair, one some of them know
Dot Wrnr: as Michelle; she looks rather frantic:: Becky, Maeve, Toby, Jasmine, get *out* of here! Don't worry about me!
Dot Wrnr: : ::the big man looks at them all coldly through the glass, one arm strongly around Michelle's neck, the other ready to snap it if need be::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks confused for a moment and then she looks at Libby and whispers:: Michelle?
JopDance: ti: ::backs towards the door::
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::softly, looking steadily at Becky:: I didn't think this would happen...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::snaps:: What *did* you think would happen then?
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::sobbing:: He promised no one would get hurt...that it would work better if you were all surprised...that you wouldn't agree to help...
Quantum Catz: BM: What would work better, Michelle? ::suddenly looks frightened rather than angry again::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks over at Libby::: Why? what do we have to do to help?
Dot Wrnr: LB: To...to heal Father...they said everyone needed to get together...
SP00KY One: MV: Get together and do *what*?
Dot Wrnr: LB: He didn't explain it all, but he said there was a freak who could heal...
Quantum Catz: BM: :::blinks and looks at Michelle, smiling sadly:: I thought i set him free...guess not
SP00KY One: MV: Then why does he need all of us? Why were we led down here?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::looks back at Michelle and her captor, glaring, but not daring an escape::
Dot Wrnr: MI: ::quickly:: Don't you see? He uses energy...he'll need a *lot* of freaks' energy to do whatever he has planned! If you escape he can't do it!
Dot Wrnr: : ::the man behind the glass looks coldly at them:: Don't.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::suddenly seems to remember something and she says softly, half to herself:: We all get through this. I *know* we do
SP00KY One: MV: :::glances at Becky curiously and then back to Michelle::: Who is her father? Why do they all want to heal him so bad?
Quantum Catz: BM: Hugo McHenry...i haven't seen or heard about him in ages
Dot Wrnr: LB: Hugo's my brother...my father's name is Alan...::looks up at Tony, pained:: *He* said Father was dying...
JopDance: ti: ::suddenly finds the floor very interesting::
Quantum Catz: BM: Whatever ::stands up, looking rather worried:: Hugo was the one i didn't like much
Dot Wrnr: LB: ::looks up at Becky fiercely:: Hugo's a good man! He warned me about Mr. Quinn!
Quantum Catz: BM: Lot of good it did you! D'you know what'll happen to me if Charlie drains my energy? Do you? ::looks like she's about to burst into tears all over again::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks a little heart broken::: Well why didnt anyone warn me! :::quickly pushes her feelings aside::: Anyway, whats going to happen now?
Dot Wrnr: TY: ::frowns, going over to put his hand on Becky's shoulder::
Dot Wrnr: MI: ::tries to claw at the man holding her:: Everyone, just go!


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