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This installment dated 10/22/99.

This isn't exactly what it looks like. ^^; I'd blame it on watching too much Utena, but I swear, I had this idea WAY before I saw that series (well, I've just seen the first 13 episodes). Beware the freaky spinning rose...

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY CONTEST! (now ended) You can win art! I'll be sad if no one enters, so please give it a shot, okay?

Maybe I'll buy a new paintbrush today....(they're supposed to last for years and years if you take care of them, but the one I have now wasn't very expensive to begin with, and no, I probably don't take good care of it...)

Character descriptions are up too. (contains spoilers if you haven't read up to this installment)

Random link of the week:

Pika Pika Cosplay Gallery Some weird stuff (too many sexy Pika-girls ^^;) but I figured it went along with the contest. ^_^

Next time: I said, it's not what it looks like! ^^; It'll all be explained next time. ^_^; See you next Friday!

This is page 9 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (74 pages cumulative.)