~Wednesday, May 9, 1928~

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Alexlndigo : ::Oneday at noon::
Alexlndigo : ::Alex and Maeve go for a walk after eating lunch::
Alexlndigo : AX: Hey Maeve? did you like your lunch?
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shrugs::: yeah, it was ok. Why? Did you?
Alexlndigo :
AX: I still got some between my teeth! ::pokes at his teeth::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::wrinkles her nose::: Alex! not in public! ::slaps his hand away from his teeth::
MaeveOwens : :::passes a alley way, strange cries coming within:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: Awww....::gives her puppy eyes:: But....its bugging me! ::Looks over at the side of the road seeing somthing move:: Whats that? A kitty...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::runs over:: Here kitty kitty kitty.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Why do they have it wrapped up in all theses sheets, and in a garbage can...::Starts pulling a way the sheets to see a baby:: Whoa!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::puts her hands on her hips:: Wheres the cat?
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::carfully picks up the baby:: There there, its okay...its okay..::Holds it in his arm looking at it, the baby stops crying and looks at Alex::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::looks at the baby in his arms and smirks::: Wonderful. Why couldnt it be a cat?
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::Alex holds it closer to Maeve, but it starts crying even louder than it was in the garbage can::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::puts her hands over her ears as the baby starts to scream::: Where is the off button on that thing? Cant you turn it off?
Alexlndigo :
AX::takes it away, and it stops:: No little babies don't have off switches, there not vacuums you know!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::smirks::: Figures. :::sighs:: What are we suppose to do with it?
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::smiles at the baby, and starts coing at at:: I don't know...never had one..
MaeveOwens : MV: ::yells:: Dont these things come with instructions!!!??
Alexlndigo :
AX: Yeah motherly instincts....but I'm not woman....
MaeveOwens : MV: ::shakes her head::: Dont look at me...
Alexlndigo :
AX: I ain't, it hates you....maybe my father will know what to do, I mean after all he had seven kids...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::glares at the baby:: what did I ever do to you? huh?
Alexlndigo :
AX: Now Maeve, kids are inocent, she probally thinks you are dangerous, and which you are, so its a smart baby! ::hugs the baby:: your so smart..yes you are! ::The baby laughs::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::glares at Alex instead::: And your the one that is about to be in danger.
Alexlndigo :
AX: Okay, lets go back to your apartment and see if fathers back from Alan McHenry's estate yet.
MaeveOwens : MV: ::shrugs::: Fine with me.
Alexlndigo : ::They go back to Maeve apartment, where Fox is, having his afternoon tea::
Alexlndigo : AX: Hey Father...we got a gift for you!
Alexlndigo : FO::looks up from the newspaper:: what is it now Alex....
Alexlndigo : AX: ::holds up the baby whichi is about four months::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::holds up the baby whichi is about four months::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::walk in behind Alex, frowning:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::jumps up:: Good gravy! Alex, tell me you didn't steal someones child!
Alexlndigo : AX: No, we found it in a garbage can...someone threw it out...
MaeveOwens : MV: ::starts to giggle:: Yeah, no wonder...
Alexlndigo : FO: We don't even have food, rags, and diapers clothes!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::eyes widen:: Your going to keep it!?
Alexlndigo : FO: No! We can't just let it starve though, Alex, were going to get food, Maeve you watch it till we get back, then I'm calling the police, and they can take it to an orphanage or whatever.
MaeveOwens : MV: ::shakes her head::; You cant leave me alonee with that thing!!
Alexlndigo : FO: Oh Maeve, its good experience for, you. ::holds the baby:: Is it a girl or boy?
Alexlndigo : AX: I dunno, I don't wanna look!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::shrugs:: I dunno.
Alexlndigo : FO: :: he finds out that it is a girl::
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh can I call her a name instead of baby...hmmm how about Bridgette!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::grins, and mummbles under breath::: how about Ditchit?
Alexlndigo :
FO: Now Maeve, I'll lay it on Alex's bed, and let it take a nap, so it will be sleeping, all you have to do, and watch it, okay, well be back in a few minuates.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::puts Bridgette on his bed:: good night....go to sleep...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::rolls her eyes and sighs::: Fine. Promise it wont wake up?
Alexlndigo :
FO: If you keep quiet it should, it will only take a minuate to get some food, and clothes.
MaeveOwens : MV: ::nods and stares at the sleeping baby:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: And he has a new car! Its so pretty, and i get to ride in it before you! ::stinks out his tongue::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::glares at him and sticks her tounge out at him too:::
Alexlndigo :
FO: Now come along Alex, lets hurry.
Alexlndigo : ::They leave Maeve alone with Bridgette::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::sits down and stares at the baby:::
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::it peeled open it deep brown eyes, and looks at Maeve::
MaeveOwens : :::fifteen minutes pass, maeve is still staring at the baby:::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::suprised:: Uh-oh
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::starts coing::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::eyes widen::: what? no hysterical crying?
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::Starts to suck on her fingers:: cooooo!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::tilts head to the side, studying it:: Your up to something arent you?
