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This installment dated 9/22/00.

I'm sorry--I failed to update last Friday because I had a paper due. And I think updates may continue to be sporadic for a little while; I'm kind of under a lot of stress. For one thing, Simplenet was bought by Yahoo! a while back, and changes in hosting plans offered are forcing me to find a new host for my site. (That means a URL change, but I'll get my own domain name, so this should be the last URL change I ever make...I will keep everyone posted and hopefully once I move have poitner pages for a month or two...).

I have other problems, would be wrong to go into *too* much detail, but...I'll just say a little. ^^; Okay, imagine that Mark got a roommate. This roommate loved a cat he picked up from the street, and refuses to let the cat outdoors. This cat hisses at Hun, as well as Maria's cat, and urinates on the floor of Mark's house at least once a day. The roommate almost never cleans it up, and even though Mark's maid (well, not really, but...) has cleaned up and Mark has never had to, he's probably still annoyed that the roommate doesn't take responsibility....

ANYWAY. Yeah, that was wrong of me too, but I don't care. The way it works out, Mark's roommate is supposedly leaving within a week or two (that's a whole new rant in and of itself, and Julie will stay away from it.) But still.

Besides, I obviously made at least one bug or mosquito *very* happy today; I've got no less than 7 (it may be 8; I can't see all the way around my arm) bug bites on my arm near my elbow. I figure tomorrow I'll be so puffed up I can't even get into my own shirts...

AND my paintbrush is a piece of garbage with all its bristles all messed up. (Well, okay, my mom paid for it, but...)

Oh--I *did* get an 'A' on the paper, at least. (See the second paragraph above if you've forgotten what I was talking about ^_^;).

And the darkening of the background means nothing, except I was having trouble reading my white type over it. HONEST.

Random link of the week: Newsradio and the Comedic Art It'll be over 'most everyone's heads (I, not being a major in film, didn't get it all myself), but it was still a lot of fun to hear the series treated seriously. (Did you know it's going to be on A&E in October? That kind of makes me mad; I miss it from syndication...but at least I finally have cable now...I'll have to tape them all. ^_^)

Next time: .....yeah, next week's will probably be late too. ^^;;; Optimistic, aren't I? ^^;;;;; Still, I hope to see you soon, maybe even next Friday. ^_^;

This is page 27 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (123 pages cumulative.)