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This installment dated 2/18/00. Check back every Friday for a new installment! (Really!)

Hope you TV viewers out there are enjoying the February Kill-o-rama going on in your favorite shows... (killing characters is always a good way to boost ratings...) Looks to me like Maude Flanders and Lucy Knight will *both* be forgotten by the time the next episodes of their respective series ("The Simpsons" and "ER") roll around, though...(well, the preview for the next ER looked like they'd forgotten Lucy, but then, there's just so much ANGST they can throw in about her death (guilt trips, etc.), I really can't imagine them letting her go *that* easy...) I'm still ticked that they seem to be killing off all the good-hearted (or bad-hearted...?) people on ER--first Lucy's beloved heart transplant patient, now her...what next, are they going to kill puppies?

Yeah, I'm bored. Could you tell?

Random link of the week:

Do-It-Yourself Odango I don't have enough hair to do this (it's *long* enough for Miaka's, anyway, but the buns'd wind up the size of marbles, or maybe those little rubber balls you get in machines...) but if you want to have Sailor Moon or Miaka hair, here's how!

Next time: No plan, no plan, la la la la la la!... (But I can say that despite it being sweeps month, I'm not planning on killing anyone issue, anyway... ^_-) See you next Friday!

This is page 3 of Arc 9-Driving Insane. (94 pages cumulative.)