~Friday, April 17, 1931~

Maeve Owens: LU: :::She is sitting in the chair next to Toby's bed, her silver eyes fixated on his hansome sleeping form as she patiently waits for him to wake up.:::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::grows restless for a while, but then coughs a bit and curls up at the foot of Becky's bed, sleeping::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::doesn't wake::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::her eyes snap towards the cat when it coughs but she pays little attention to the animal.:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::finally groans, reaching out towards Lu::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she catches his hand in hers, squeezing lightly::: Hey you. Feeling better yet?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::doesn't open his eyes; softly:: Becky...don't leave again...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::She frowns again, biting back an aggrivated sigh, before replying in her sweetest voice::: Becky hasn't come back Toby. It's still me, Lu.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::opens his eyes, looking straight at Lu; softly:: I'm all right, Becky...::coughs::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she reaches out to touch his forehead, checking to see if his fever went up any.:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::feels hot to the touch, much warmer than he was just a couple hours ago::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::frowns, getting up from her seat to rifle through Becky's medicine cabinets. She finds a bottle of aspirin, gets a wet cloth, then returns to Toby's room:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::weakly:: You should go away...you might get sick...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she grins down at him as she shakes some apirin into her palm holding them out to Toby::: We've been over this already. I'm immune. Part of my gift you could say. You think you can swallow this?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: Don't you remember? I gave you a body...you're not immortal anymore...::coughs rather terribly::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::playing along::: Yes but you built me a wonderful immune system. :::picks up the glass of water on the bedside table::: Come on, I'll help you. This should help the fever.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::tries to use his elbow to sit up, but his arms are shaking::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she helps him into an upright position, using the pillows as a backrest:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::coughs again, somehow managing to sit up, though he looks exhausted::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::holds the pills out to him:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::somehow manages to get the aspirin into his mouth::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::holds out the glass of water to his lips for him to wash it down with::: There we go. :::smiles:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::coughs again, then lays back down on the bed; murmurs:: Don't leave me, Becky...
Maeve Owens: LU: I'm not going anywhere. You could say I was stuck like glue. :::her grin widens a little at this thought as she lays the cold cloth across his forehead:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: Lie down next to me, Becky...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::her grin turns into a sly smile as she ponders his request. She glances towards the cat, weighing her options but finally decides it would be too risky::: I will in a bit. Go to sleep.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::murmurs, closing his eyes:: I'm sorry...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::unable to resist, she brushes one stubborn lock out of his face, smoothing it back::: You have nothing to be sorry about.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::opens his eyes, looking at Lu, and smiling just a tiny bit; coughs:: But I'm glad you came back.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she smiles at him, trying to ignore the fact that he thinks he is speaking to Becky:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::coughs again, sounding hoarser::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs suddenly, softly, tossing in his sleep::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::runs her hand over his hair again::: Awe, you poor thing. ::::she glances towards the cat but her gaze returns to Toby almost immediately:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is wracked with a sudden spell of coughing; it doesn't subside for over a minute, and he's coughed up a bit of blood::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::looks rather stunned for a moment before rushing out of the room for some napkins. She returns to clean him up, looking truely worried for the first time.::: Okay now this has gone beyond my knowledge. :::she bites her bottom lip, unsure of what to do:::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a knock on the house door:: Is everyone all right in there?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::her head snaps towards the living room, and she quickly heads for the door. She pulls it open, not knowing what to expect on the other side..::: No, a friend of mine is real sick. Who are you?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::the brown-haired man, dressed in an ironed shirt and slacks, looks rather surprised, and steps back a step; softly:: Donald Quinn. Who are you?
Maeve Owens: LU: My name is Lu. Are you a doctor?
YarnKittymon: DL: No...you haven't seen a red-haired woman around here, have you?
Maeve Owens: LU: ::shakes her head::: No, cant say that I have.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::frowns; softly:: Is it still Toby and Daniel in there?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods::: Yes. Toby's getting worse and I'm starting to get worried. He's coughing up blood. :::theres a worried expression on her face:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::nods; quietly:: There's no doctor in town; maybe one will come tomorrow. But there's some medicine over at the doctor's office.
Maeve Owens: LU: Really? :::frowns::: Is there still a lot of sick people in there? I think Toby could really use some of it but the thought of going over there...
YarnKittymon: DL: ::frowns; quietly:: I'll go, then, though if you're really worried about getting sick, you should find somewhere else to stay. I can take care of Toby.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head::: I cant get sick. I just... :::she smiles at him sweetly::: If you could bring it back for me that would be great. I really dont want to leave Toby. I should be getting back to him.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::nods, still frowning:: Is Daniel all right?
