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This installment dated 10/27/00. Scroll down for links to art!

Even before first off, I drew a Halloween pic of most of the main players of the series. (was on my index page until whenever I get this HTML update done 3.18.02) Looky!

So first off, the Anime reference in the last panel is to the series Trigun. You can buy a good deal of the series in your local Suncoast or other large video-selling store. It's hilarious and sweet, one of the better Animes out there. At least, I think that having seen only half the series... (But in brief, the protagonist, Vash the Stampede, who seems to be a really nice guy, received his nickname because destruction tends to follow him around, and there's a six billion double-dollar (it's another planet; long story) reward on his head. I actually put the Anime reference in because someone told me I should put more in...but it's a series I don't think that person has seen...^^;;;

Second off, sorry I didn't update last week. You probably can guess at least part of the reason, especially if you have younger brothers or sisters. I DID have a test the next day, though... I was also doing this picture for a friend. Unless Kendra's still reading this, I doubt any of my readers will get the reference, and, in fact, I suggest you not look at it unless you're familiar with BOTH the series "Revolutionary Girl Utena" AND "Pokémon". It is a pun, but I did it for a friend's birthday, so I guess that's not all bad...

Random link of the week: MAKE A LITTLE LIGHT BULB IN YOUR SOUL may not be the most comprehensive site out there, but it has exceprts of an interview with the manga artist, and a bit of basic information. (Plus the title's really cool. ^_^) Check the Anipike if you want more info on the series...

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday. ^_^;

This is page 31 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (127 pages cumulative.)