Sample Character Profile:

This is NOT real! If you copy the information here it will make a boring character, but if your character happens to have something in common with Jay, that is OK.

Personal info:
*First name (or used nickname): Jay
*Character abbreviation:
*Full name/real name: James Beagat
(as of February 10, 1928): 26
Birthday: June 12, 1901

Physical description:
*Hair: Black, slicked-back, fairly short
Usually wears a sports jacket and jazz pants, with a raccoon coat in winter. Sometimes wears a surprisingly worn-out felt hat. Also wears black Oxford shoes.
Wears a women's ruby ring on his pinky finger.
*Ethnicity: Mother's parents from Germany. Father born in Sweden but came to America at the age of 4. Jay was born in the United States.
*Longer physical description:
Jay is a strong-looking man, with quite a tan. He often looks angry, and paces a lot.

Character traits:
*Powers and talents: Has exceptional strength; can kick holes through concrete
*Character type:
Likes: Dogs
Roller coasters
Kind of a rude man, and hard to get close to
Strengths: Would do anything for a friend; is a hard worker
Has a crush on Amelia Earhart; tends to get kidnapped a lot
Keeps his dead sister's ring on his pinkie finger. (She was a handsome woman.)
*Originally from:
Occupation: Stock broker/bootlegger
Any information about his/her past that anyone wants to share:
Jay grew up in the country but moved to New York to try to win back the heart of his childhood sweetheart. Now he dabbles in the stock market and bootlegging liquor, and is rather wealthy.

Favorite color: Red
Favorite food:
Favorite leisure-time activities:
Swimming, driving



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