Maeve Owens: LU: ::nods::: He's coughing a little bit but I haven't seen any blood coming from him yet.
YarnKittymon: DL: Okay. I'll be back in a few minutes. ::leaves::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::goes over to the doctor's house, still keeping an eye out for Maeve, though given how deserted the streets are, if she were anywhere nearby, he'd probably see her::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::knocks on the door once or twice before coming in::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::Karayan is asleep on the table with her daughter held snugly in her arms. Her eyes pop open when she hears someone come through the door and she carefully climbs out of bed and weakly moves towards the open doorway:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::walks inside carefully, and looks a little surprised to see Karayan; though he'd heard there was a sick mouse-woman, he hadn't seen her before:: Uh...good day...
Maeve Owens: KY: :::frowns, leaning heavily against the door frame::: Are you sick?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::tries to smile:: Not yet, but Lord knows how long that'll last. Daniel and a young man are, though; do you have any medicine left?
Maeve Owens: KY: :::she starts to respond but she begins to cough. Covering her mouth, she nods her head yes and points to the desk. Once she is able to speak her voice is raw and scratchy::: Thats an extra one. I still have one full bottle in here
YarnKittymon: DL: ::nods, reaching for the bottle:: Is there anything I can do to help you?
Maeve Owens: KY: :::shakes her head, her eyes filled with sadness::: No. Theres nothing anyone can do. But perhaps pray. :::she looks over her shoulder at her sleeping daughter, unshed tears forming in her eyes:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: With luck they'll send a doctor tomorrow. Is your daughter...how is she? She doesn't look too bad.
Maeve Owens: KY: :::sadly:: She's getting worse. I dont know what I'm going to do.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::cringes:: I'm so sorry, miss...ah...
Maeve Owens: KY: Karayan. :::motioning towards the bed::: Thats my daughter Paelith. And you are?
YarnKittymon: DL: Donald Quinn. Keep Paelith warm...can she drink anything?
Maeve Owens: KY: :::nods::: I've been giving her water and I've got about every available sheet wrapped around us but nothing seems to be helping. :::she starts to tear up again:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: I'll bring over some soup, if it's all right...keep her strength up.
Maeve Owens: KY: :::attempts to smile but there isn't much energy behind it::: Yes, thank you. Thats very kind of you.
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::coughs suddenly, sounding rather bad::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::softly::: Paelith? Are you all right?
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::between coughs:: Mama...
Maeve Owens: KY: ::makes her way back to the bed, leaning over her:: I'm right here baby.
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::coughs again, very hoarsely::
Maeve Owens: KY: Need some more water? :::she picks up a glass from a nearby table and reaches to help her daughter sit up:::
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::drinks gratefully; she's burning up::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::wipes her eyes, looking back towards the door at Donald::: I hope your friends make it. :::she looks back down at her daughter:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::cringes, then, softly:: Have you seen a red-haired woman named Maeve around here?
Maeve Owens: KY: :::frowns, shaking her head::: No, I haven't, I'm sorry. Although thats probably a good thing.
YarnKittymon: DL: I'm sure your little girl will be all right. I'll probably be back in about an hour, but I'd better get back to Toby and Daniel. Thanks for your help.
Maeve Owens: KY: Your welcome. Thanks for getting the soup.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::nods, and leaves the doctor's house, pausing to rest against its wall, to regain his composure, before heading back to Becky's house::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::opens the door of Becky's house without knocking, a little afraid of what he might find, even though he was only gone for a few minutes::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she comes out of the bedroom, looking relieved to see him::: Did you find any?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::hands it to Lu, looking rather troubled:: Give 'em both one dose, I guess. I'll get a spoon. ::heads to the kitchen::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods and walks back into the bedroom:::: Toby? Daniel? Wake up you two, medicine is here.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::doesn't stir::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::meows groggily, slowly opening his eyes::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she walks over to him, gently shaking his shoulder::: Wake up sleepy head.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::coughs softly, but doesn't open his eyes::
Maeve Owens: LU: Come on, lets get you sitting up. :::reaches out to help him sit up:::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::meows again and sits up, trying to help Toby sit as well::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::comes out of the kitchen with a spoon::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::still doesn't respond::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles a little at the cat and looks up at Donald when he enters::: I think we might have a problem getting him to take it. Besides the fact that if you're not sick I dont think you should get to close. :::she frowns:::
YarnKittymon: DL: Can he drink? We'll mix it with some water.
Maeve Owens: LU: He has been but he's not responding at this moment. You can give some to Daniel first though and get him taken care of.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::hisses when he realizes Donald's there::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::steps back instinctively:: Maybe not.
