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More of my random thoughts (re: strips) below.

This installment dated 6/22/01.

Hmm...most people don't care or are mildly positive, so, unless I completely change my mind, looks like "Mark and Jenny" will be a strip for a while. Odds are, I'll change the page layout (aiee!) at least a little, so that the strip is on the index page, like most daily/weekly comics do it.

Oh, and I'm still getting used to doing my lettering big enough for it to be easy to read; please bear with me.

Random link of the week: None at the moment; I was gonna try to dig one up, but AOL forcibly quit on me, and then insisted I needed to restart my computer to do silly things like browse the Internet. Sorry. (I dunno about this feature if I manage to do a thrice weekly strip, either; it's hard enough to come up with *one* good link a week...^^;;;)

This is strip 4 of Arc 12-???. (4 strips cumulative.)