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This installment dated 1/26/01.

I did get all my work done last week, somehow....grumble grumble--today my computer just decided to eat memory when I inked this...maybe I need to ink off the computer......but it doesn't come out worse than when I use a brush...I could've tried a Uniball pen...^^;;;;

Random link of the week: Sting.BrandNewSite (now offline 3.23.02) You have to look a while to find, you know, anything in English, and, well, I'm not even a Sting fan, so...^^;;; But this Hungarian site had what I could not find (MIA 3.23.02) on any English site, nor could I find it on VH1 (sure, they'll still play "Superman" every hour on the hour, and two Bon Jovi songs in 30 wasn't quite what I was looking for, but at least it showed me the hat ^^;;; Ah well; maybe next week....

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday, if that's when I update next...^_^;;;

This is page 6 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (139 pages cumulative.)