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This installment dated 7/4/01 (happy Independence Day!).

I give a round of applause to several U of A advisors; I was on campus for my brother's orientation and the advisors were helpful. A certain general education department was worthless as usual (you always have to make appointments a week in advance--no more, no less, and you have to get there or call early in the morning to get an appointment--and the last time I went, I checked in with the receptionist, who called my advisor, and the advisor didn't come out until I asked the receptionist to call the advisor AGAIN--the advisor had just forgotten about me!) interim East Asian Studies advisor (my minor), and the Creative Writing advisor (my major), and the Sociology appointment-maker person who went out of her way to do my degree check (my other major) were all very helpful. It sounds like I'm getting a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in East Asian Studies (?) and a degree in Sociology with a minor in Creative Writing, with a minor in East Asian Studies. The mind boggles, and that wasn't a typo.

Random Wednesday link: Wanna see my page? Of course, all those 'fics are on my webpage too...^^;

This is strip 8 of Arc 12-???. (8 strips cumulative.)