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Pokémon Contest

The Pokémon contest is over! (circa 1999)

I only got 13 entries, and I said there would be at least 15 if you didn't enter (and if you actually wanted to win), don't you feel silly? ^_^

Yeah, everyone won. How boring. Next time I won't have so many winners (but I myself am notoriously bad at contests--in 2 1/2 years of entering TASS (my Anime club) drawings, I've won ONCE, and that was at a time when my odds of winning were better than my odds of not winning. EVERYONE else who goes to as many screenings as I go to has won SOMETHING more... ^^;

Anyway, here's the answers if you want to see who everyone was dressed up as. The winners of sketches (half of whom are friends/acquaintances of mine ^^;) are:

Adam Kouzmanoff
Elaine Fair
Jeff Kouzmanoff
Steven Ganske
Sarrah Phipps
Jeff Wikstrom
Stephen Cole
Michelle McKinley

And the winner of the main prize is (selected by writing all the names on slips of paper and drawing them out of the shiny Pokéball my gold-plated Pikachu card came in)... Pikachu? Oh, wait, that's wrong...let's's...Michelle McKinley!

I've e-mailed all the winners so they can confirm what they would like me to draw and give me their addresses. Thanks for playng, everyone, and I'll have another contest (one which will apply to ALL my comics...somehow...) sometime in the future!