~Monday, August 19, 1935~

yarnkittymon: :  ::though it's a warm day, Isaac and Maeve can make out rather black smoke coming up from the chimney of their house as they approach the front door::

quantumcatz: IS: ::can't help but think of the fires in Libby's shop and the tavern and breaks into a run to get in there without even thinking::

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen, and she chases after him:: Isaac! Wait! Let me go in first!

yarnkittymon: :  ::when they get inside, they can't see any flames in the fireplace, just a lot of smoke, a bit of which is hanging about in the living room.  Josh has his head in the fireplace, however--doesn't hear Maeve and Isaac come in::

quantumcatz: IS: ::feels relief at the lack of fire but still runs over to his brother:: Josh, what are you doing?

maeveowens: MV: ::she looks rather relieved as well as she comes in. She leaves the door open, and goes over to open the windows as well, hoping to get the smoke out::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::pulls his head out of the fireplace, where there's a smouldering pile of slow-burning wood; his face is black with soot, but he's smiling--a smile which fades quickly when he realizes all the trouble he must be in; softly::

yarnkittymon: Practicing.  Maeve, don't worry about the smoke.  ::stands up and reaches out with his hands, turning the smoke into the smell of chocolate as he goes::

maeveowens: MV: ::she raises an eyebrow at him before she turns to close the windows.::

quantumcatz: IS: ::takes a deep breath to try and rid himself of the panic he felt, even if it was only for a moment::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::continues his work of cleaning the air, staying unusually silent::

maeveowens: MV: ::stands there stiffly, waiting for someone to say something::

quantumcatz: IS: ::finally says:: Was everything okay while we were gone?

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods, then clears his throat; quietly::  I want to be a fireman when I'm grown.

quantumcatz: IS: Where did that come from? ::although he can probably guess why Josh got the idea::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::looks down; quietly::  Eli said I shouldn't be mad at you for risking your life to help others...and I want to help people too.  ::looks up for a moment::  I know I'm not very strong, but I can keep the smoke from hurting me.

maeveowens: MV: ::softly:: What about the fire, Josh? It's just as deadly... ::she winces, and looks away::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::still in a low voice::  Most people die from the smoke, though.  And if I get burned a little, Isaac or Toby can help me.

quantumcatz: IS: Well, you know, you could get burned a lot - it's not an easy job

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods soberly, looking up at Isaac::  I know it's dangerous--and I know I could die.  But I can work to get stronger, and I'm sure the firemen can teach me how to be safe.

quantumcatz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Well, I guess you've really thought about this

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::finally smiles a tiny bit, and nods::  I'll still go to school; don't worry.

quantumcatz: IS: You'd better

maeveowens: MV: ::she doesn't know what to say so she quietly heads up to the room so she can put away their things, giving her at least something to do.::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::quietly::  I'd better go wash my face, huh?

quantumcatz: IS: ::holds out his arms for a hug:: Come here

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::smiles brightly at Isaac, like he used to do when he was younger, and hugs his brother tightly::

quantumcatz: IS: I know I put you through a lot sometimes when i go off on these 'adventures' but i do love you

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods, his smile growing smaller::  I love you too.  And Eli told me I was just being selfish, besides.

quantumcatz: IS:: ::laughs:: subtle as always. You weren't being selfish, i'd've been worried too if it was the other way round

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::smiles::  Your trip went all right...right?

quantumcatz: IS: ::looks a bit worried as he thinks of jack but nods: yeah, it went fine

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::smiles::  Good.  I still don't understand why *you* had to be the one to go, though.

quantumcatz: IS: Jack's my friend, i wanted to help him, and i wanted to be there for maeve - i'm sure you'd do the same for your friends if you had to

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::laughs softly::  Are you sure it wasn't more for Maeve than for Jack?

quantumcatz: IS: ::laughs weakly:: Maybe just a bit

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::flashes a grin at Isaac, then hurries to the bathroom to get washed up::


quantumcatz: JK: ::is quiet for most of the journey home, and as soon as they get back to town he says his goodbyes and heads straight for home::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::is sitting in the front room that afternoon, looking out the window, and worried about Jack, Maeve, and her family's fiscal solvency, only half-minding Milo.  When she sees Jack coming towards the door, she stares for a few moments, then rushes out and greets him with a hug::  Jack!

