~Wednesday, July 18, 1928~

YarnKittymon : : ::Maeve and Aldez find themselves outside of a small building painted a deep purple color; a small sign outside indicates it's the workplace of the "gypsy" Maeve spoke with a few days earlier::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::looks around:: you sure you want to do this?
SP00KY One : MV: :::takes a deep breath and looks up at the building::: No, are you?
Aldez15 : AZ: not really, but what other choice do we have?
YarnKittymon : : ::a group of about twelve people, all dressed in similar shabby clothes, looking like they're relatives, perhaps the same family, files out of the building; some of them are crying, but some look a bit happy, somehow::
SP00KY One : MV: :::nods::: Might be the only way we will ever find out: I want to do this, I'm just nervous.
Aldez15 : AZ: Alright then ::walks into a dimly lit room and waits for her eyes to adjust:: it smells in here
YarnKittymon : : ::the "gypsy" woman Maeve met earlier looks up at the two of them with dark eyes:: Twins, you are. It's incense.
SP00KY One : MV: Gee, what was your first clue?
Aldez15 : AZ: you're powers of observation totally astound me, and the *incense* is giving me a headache
YarnKittymon : : ::she lifts the glass saucer with the incense on it away from the candle it's set upon:: Leave the door open a minute if you like.
Aldez15 : AZ: I will then ::seats herself near the door watching the gypsy closely::
SP00KY One : MV: So, how well will this work with just two people? Is one of us going to end up alseep on the floor?
YarnKittymon : : Perhaps both of you, perhaps neither. I can't say. That's not the *only* reason I prefer to work with more people, though...
SP00KY One : MV: Whats the other reason?
Aldez15 : AZ: ::muttering under her breath:: IF this even works...
YarnKittymon : : With just the two of you, you won't have as good a view of what the person you're looking for really thought. That last family that was in here...three of his siblings each blamed themselves for the death.
YarnKittymon : : It was only by taking the memories of all the family members, that they came to understand the truth.
Aldez15 : AZ: That's convenient
YarnKittymon : : ::the gypsy looks at Aldez rather coldly:: You don't have to do this, you know.
Aldez15 : AZ: And you haven't offered me any proof that you're genuine
SP00KY One : MV: What? My word isn't proof enough?
YarnKittymon : : I already leveled with your sister! It's not really their ghosts, just memories.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::looks at her twin:: I just don't know if we're doing the right thing...::sighs and looks up lost in thought for a moment:: fine, let's do it
YarnKittymon : : Very well. Please take a seat around this table. ::it's a low table, with cushions on the floor around it; no chairs::
SP00KY One : MV: :::takes a seat at the table:::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::sits down next to Maeve::
YarnKittymon : : ::sits down next to Aldez, extending her hands to both of the women:: We should hold hands; it will work better.
SP00KY One : MV: :::hesitantly takes the woman's hand and reaches for her twins:::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::glances hesitantly at the old lady's wrinkled hand before taking it::
YarnKittymon : ((I don't think she's *that* old...I described her in the other thing a bit and my character description, but yeah, those are at home >_<))
YarnKittymon : : ::the woman speaks softly, with an inconsistent accent:: Who do you wish to see?
Aldez15 : ((that's why we're somewhat winging it))
Aldez15 : AZ: ::whispering sarcastically:: why don't you tell us all knowing one...
SP00KY One : MV: :::squeezes her sister's hand painfully::: Our father.
YarnKittymon : : All right. Please think about him, while I conjure his spirit.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::tries focusing on her father but keeps getting distracted by the sparkly objects hanging around the room::
YarnKittymon : : ::the gypsy looks at Aldez:: Please focus a little more.
Aldez15 : AZ: Sorry ::thinks about the last time they saw their parents before they died::
YarnKittymon : : ::an image rather suddenly materializes, across the table, standing, and looking back at his daughters::
SP00KY One : MV: :::concentrating on the last memory she has of her father.:::
YarnKittymon : : ::softly:: Is that your father?
Aldez15 : AZ: ::looks up and gasps as she sees her father standing there:: Dad....
SP00KY One : MV: :::her head jerks up and a her breath gets caught in her throat::: Dad?
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks quizzically at the girls::: I thought you two went to bed. What is this place?
Aldez15 : AZ: ::looks up at him:: we shouldn't have gone to bed angry
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks up at her father, blinking stupidly:::huh?
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks at Aldez gruffly::: No, we shouldn't have. I should ground the two of you for life for freezing that poor Mrs. Yinger's hand to the wall.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::shrugs:: she deserved it dad, that woman's psycho...
SP00KY One : MV: :::nods in agreement:::
Aldez15 : AZ: And besides it's not my fault, I don't know how to control my powers or whatever it is...
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks at her sternly:: No matter, what you did was wrong, regardless of how psycho she is. Besides, we agreed that you two weren't to use your powers.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::angrily:: how can I not use them when I don't know how to control it. And besides it's your fault for keeping it from us all these years
SP00KY One : MV: :::finally breaks out of her stupor and reaches a hand out towards her father::::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::shocked at Maeve's sudden movement towards their father:: What are you doing?
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks at Maeve::: Maeve, what is wrong with you. :::reaches for his daugher's hand but it passes right through her:::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::forgets he's not really there and starts screaming:: What's going on?
SP00KY One : MV: :::whispers::: I just wanted to touch you again.
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks at his hand in amazment and then looks around the room and sees the strange woman::: Who are you? Wheres my wife/ Why I can't I touch her?
SP00KY One : MV: Sorry about Mrs. Yinger's hand. :::smirks::: I hope she regained feeling in it.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::thinking that he's using powers to trick them, gets angry again:: oh so you can use your powers but we can't use ours, that's real fair
YarnKittymon : : ::the gypsy looks at the "ghost" calmly:: Please don't be concerned...you're just visiting your daughters, as in a dream.