Maeve Owens: LU: ::frowns again::: Whats between the two of you? :::she holds her hand out for the spoon:::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::just hisses again::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: It doesn't matter. ::grabs Toby, lightly slapping his cheeks, trying to wake him up::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::sits there and watches::: So are you looking for this Becky person also? Aparently these two haven't seen her either.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::quietly:: No.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::places Lu between himself and Donald, his ears pointed back::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::pats the cat on the head::: Relax there pal, I dont think this guy means any harm. After all, he braved the flu to bring you back medicine to make you better.
YarnKittymon: DN: He's *always* saying he's going to make up for it and he never *does.* He just makes it worse.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods::: Okay. :::feeling that it was none of her business she looks back over at Toby, watching him intently:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::shakes Toby gently:: It's not helping...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::sucks in a deep breath::: What are we doing to do? You think you can force it down him?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::quietly:: I'm not a doctor.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::desperately::: Then what am I going to do? I cant just let him die on me!
YarnKittymon: DL: Calm down; he's not going to die. Give Daniel some medicine first, OK?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods and holds her hand out for the spoon once more:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::hands it to Lu, keeping his other arm around Toby::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she takes it, opens up the bottle and pours some out then offers it to Daniel::: This will help that cough. :::she smiles::: Open wide.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::does so, with a grimace::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles at him, putting the cap back on and turning back to Toby:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::loudly:: Toby, wake up!
YarnKittymon: TY: ::stirs slightly, groaning::
Maeve Owens: LU: Toby? Come on, you need to take some of this medicine.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::slowly comes to, looking back at Donald; yells, cursing:: Get away from us!
YarnKittymon: DL: ::yells as Toby re-forms some of the skin on his arm, letting go of him::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::giving Donald a cold stare::: What did you do to these people? :::she turns to Toby::: It's okay Toby, he was helping me give you some medicine. Calm down.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::has blood dripping down his arm through his mangled sleeve; doesn't speak::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::breathing hard:: Can't let him...help us...
Maeve Owens: LU: Well, I needed some help and he's the only person around. I dont know what he did to you all but you're going to have to get past that for right now. :::pours some more medicine onto the spoon and holds it up to him::: Now just
Maeve Owens: take this okay? You can be angry at him later.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::takes the medicine obediently, still breathing raggedly::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she sets the medicine on the table and then turns to Donald, glancing down at his arm::: Now I suppose I should fix you up. :::smirks::: Although I must say I'm getting mighty curious about whats going on between you all.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::holds his bleeding arm out to Lu; softly:: I betrayed them...Toby and Becky and Daniel, the whole lot of them. ::cringes, looking down at his arm::
Maeve Owens: LU: Betrayed them? Whose the whole lot of them? And if you want me to fix that we're going to have to go into the bathroom and search through the medicine cabinet. :::she gets up and moves towards the bathroom:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::follows her, not speaking::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::she finds what she needs and dresses his wound::: There. Looks like you have a lot more groveling to do before you get them to like you. Why are you hanging around?
YarnKittymon: DL: I still want to make it up to them, and I'm in love with one of them, more than anything...
Maeve Owens: LU: Ah. Becky is it? She seems to be pretty special to those two. :::heads back into the bedroom:::
YarnKittymon: DL: Not Becky; one of her friends.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods::: Oh. The redhead you were looking for? She as mad as these two?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: Not quite, but close. ::groans:: I promised to bring the other two soup, but the stove won't work without electricity...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::frowns::: The other two?
YarnKittymon: DL: The mouse-woman and her daughter, at the doctor's.
Maeve Owens: LU: You could always take them cold soup.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::weakly:: Toby could heat it, but I'd just as soon stay away from him.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods::: Yes, but I dont think he's up to it. :::looks over at him::: You know maybe the two of you should work through your problems. Holding all that anger in isnt that healthy you know? At least the man is trying to make up for it.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks at Lu, wide-eyed:: Get away from him! He'll just use you!
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head; calmly::: Toby, he's not going to use me okay? It's all right. He's helping and I'm keeping a close eye on him. Nothing is going to happen. :::eyes Donald::: He doesnt look dangerous anyway.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::looks down:: I've got to get to the cafe or something anyway; they must've figured out *some* way to cook. ::heads for the door::
Maeve Owens: LU: Well, thanks for your help anyway. And goodluck with your girl. :::smirks:: Looks like you'll need it. Hope you find her.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: I'll be a little bit away at the doctor's if you need me. You can hardly miss it; it's the place with the planks lying across the front porch...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::nods:: Thanks.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::goes off in search of soup::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::has a pretty hard time getting hot soup, but finally manages it, getting back to the doctor's about a half hour later than he said he would::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::goes inside without knocking, struggling not to spill::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::she's sitting in bed again, looking over her daughter. She had just given her another dose of medicine and she tucks the covers closer around her::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::approaches Karayan and just hands the pot of soup to her, silently::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::she shakes Paelith gently to wake her up before taking the soup from him with a greatful smile:::
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::softly:: Just let me sleep, Mama...
