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This installment dated 7/14/00 (page 2 of 2).

Yeah, yeah, late again...sorry....I meant to maybe make three pages for this week to make up for it, but...well...I'm lazy. ^^; I also didn't have a good pen for the first page...^^;;;

Random link of the week: Would you believe they play MUSIC in the mornings sometimes? (Sorry; that's a rarity in Phoenix radio...) They have affiliates all over, and the music's not bad...

Next time: .... See you next Friday! (well, barring work, but so far I've been assigned three days of temporary work this summer, so I don't *think* I'll be working so hard that I can't get stuff done, but who knows......)

This is page 18 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (114 pages cumulative.)