~Friday, August 10, 1928~

YarnKittymon: TY: ::is sleeping late that morning, tossing and turning a bit, uneasily::
Maeve34: MV: :::she is still propped up against the wall in her corner:::
Maeve34: MV: ::::she is fighting to keep her eyes from closing:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::eventually fell asleep on the other bed, although she's been occasionally muttering things, sounding rather nervous and frightened::
YarnKittymon : : ::there's a timid knock at the door::
Maeve34 : MV: :::she jumps and hits her head against the wall::
YarnKittymon : TY: ::still doesn't wake::
Quantum Catz : BM: ::doesn't respond::
Maeve34 : MV: :::slowly she stands, willing her aching muscles to cooperate and tiptoes over to the door. She takes a deep breath and then cringes::: Who is it?
YarnKittymon : : ::a very small voice, a female's, comes through the door:: Maeve?
Quantum Catz : BM: ::opes her eyes to look at the door, though she doesn't say anything::
Maeve34 : MV: ::She lets out a relieved sigh and opens the door::: What are you doing here? How did you even find us?
YarnKittymon : : ::Mercy steps in, looking rather worried:: I just did...::looks down::
Maeve34 : MV: :::she closes the door, looking rather confused and whispered:: You have to be quiet they are still asleep. Was there something you needed?
YarnKittymon : : ::Mercy looks up sadly:: My mother didn't come home last night.
Maeve34 : MV: :::her heart skips a beat and she gulps::: I'm sorry Mercy. Does your father know where she is?
YarnKittymon : : ::the girl shakes her head:: Help me find her? And your girl-friend isn't happy, you know.
Maeve34 : MV: :::nods::: Of course I'll help you find her. :::she tilts her head in the direction of the beds::: Yeah, they aren't too happy right now.. We can let them rest. They need it.
Quantum Catz : BM: ::softly:: How d'you *know* that?
Maeve34 : MV: :::jumps and looks over at Becky:: Ah, you're awake.
YarnKittymon : : ::Mercy smiles sadly:: It's pretty obvious, isn't it? ::glances at Toby, sighing::
Quantum Catz : BM: ::sits up and glances over at Toby too softly:: Yeah, but you hardly even saw us
Maeve34 : MV: :::lets out a big yawn and tries to cover it with her hand:::
YarnKittymon : TY: ::doesn't stir::
YarnKittymon : : ::the girl looks at Becky; softly:: Are you all right now?
Maeve34 : MV: :::walks over and pokes Toby's arm::: Are you alive? Helloooo in there.
Quantum Catz : BM: ::shrugs:: It was all a long time ago for me ::though she still looks pale; glares at maeve:: Do you *have* to do that?
Maeve34 : MV: :::shrugs::: Just making sure he was still breathing.
YarnKittymon : TY: ::opens his eyes slowly, turning to look at Maeve, vaguely frightened; doesn't speak::
Maeve34 : MV: :::smiles and waves:::
Quantum Catz : BM: ::softly, to Toby:: You okay?
Maeve34 : MV: :::looks over to Mercy::: Do you have any idea on where to start our search?
YarnKittymon : TY: ::looks at Becky, frowning, then back at Maeve, not getting up:: *What* search?
Quantum Catz : BM: ::quietly:: She's offered to help the girl find her mother
YarnKittymon : TY: ::groans softly::
Maeve34 : MV: I'll be back in a little while. Unless you two want to tag along.
Quantum Catz : BM: ::wryly:: Yeah, cos that's just how *I* wanted to start the day
Maeve34 : MV: Well fine, then dont come along. You two can stay here and rest.
YarnKittymon : TY: ::sits up, ruffling his hair:: I guess we gotta help?
Maeve34 : MV: :::frowns:: You dont have to do anything. I can handle it if you two arent up to it.
YarnKittymon : TY: ::raises his eyebrows:: Who's gonna get killed?
Maeve34 : MV: :::puts her hands on her hips::: What kind of question is that! We are going to look for her mother... and I am certainly not going to kill her!
Quantum Catz : BM: ::darkly:: Innocent bystander then?
YarnKittymon : TY: No fire?
Maeve34 : MV: :::pouts::: Now when have I ever injured anyone that was "innocent"! :::pauses::: Since I met you.
Maeve34 : MV: Fire? what fire? I know of no fire. :::grins:::
Quantum Catz : BM: ::under her breath:: Did you pause to look back when you threw the fireball yesterday?
Maeve34 : MV: :::frowns::: Ummm. no....
Quantum Catz : BM: Big surprise ::stands up, brushing her hand through her hair::
Maeve34 : MV: :::shrugs:::
YarnKittymon : TY: ::gets up too, straightening his clothes:: Then I guess we'd better get going.
Maeve34 : MV: ::::rolls her eyes:: Fine. Then lets go. :::looks down at Mercy::: Do you know where your mother was going last? To work?
Quantum Catz : BM: ::glares at Maeve for her lack of concern about her fireballs::
YarnKittymon : : ::brightly:: She works in the ballpark.
Maeve34 : MV: :::she turns a little pale and gulps::: Oh no. No way.
YarnKittymon : TY: ::frowns:: You think...
Maeve34 : MV: :::throws her hands up in there, already expecting the worst::: Of course! Why not! Not one hour can go by without something going disasterously wrong!!!
Quantum Catz : BM: ::winces; softly:: Good thing that guy tried to protect her from your revenge...or you'd've *killed* her...
YarnKittymon : : ::Mercy looks up at them, wide-eyed:: Do you know my mom?
Maeve34 : MV: :::her eyes widen::: What guy?
YarnKittymon : TY: ::under his breath:: The one who was protecting her.
Quantum Catz : BM: ::smiles rather sardonically:: Now you want to know, do you?
Maeve34 : MV: :::she turns even paler and looks down at Mercy, her face full of concern and guilt::: Oh god Mercy, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to. It just happened!
Maeve34 : MV: :::gasps:: But the guy? He's alright isn't he?
YarnKittymon : : ::the girl looks astonished:: What are you talking about?
YarnKittymon : TY: ::shrugs:: I think he's alive.
Maeve34 : MV: :::Anxiously::: What happened to that woman then?
Quantum Catz : BM: ::shrugs:: We had to look for you...
YarnKittymon : : ::Mercy steps closer to the door:: Will you help me?
Maeve34 : MV: :::bites her lip for a moment and then nods::: Yes, of course. :::looks to the two of them::: You guys dont have to come. Maybe it would be better if you didn't.

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