Maeve Owens: KY: Mr. Quinn brought you some soup honey. Sit up and eat some okay?
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::murmurs:: I'm tired...
Maeve Owens: KY: I know honey, but this will give you some of your energy back. Come on. :::encourages her to sit up:::
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::only sits up when her mother forces her to:: Why won't you just let me rest?
Maeve Owens: KY: Because I need you to eat something. You're getting weaker and you need some strength back. Eat as much as you can then you can go back to sleep.
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::coughs, loudly, and when she finally stops, speaks so quietly it's hard to hear her:: I'm not hungry...
Maeve Owens: KY: Can you try just a little? For me? :::holds out the spoon with some soup on it:::
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::opens her mouth obediently, though she looks rather pathetic and sad::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::smiles at her, feeding her the soup::: Thats my girl. :::she glances over at Donald between spoonfulls::: Are your friends okay?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: I don't know...
Maeve Owens: KY: I'm sorry. Did you at least find the girl you were looking for?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::very quietly:: No...
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::coughs, but then suddenly stops mid-cough; at that very moment, Kayaran feels distinctly better, the heaviness from her chest disappearing::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::she frowns for a moment, looking down at her daughter, before a hopefull smile slowly crosses her face::: Its gone. Right? It is gone isnt it?
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::eyes widen; looks up at her mother:: I'm OK.
Maeve Owens: KY: :::sets the soup aside and impulsively hugs her daughter::: Thank the Lord.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::just looks on, rather startled::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::throws the covers off of her and pulls her daughter off of the table::: What do you say we get out of this dreadul place?
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::hugs her mother, hard; she's lost quite a bit of weight since she's been sick, but is feeling much better now:: But they helped us, Mama.
Maeve Owens: KY: I know honey but I would like to get home. Wouldn't you? I mean I dont want to stay in this hospital another minute. :::she shudders a little, her arms still wrapped tightly around her daughter:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: We're probably still under quarantine, for a little while, at least...but you could stay in my house if you'd be more comfortable there.
Maeve Owens: KY: :::smiles::: If it wouldnt be too much trouble. You've already done plenty and I wouldnt want to impose. Anything you could come up with would be better then this place.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::nods; softly:: Is the doctor...still upstairs?
Maeve Owens: KY: :::cringing she nods her head::: Yes.
YarnKittymon: DL: ::turns a little more pale:: All right. If you brought anything, get it together. ::heads to the door::
Maeve Owens: KY: :::shakes her head, taking her daughter by the hand:: No, I dont have anything with me. :::she follows him out:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly:: I'll take you to my house, and then I need to check on Toby and Daniel.
Maeve Owens: KY: Thank you. Its very nice of you to offer us your house. :::smiles:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::still quietly:: Don't mention it. ::leads them down the street::
YarnKittymon: PQ: ::stays close to her mother, minding the few townspeople's stares at them::
Maeve Owens: KY: ::she nods and follows him:::
YarnKittymon: : ::just a couple minutes after Donald leaves Becky's house, Toby and Daniel spontaneously recover as well::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::is suddenly a bundle of energy, and winds up gnawing on the corner of Becky's mattress::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::her eyes widen and she sits up straighter in her chair::: Daniel? Are you feeling better?
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs:: A lot.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::groans softly, opening his eyes, but not sitting up::
Maeve Owens: LU: :::her eyes dart towards Toby::: Toby?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::eyes widen; hoarsely:: Who are you?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head, a small smile nudging the corner of her lips::: You know, you really know how to make someone feel special. My name is Lu. I met you a few weeks ago. You fixed my mother vase. Remember?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::sits up, a little upset:: Where's Becky, then? I...::slowly::...I thought she was here...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head again::: I'm sorry to disappoint you but its just been me sitting here taking care of you. I haven't seen Becky.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: How long was I sick?
Maeve Owens: LU: A few days it seemed. You were in pretty bad shape when I came across you. :::smiles at him again:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::gets out of bed, looking rather dazed:: Oh. Well, thanks for taking care of me...I guess. Can I make it up to you?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::gives him another one of her charming smiles::: It was my pleasure. Made me feel useful for once. :::her smile widens::: As for making it up to me, well, lets just say you agree to be friends and remember what my name is and we'll call it even.
