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This installment dated 1/7/00. Check back every Friday for a new installment! (Really!) something like 1 AM, right as I was nearly done shading this week's "Mark and Jenny," my computer froze up (I really need a new one--anyone want to buy me one? ^_-), and refused to restart. After I tried about a million things, I tried unplugging the scanner from the computer, and that got it to start up at least...(and got it working again after a few false starts...). Then I switched my SCSI cable around (sometimes that helps ^^;) and remounted my scanner, so I *think* it works... I really hope I won't have to unplug the scanner EVERY TIME I start up this computer... ^^;

Random link of the week:

Out of Fika (now vanished) I've always heard them called pork *rinds*... Now I've just gotta get my lazy self to update my links page. ^_^;

Next time: I drew out three or four plans, but they'll need some tweaking, at least... See you next Friday! (I hope...)

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