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This installment dated 1/14/00. Check back every Friday for a new installment! (Really!)

"Mark and Jenny" will probably switch days it's uploaded (I have homework due and quizzes just about every Friday this semester ^^;). I can't have much of an idea of which day it will move to until I get a full week of school, though (school started on a *Wednesday* this semester). Anyway, stay tuned. ^_^

I still want a new computer; mine's crashing with an alarming frequency... ^^; Although it hasn't messed up at all during this update to "Mark and Jenny" (knock on wood). I *think* that's all I have to say... Oh, I want an electric eraser, too. (Maybe if I just tied an eraser to the end of my Sonicare toothbrush? ^_-) And one of those nifty staplers you can use to staple things wider than a piece of notebook paper with. I think that's all...

Oh, yeah, I'm going to try my best to get my prize pictures (minus the big colored one...::sweatdrops::) drawn this weekend, hopefully sent out Tuesday....we'll see if it HAPPENS or not... ^^;;;;;

And I was half-heartedly debating putting up a "Mark and Jenny" poll up here to change every time I feel like it. What do you think? (I'd at least have fun with a 'favorite character poll...' ...but then, I like polls. ^_^ Although after taking a Statistics class and a Sociological Methods class this semester, I might change my mind... ^_-;;;)

Random link of the week: Japanese pencil boards...if you want pictures, or want to know what the heck a pencil board *is,* check it out. ^_-

Next time: Still got more plans, but since I've come up with at least two separate story arcs for this... ^^; See you next Friday (almost for sure ^_^;)...

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