Character profile:

The starred fields are required. The rest are optional, but please try to fill out as many as possible. It will make your character more real to you, which will make him/her more real to the other players. (Besides, I find it fun to do, myself.) "Friends/Relatives" will likely be hard to do before the beginning of "Freak Show," unless you've met with another player/character (not Julie/Libby) before the official start and decided you will be friends. Don't worry; hopefully we'll be friends in time.

Only the first two categories (Personal info and Physical description) will be posted to the website until you choose to reveal the rest, so feel free to type whatever you want in the other categories, and I will keep it a secret. If you want anything besides the first two categories posted, just let me know. You may e-mail me at any time to modify any information (whether it's been posted to the website or not), though it's probably bad form to change a character's eye color midway through the yarn, since it might confuse other players.

If your character is too powerful, we can try to come up with some weaknesses or restrictions for him/her to have. I don't want anyone to have too much of an advantage. (Libby might seem too powerful, but she's there to help players out, so don't be too hard on her.)

Here is a sample. Please look at it first to answer any questions that might come up (such as what I'm looking for in the descriptions).

Personal info:
*First name (or used nickname):
*Character abbreviation:
*Full name/real name:
(as of February 10, 1928):

Physical description:

*Longer physical description:

Character traits:
*Powers and talents:
*Character type:
(Average, Strength, or Speed; see the fight section for descriptions).
*Originally from:
Any information about his/her past that anyone wants to share:
(doesn't have to be much; just enough to convince me he/she HAS a past)

Favorite color:
Favorite food:
Favorite leisure-time activities:



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