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This installment dated 3/3/00.

I'm getting annoyed; my computer is trying to die on me. t_t I think my zip drive just died....I only ask for the thing to hold out 'til May (but now maybe I'll have to buy a new computer *and* a new Zip drive and scanner...unless I get a USB/SCSI adapter and see if Mom will let me have her SCSI zip drive (mine's internal).... Life would be so much cheaper if I wasn't hooked on the Mac...

Oh, speaking of months, Spring Break is coming up, and I'm going to be both out of town and away from my computer throughout the duration. So if I get ahead on "Mark and Jenny," you'll get two installments next Friday (and then none the one after that). If I'm not ahead, you'll get one installment next Friday and one probably the 20th or 21st of March, then business as usual. In case you cared.

Random link of the week:

Kendra's Diary I feel like a terrible person reading it, for some reason...but it's Kendra! And it looks like Kendra wants people to read Kendra's diary... (look, Kendra; no pronouns! ^_-) It would probably be a lot more fun if Kendra would make up stuff, though (I think a lot of people do that in their diaries...I tried one of those things, but I wrote it as a character, and it lasted something like a week...but then, I have my free talks to keep me occupied... ^_^)

Next time: I drew plans. I'm a jerk, huh? See you next Friday!

This is page 5 of Arc 9-Driving Insane. (96 pages cumulative.)