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Here you will find documentation of past events, unedited for grammar.

NEW - This page is now split up into older and newer adventures!

1928 - 1931

1932 - 1937

This page will show you when what adventure was uploaded, so you can better keep track of what you've read and what you haven't.


Main adventures: (it is helpful if you read these)
Done on AIM with a group (usually the regular Saturday meetings). These are often important, and there's a good chance that even if your character wasn't there for that adventure, someone else has told him or her what happened. So you should probably read these.

Supplementary adventures: (reading these is optional, though some characters may talk about these events (if they do, ask them to explain what happened, in-character!)
AIM (two-player):
Done on AIM with two players. If you weren't one of them, you probably don't need to read it unless you'd like to. Your character might have a vague idea of the events, but probably doesn't know the details. Might contain spoilers.
Done on the Yarniverse Venura messageboards. If you weren't one of the players involved, your characters most likely don't need to know what happened. Unless it's a major event, your character might not even know about it. Might contain spoilers.
NOW ON VENURA: Done on the Yarniverse Venura messageboards (links off-site) but still in progress, so just included here for the sake of completeness. If you follow their links you'll leave the Freak Show page. If you read them now, they may be unfinished, and will be full of spoilers from side conversations. They'll be put up here in their entirety when they play out (minus the side talks). If you weren't one of the players involved, your characters most likely don't need to know what happened. WILL contain spoilers.
Written by one person, most likely, regarding his or her character or characters. May be a back story to explain the character; usually, your character won't know much, if anything, about what happens here. Might contain spoilers.


Each player gets his/her own color for his/her character's text. (I darken some for the archives to make them easier to read.)

Julie (Libby): Ugly orange
Cheryl (Ethan): Green
Heather (Erin): Blue
Cleo (Alex): Purple
JopDance (Jasmine): Brown
Caroline (Becky): Pink
Fraser (John): Gray
Maggie (Maeve): Red
Ashley (Aldez): Dark blue
Chris (Niklaus): Turquoise

1928 - 1931

1932 - 1937

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