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::smiles:: gooooog
MaeveOwens : MV: I'll take that as a yes.
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::the smile slowly form into a loud cry::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::jumps back, startled::: I knew it! okay you had your fun, cut it out! ::puts hands over ears::
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::It stops looking at how funny Maeve looks with her hands over her ears:: hahahaaaaa!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::smirks:: You think thats funny do you?
Alexlndigo :
BT: eeeaaaa!
MaeveOwens : MV: Well I dont think its very funny
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::holds up her hands, as if to be hold:: eeeeaaaa!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::looks at the door::: Ok, Alex, where are you!! ::looks down at the baby nervously:: what am i suppose to do? :::awkwardly reaches down at picks Bridgette up:::
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::it laughs, and starts to chew on Maeves red hair::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::holds the baby:: ok, please dont cry. where is alex!!! Oh hey! dont do that! stop trying to eat my hair!
Alexlndigo :
::Alex and Fox walks though the door:::
Alexlndigo : BT::sees Alex, and slaps Maeve, and starts whaleing again::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks up at them, a scared look on her face:: Help me!!
Alexlndigo :
AX:Maeve, what are you doing to her! ::takes her away, and hugs her::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::looks down at the baby in shock::: Why you little brat! She was fine with until you came back!
Alexlndigo :
FO:hahah, here, get her dressed Alex, then well feed her.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::nods his head, and puts her in yellow dress, with a diaper clothe.:: Geee Maeve, you look tense...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::glares at Alex::: If you ever do that to me again so help me i will burn you to a crisp!
Alexlndigo :
AX: yeah yeah, then you serve me as bbq?
MaeveOwens : MV: yep
Alexlndigo :
BT: ::gives her an evil glare::
Alexlndigo : AX: I wanna go show Stella my baby! She so cute!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::glares back::
Alexlndigo :
FO: Shes not yours Alex, where taking her to the orpanage!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::sighs in relief::: Yes! When?
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::Glares at his father:: then I'll just adopt her...
Alexlndigo : FO: Alex! Its not a puppy, or kitty, its human,can you take care of that? Its a full time thing!
MaeveOwens : MV: then your finding another place to livee. that baby does not like me, at least not when your in the room. ::pouts::
Alexlndigo :
AX:::Looks down:: fine, I have the money, I'll buy a place by the sea, so she can see the ocean, and ride ponies...and..
Alexlndigo : FO: Alex, we are not adopting her,thats finale!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::pouts more::: I wanna live by the ocean!!! no fair.
Alexlndigo :
FO: ::puts his hand on his head:: Ok,okay...I can handle this..
Alexlndigo : AX: I'm going to go show stella, you wanna see STella? yeeeiii!
Alexlndigo : BT: cooooo!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shakes her head::: i am staying here where its safe...
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Starts feeding her a bottle of milk:: Ohhh is that good...I'm leaving after she eats.
Alexlndigo : FO: they always eat, I'll pack you a bag...
MaeveOwens : MV: but what about the authorities? the adoption agency? :::panics, doesnt want to live with a baby:::
Alexlndigo : AX: I'll do that tomorrow....
Alexlndigo : FO: ::looks fustrated:: fine fine, always tomorrow...great...I'll plan my life around yours...
MaeveOwens : MV: Do you really think we should wait that long? Alex, you cant get attached to it.
Alexlndigo :
AX: But....I already want to keep her, look at the way she looks at me...like I'm her father...she trust me...
Alexlndigo : FO: You are a fool, a bigger fool then most! Boy getting hit on the head must of really messed you up, were taking her now...so get in the car!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::looks at the baby:: Well, i dont trust her. she is plannning something, i can feel it1
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::looks at his father:: I hate you! Just leave me alone, I'll go down by myself!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::jumps back, startled at his outburst::
Alexlndigo :
FO: ::Looks very angry:: Some manners you have! Now get in the car, now you little brat!
Alexlndigo : AX: ::eyes turn to ice:: Leave me alone.....
MaeveOwens : MV: ::tentively steps in::: Alex, you cant go walking around with the baby, it would be better if you let him drive you.
Alexlndigo :
Alexlndigo : FO: Just get in the car...okay? We don't have to speak to each other.
Alexlndigo : AX:....walks slowly to the door:: ......::grabs the bag with diaper clothes and food::...
Alexlndigo : FO: maeve, would you like to come, or would you like to stay...?
MaeveOwens : MV: I'll stay here ::opens the door for them:: You two have fun.
Alexlndigo :
::They leave to go to the ophanage::


Alexlndigo : ::Late into the evening after Fox and Alex had droupped off Bridgette to the orphanage, Alex decides to walk off his anger::
Alexlndigo : AX: I can't believe him...hes so cold hearted...what if she never finds a home..I might never see bridgette again! ::he wipes some tears away::
SP00KY One : SR: :::walks down the street, her eyes casted downward:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::looks up:: I think I'm just going to go, I don't feel.....I just don't feel wanted, even by my own family, and Stella's married, and they don't like me..and...
