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This installment dated 1/28/00 (part four of four).

Okay, by now you're probably wondering what the heck's going on. Nothing exciting or anything--next week, we'll be back to just one page a week again (no way in the world could I keep this pace up ^_^;;;). This was simply my M.O.M. entry for the month; the topic was "Writing On The Tombstone". I was going to make this a separate side story, but I managed to put it into the current story arc...Then I thought it would be rather pathetic to submit the whole thing to the M.O.M. and have it up there where anyone could view it, but spend four weeks to put it up on my own three extra pages this week. ^_^ Such a feat will likely never be repeated...or, at best, very very rarely. ^_^;

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I changed my shading method after the first page of this installment--I used sixteen grays instead of just black and white. My computer was annoyed, but it didn't explode, and it seems to print out as well or better than the other method (I'm meaning to print them out so I can make copies; I like to have hard copies...). So I'll probably keep it up. (And remember to do the neck shading dark enough so it can be seen; it came out in the third page, but got lost in the fourth... ^_^;;;).

Random link of the week:

The Fate Of A Child: Tsuwabuki Mitsuru Why do I always link to Utena sites? ^^;;; But he's a cute little kid. ^_^

Next time: Unless something really goes weird, I *think* Jenny will finally get to come back. ^_^; See you next Friday!

This is page 4 of Arc 8-Diversion. (91 pages cumulative.)