quantumcatz: JK: ::smiles weakly as he hugs her back:: Hey

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::trying to sound stern, though her voice shakes a little, ruining the effect::  I was almost starting to worried you were gone for good.  After those fires, we don't have any legit income, and aside from me and Milo, you don't have anything worth coming back for, now.

quantumcatz: JK: ::softly:: Sorry, I got held up in Gate Town - i didn't mean to worry you

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::looks a little surprised at Jack's demeanor; quietly::  I wish you would've written.  Did you fall into some trouble?

quantumcatz: JK: Yeah, kind of - but it's sorted now

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::rests her head against Jack's shoulder; softly::  And I can't even scold you for it, because that's all the money we have coming in...

quantumcatz: JK: ::wearily::  Can we get inside - i could do with sittin' down

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods, pulling back, though keeping ahold of Jack's hand, and leading him over to the couch; once they're seated, softly says::  What happened, Jack?

quantumcatz: JK: It doesn't matter - i'll be alright in a bit

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::in a low voice::  I can't remember the last time I saw you this way, Jack.  Is it it doesn't matter, or you don't want to tell me?

maeveowens: ML: ::makes a soft gurgling noise::

quantumcatz: JK: ::looks over towards Milo, smiling weakly, though he shudders slightly as he's reminded of the way he reacted to everything with Sig::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::winds her arm around Jack's, leaning close to him::  Jack...

quantumcatz: JK: ::softly:: I'm not....I don't want to end up like... ::sighs and covers his hands with his face::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::leans closer to Jack, murmuring::  Don't want to end up like what?

quantumcatz: JK: ::shudders again:: I threatened this girl and I...at the time I...was so angry I just.... ::clenches his fists::

maeveowens: ML: ::his happy gurgling comes to an abrupt halt, and he looks up at his father quizzically:: 

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::her eyes go wide, and she looks up at Jack::  You didn't...

quantumcatz: JK: ::closes his eyes:: She's fine

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::suddenly stands, picking up Milo::  What was I thinking, sweetheart?  It's well past time for your nap.

maeveowens: ML: ::he makes another gurgling noise as one small fist reaches up for her face. He's grinning, though he probably wouldn't be if he knew where he was going at the moment::

quantumcatz: JK: ::trembles when Libby gets up but doesn't say anything else::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::looks back at Jack; softly::  I'll be right back.  ::goes to tuck little Milo in for his nap::

quantumcatz: JK: ::feels tears spring to his eyes at the thought of life with his father, but forces himself to stop. Stands up and moves over to the window, looking out with his hands clenched tightly::

maeveowens: ML: ::he fusses some, but is otherwise too tired to protest, and is soon fast asleep::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::comes back out as soon as Milo stops fussing, and walks over to Jack, lightly putting an arm around him, silently::

quantumcatz: JK: ::doesn't say anything::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  I'm sure you wouldn't have hurt her.

quantumcatz: JK: ::sighs:: i'm not

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::frowns; quietly::  Well, the girl must have been doing something pretty terrible, then, to get you so upset.

quantumcatz: JK: ::winces::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::frowns; quietly::  You can talk to me, Jack.

quantumcatz: JK: ::softly:: she was the only leverage i had

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::runs a hand over Jack's back a few times; softly::  So you had no choice.

quantumcatz: JK: i don't know

yarnkittymon: LB:  What happened, Jack?

quantumcatz: JK: ::emotionlessly:: He held me hostage...and when i got away, a part of me just wanted him to feel as helpless as me

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::her eyes go wide, and she doesn't say anything::

quantumcatz: JK: ::sighs:: I'll be fine in a bit

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::draws nearer to Jack; softly::  I love you.

quantumcatz: JK: I love you too

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::after a pause; softly::  Do you think it would help you to...you know...go straight?

quantumcatz: JK: That's my life - i've never known anything else

yarnkittymon: LB:  There has to be *something* else...Jack, that's the only job you have right now, and I don't like to think that our whole household depends on *that*.

quantumcatz: JK: I...I don't want to think about it just now...okay?

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods; after a few moments, softly::  We have enough for the next two months' mortgage.

quantumcatz: JK: I'll sort something out - we'll be fine

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::softly::  If there's anyone who can take care of us, it's you.

quantumcatz: JK: ::softly:: I could do with some sleep, i think i'm going to go to bed

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::nods, looking rather tired herself::  Good night, then.

quantumcatz: JK: ::sighs and heads for the bedroom, feeling exhausted::

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