YarnKittymon: TY: "Lu." Just two letters, right? I can probably remember it...::pauses::...but how'd you find me?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::ducks her head a little and then glances up at him through her long lashes::: I came looking for you to see if you could fix a broken chain for me. Someone told me I could find you here since you werent at home.
YarnKittymon: TY: You still have the chain? I'm feeling well enough to fix something that small.
Maeve Owens: LU: ::::she nods, pulling two pieces of a gold chain from her pocket::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::takes it from Lu; quietly:: You could've gotten any jeweler to fix this, you know, without risking life and limb to do it.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::blushes::: Well, I suppose I didn't want to entrust it to anyone else. My father gave it to me and- :::she pulls out a little locket::: I dont know. I guess it was kind of silly. ::::laughs:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: Well, no harm done, as long as you don't get sick, anyway. ::gently uses one finger to form a new chain link in place of the broken one:: There you go.
Maeve Owens: LU: I'm immune. :::she takes it back, hooking it around her neck::: Thanks.
YarnKittymon: TY: You're welcome. No one else...is sick, are they? I guess Daniel's all right...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shrugs::: You mean Donald? He seemed fine. Was looking for some girl. Dont know about her though and Daniel seems to be feeling a lot better. I haven't seen anyone else.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::tenses for a moment, then sighs:: Donald...so I didn't hurt him?
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles::: Yeah, you did. Not badly though but you did make his arm bleed. Must have been some betrayal. The two of you were seething with anger.
YarnKittymon: TY: Musta been weird to see him *mad;* he's just been all...mopey, all I can remember.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head::: No, I meant you and Daniel were mad.
YarnKittymon: TY: Oh. We all...he almost killed all of us...we were all sure Becky was dead...
Maeve Owens: LU: Ooooh. Thats why your so mad at him. Make since if he almost killed her.
YarnKittymon: TY: He still thinks he can make it up to us...he's still in love with Maeve...but if it weren't for him, we wouldn't be stuck on this island; that's for sure.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::frowns::: Why is that his fault and how are you stuck here?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: After all you've done, I have no business boring you. I'm sorry.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shrugs:: Its no problem. You all just seemed so agitated. I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands. :::chuckles softly:::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: I didn't know what I was doing.
Maeve Owens: LU: That was clear but the hostility must still be there somewhere.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly:: Well, thanks again for all your help. *Lu.* See; I remembered.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles brightly at him::: Thats good and you're welcome. I should probably see if they'll let me out of here. You probably could use some more sleep.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: It doesn't matter.
Maeve Owens: LU: Or I'd be happy to sit here and entertain you some more. I'm not exactly looking forward to dealing with the guards some more.
YarnKittymon: TY: If they give you any trouble, I'll put in a good word for you.
Maeve Owens: LU: Thanks. Its just that they said they'd shoot to kill if someone tried to leave so it might not be a good idea to leave until the quaranteen is lifted. Looks like its a hotel for me tonight. :::gives him a sad pathetic look:::
YarnKittymon: TY: Oh...well, don't worry; I can pay for that.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::shakes her head::: I wouldnt want to take your money. Even though it was pretty dumb of me to leave home without any. :::chuckles softly again, glancing down at her feet:::
YarnKittymon: TY: I don't have any on me either, but I can just run home and get some. ::sits down to put on his shoes, rather weakly; his hair's exceptionally mussed and he's a bit dirty from wearing the same clothes the last few days::
Maeve Owens: LU: You know, you dont really have to. You still look like you're pretty tired.
YarnKittymon: TY: Well, they're not gonna let you into the hotel just on your looks.
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles slyly at him::: Thats how I got into town.
YarnKittymon: TY: Well, if you think you can...
Maeve Owens: LU: I'll give it a try. No need in you waisting what little energy you have just to get little ole me a place to stay. I'll just stick out my bottom lip and whine pathetically. :::chuckles::: I can always promise to send money back them.
YarnKittymon: TY: Promise I'll pay 'em tomorrow...they know where I live. Kind of, anyway, even if I'm not in my house...
Maeve Owens: LU: :::smiles and nods::: Well, I guess I'll be on my way. I'm glad you're back to feeling better.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods; quietly:: Me too...see you around, then.
Maeve Owens: LU: Definitely. :::she leaves the house, casting him one last glance before making her way to the nearest hotel and haggling her way into a room:::


On to Tuesday, April 18, 1931 (AIM)

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