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It's Thursday, July 26, 1928, a sunny but surprisingly cold day, which is good for the play's business. It's only a few days after"unpleasantness" at the Madison Estate, and you're frankly not sure if you'll be arrested in the near future. So you might be a little startled when a boy you've never met asks your name. No matter what you answer, he hands you an envelope, and then goes on his way. Your name is written on the envelope, with no indication who it's from. There is a card inside, hand-written, in a man's writing, and it reads:

Please tune your radio to WOR 710 at 5:12 PM tonight. I apologize in advance; I had to streamline the broadcast for economy and length. However, if its shortcomings is the only thing you hold against me, after all I've done, my heart will be joyful indeed. Take care.

The ever-penitent,

Donald Quinn 

If you confer with any of your friends from the former Freak Show, you'll find each received the same card, although Maeve's and Becky's are a little different. Maeve's reads:

Dearest Maeve,

Perhaps if you have a sense of humor, or if you're simply bored, you may have some interest in listening to my program on WOR 710 at about 5:12 PM this evening. Please listen, if you can bring yourself to, and please don't be offended. I mean absolutely no harm by any of it; in fact, I hope to do some good, somehow.

Please come visit again soon; seeing you is a great comfort, even if you can no longer care for me. Know that you are the dearest thing in the world to me, and likely will be, for all eternity. I deserve nothing from you, of course; I deserve nothing but to die alone, and swiftly. But still...if you can find it in your heart...please come. Let me at least apologize to you another time.

I love you.


Assuming Becky opened the card without realizing who it was from, and read it even upon seeing the signature, hers is the same as the standard one everyone else received, but there is a post-script:

P.S.: Is it true that people are reborn as different creatures after they die, and the creature they become is based on if they were good or not? If that's the case, you'll probably be scraping me off of your shoe soon enough, as I'll certainly be a slug or an ant or a cockroach. So maybe life is fair in the end after all.

Libby's nowhere to be found among all of this mess, but she does have a crystal radio in her room, if anyone's interested in tuning in.

And if you do...

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