SP00KY One : SR: ::the wind blows her hat off, her long black hair tumbles loose::: oh! ::turns around quickly:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::sees the hat and catches it:: Oh miss you droupped your haaa...haaa...hat. ::stares at her::
SP00KY One : SR: :::looks into his eyes but quickly looks back down at her feet.::: thank you :::blushes:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::something feeled his heart, it was like nothing he had ever felt before:: umm..ummm...Hi, I'm Alex.
SP00KY One : SR: :::the same feeling washes over her, she trembles::: Hi, I'm Serena.
Alexlndigo :
AX: so...do you live around here? ::his palms start sweating::
SP00KY One : SR: :::says softly::: Yeah, I live in that apartmentt building over there. :::points to the building across the street:::

Alexlndigo :
AX: Oh, neat, I live with my cousin at that one behind me. small world huh?
SP00KY One : SR: :::nods and smiles shyly::: Yeah.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::Looks at his boots, forgetting about his father:: So, hey, You wanna go see a cinema!
SP00KY One : SR: ::Nervously fidgets:: Ummm... I dont know.
SP00KY One : SR: Its just that ::pauses:: we just met...
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::Looks stupid:: Oh yeah, we just did, didn't we, well I ment as friends, you know..it looks like you would enjoy it..or..yeah...::starts sweating more::
SP00KY One : SR: :::giggles:: Ok, I guess that would be all right. :::for some strange reason she feels safe with him:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::He takes her hand, and leads her downtown to the cinama, whichis probally a 15 minuate walk::
Alexlndigo : AX:::Starts telling her about what had happen, and the fight between him and his father.::
SP00KY One : SR: :::listens intently, nodding::: I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he means well.
Alexlndigo :
AX: yeah I know, I can't believe I said I hate you to him, I feel so bad, cuz I really love him alots!
SP00KY One : SR: :::smiles a little up at him::: He knows you do, you just had a little disagreement. When you do back home and tell him you are sorry for blowing up at him everything will be fine. You'll see. I bet he will even apologize to you for being so insensitive.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::looks at her and smiles:: you think so? thanks I feel alot better. ::they finally make it to the cinema:: Oh wanna see the Jazz singer? I know its old, 1927, but its my fav!
SP00KY One : SR: :::blushes a little and smiles::: thats my favorite too.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::Almost hugs her:: Oh neat! That is just so....::he can't believe it, he looked into her gray eyes, and seen what he has never seen before...this was his love:: neat, well common, we can say the movie word by word.
SP00KY One : SR: :::bounces up and down, nervous and excited at the same time::: Ok. :::awed at this weird feeling rushing threw her. could it be love?:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::they go inside, the movie has been on for ten minuates, but Alex still knows what scene it is and starts stated word by word::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::starts to sing:: Eli Eli!
SP00KY One : SR: ::giggling too much to actually say anything::: And you- ::gasps in air:: you want to be a common actor :::once the giggles subside::: in a low life theater!
Alexlndigo :
AX::He says in a self-righteous manner:: Of course it ain't any of mine business, but I say to myself it's my duty, I--"
Alexlndigo : AX:I told you before -- if you whip me again, I'll run away -- and never come back."
Alexlndigo : :: some audience members start saying shhh::
SP00KY One : SR: ::laughs uncontrollably but quickly quiets down when she sees people staring:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::whipers to her:: This is fun, I never had so much fun before...
SP00KY One : SR: :::says quietly::: Me neither. :::she smiles and looks back at the screen:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: I man, can't believe its almost over....
SP00KY One : SR: :::whispers one more line::: I'm glad of it. I'd rather please you than anybody I know of. Oh, darlin', will you give me something?
Alexlndigo : AX: ::leans forward:: Can I kiss you?
SP00KY One : SR: :::eyes widen and she gasps::: ummm. ::doesnt know what to say, she wants him to kiss her but she isnt brave enough to say so::::
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::he backs off and looks at her and then whispers::maybe we can go out for a walk?
SP00KY One : SR: :::she nods and bites her lower lip::: Yeah, that would be nice.
Alexlndigo :
AX: ::walks her out:: That was so fun...I like being around you I know we just met, but....I just feel somthing...
SP00KY One : SR: :::blushes::: yeah me too. For some reason I feel I can trust you, and thats new for me. :::shakes her head and smiles:::
Alexlndigo :
AX: would yo like my phone, maybe we can talk.
Alexlndigo : AX: ummm my phone number...
SP00KY One : SR: :::stands with her hands folded behind her, swaying::: sure. i would like that.
Alexlndigo :
AX: I would too, well I guess I better go, gotta talk to my father...
SP00KY One : SR: Ok. It was nice meeting you.
Alexlndigo :
AX: yes. ::Takes out a napkin from his pocket, and writes his number:: call anytime of day, evenits 3 in the morning...your voice, will be good enough.
SP00KY One : SR: ::blushes again:: Ok, I will. good luck with your father.
Alexlndigo :
AX:Thanks, I'll see you around, byies!::He walks off toward his cousin apartment, but keeps turning to look at her::
SP00KY One : SR: ::watches him walk away, a smile on her face, perhaps the first real smile in a long time::: 1

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