SP00KY One : MV: Did you have powers? I don't remember you having powers.
SP00KY One : DV: No, no I don't have any powers. As your mother said, it was on her side of the family.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::finally breaks out of her stupor as well and stares at her father blankly:: you're not really here....
SP00KY One : DV: :::looks down sorrowfully at Aldez::: I'm real in your memories.
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks over at her twin::: I told you thats all he would be. This is only a chance to say I'm sorry and goodbye. Just one last glimpse.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::tries to touch him like Maeve and her hand goes right through him:: we just wanted to know what it would be like if we hadn't gone to bed....wondered if you would have still been murdered...
SP00KY One : DV: :::he takes his hand and gently cups the side of Aldez's face, barely touching her::: Oh hunny, I'm afraid nothing could have prevented that. No matter what he would have come.
SP00KY One : MV: Yes but maybe we could have stopped him. With our powers.
SP00KY One : DV: :::shakes his head::: Your powers were to new to you, the chances of you getting them to work on command were slim to none.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::suddenly angry again:: Why didn't you tell us earlier? What, were you ashamed of us? Of what we are?
SP00KY One : DV: :::shakes his head again::: No, dont ever think that. I was trying to protect you. I thought if they stayed hidden you would have a chance at a normal life.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::sarcastically:: yeah, great job...
SP00KY One : MV: :::angrily:::Because of not being forwarned I sunk a ship!
YarnKittymon : : ::the "gypsy"'s eyes widen::
Aldez15 : AZ: yeah, we end up as orphans, were separated, I had amnesia and we're basically outcasts. Some normal life you had planned there. If you had told us about our powers we could've prevented soo much from happening
SP00KY One : DV: :::nods::: I suppose. We were hoping if you never knew that maybe they would stay burried. We were wrong. By forbidding you to use them was to protect you from others.
SP00KY One : DV: ::mutters:: Then again the two of you always had hard heads. :::he smiles at them lovingly:::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::suddenly looks over at the gypsy and freezes at the look on her face. She turns to her twin and whispers:: we better wrap this up ::nods in the gypsy's direction::
SP00KY One : MV: :::whispers:: Oh yeah, I forgot about her.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::looks up at her father:: we're sorry dad....
SP00KY One : MV; :::nods:: But our powers are a part of us. You ave to accept that.
SP00KY One : DV: :::nods::: I suppose I do. Are you two alright though? You're safe now right?
Aldez15 : AZ: ::shrugs:: as safe as we'll ever be
SP00KY One : DV: :::his image starts to fade a little::: Well, thats good. :::his brow crinkles in thought::: You two saw us die didn't do? Im so sorry you had to go through all of that. I wish things had been differernt.
Aldez15 : AZ: That makes 2 of us
SP00KY One : MV: Make that three.
SP00KY One : DV: :::his image flickers::: Its almost time for me to go. Promise me that from now on, if you do use your powers, that you will be careful and use them responsibly. No more freezing your teacher's hand to the wall. Ok?
SP00KY One : MV: :::holding her hand behind her back, she crosses her fingers::: Sure dad.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::avoids making eye contact and agrees::
SP00KY One : DV: :::nods knowingly::: I may be dead but I'm still your father. Just be careful ok? :::his image fades even more::: I love you both, a lot. So does your mothher.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::voice gets caught in her throat:: ok dad ::starts to cry softly::
SP00KY One : MV: :::smiles up at her father::: ok Dad. We will. :::her eyes tear up::: I love you to dad.
Aldez15 : AZ: ::whispering:: bye dad, we love you
SP00KY One : DV: :::he smiles and reaches out towards his daughters but his image flickers and he disappears::::
YarnKittymon : : ::Maeve and Aldez probably now notice they feel a little tired and drained::
Aldez15 : AZ: ::tries to stand up and falls back down:: ohh I feel a little tired and drained
SP00KY One : MV: :::doesn't even try to move::: Ditto.
Aldez15 : AZ: Well that was....umm...interesting
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks over at her sister, her eyes threatening to close::: Feel any better?
YarnKittymon : : You got to tell him goodbye...
Aldez15 : AZ: Actually I do. How about you?
SP00KY One : MV: :::nods::: Yeah. I do too :::she smiles a little:::
YarnKittymon : : Are you feeling all right? It should have taken a lot out of you.
Aldez15 : AZ: We're fine, just worn out
SP00KY One : MV: :::yawning::: Yeah. Time for bed. :::looks over at the woman::: What do we owe you?
YarnKittymon : : ::softly:: You couldn't afford it anyway.
Aldez15 : AZ: Yeah, we should probably get going ::hands the woman a bag of coins:: thanks for your help ::grabs a hold of her twin and stands up, gripping the chair for support::
YarnKittymon : : ::takes the money without comment::
SP00KY One : MV: :::angrily::: What makes you think we cant afford it! :::takes her twins arm and tries to stand but topples over forward:::
YarnKittymon : : I believe we had this conversation before...
Aldez15 : AZ: ::tries to catch her balance but takes down a couple of curtains as they fall:: ohh that's going to leave a mark
SP00KY One : MV: Ouch. :::tries to get up but has a losing battle with the curtains that are now wrapped around her feet:::]
YarnKittymon : : ::the "gypsy" raises her eyebrows:: See? Your bill keeps getting bigger, every moment you're here...
Aldez15 : AZ: ::freezes the floor and starts to slide out the door:: WEEE!!!
SP00KY One : MV: :::grabs a hold of her sister's arm:: Wait for me! :::slides out with her:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the "gypsy" counts the coins, sighing::

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