~Saturday, June 27, 1936~

Julie GU:  ::knocks on the door to Isaac's house a bit before noon, looking rather frightened::

Maggie MV: ::There are times, mostly when she isn't around Olivia, when she's been completely unresponsive, forgetful and over the past two days a bit dizzy. She's down in the kitchen right now, having just fed Olivia and is hanging on to the counter for dear life. She ignores the knocking::

Quantum Catz IS: ::has been getting more worried about Maeve over the past few days, hesitates to answer the door when he sees how weak Maeve is::

Julie :  ::the knocks continue, and then suddenly stop::

Maggie MV:  ::she's been losing weight as well, and she doesn't even seem to be aware that Isaac is even in the room::

IS: ::tries to heal her, as he has done every time she's looked weak or ill::

Maggie MV: ::the paleness doesn't leave but she doesn't look like she's ready to fall out of the chair anymore::

:  ::the front door suddenly opens, and Guy calls out from the doorway, rather hoarsely::  Maeve?

Maggie MV: ::she glances towards the doorway but doesn't feel inclined to answer::

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates and then, with a glance at Maeve, leaves her to see Guy:: What's wrong?

GU:  ::softly::  Maeve...is she...

Quantum Catz IS: ::frowns:: She's in the kitchen and she's not feeling very well

Julie GU:  ::quickly walks towards the kitchen, stopping still when he sees that Maeve is upright::

Quantum Catz IS: ::follows Guy:: Are you okay?

Julie OL:  ::the baby's sobs can be heard from her cradle::

GU:  ::grabs Isaac's arm, shaking his head, and moving towards the living room again, trying to pull Isaac with him::

Maggie MV: ::she pokes at a glass sitting on the table, becoming rather fascinated as it wobbles but doesn't spill. So she pokes it again::

Quantum Catz IS: ::moves with Guy though he keeps looking back at Maeve::

Julie GU:  ::clears his throat, swallowing hard; leans close to Isaac; softly::  I couldn't find her.

Quantum Catz IS: :ales a bit:: Nothing's...i mean, she's been tired and...distant...but she hasn't...

Maggie MV: :pokes the glass a little harder, this time making it spill. She watches as the water pours off the table, finding it much more important than silencing Olivia's cries::

Julie GU:  ::shakes his head::  If she's still breathing, there's hope, as far as I know.

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates, then, trying not to think of the implication in Guys words:: I need to see to Olivia

Julie GU:  ::nods; quietly::  Should I bring the doctor?

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates:: I've tried healing Maeve, she gets a little better and then she goes to the same. ::sighs, looking tired:: And Livvy doesnt seem happy unless she's with her

Julie GU:  Does the baby help her?

Maggie MV: ::she pokes at the glass, causing it to roll of the table and shatter on the floor. She doesn't move or show any kind of emotion over it::

Julie GU:  ::jumps at the sound of the glass breaking, and checks the kitchen to make sure Maeve hasn't been cut::

Quantum Catz IS: ::frowns at Guy's question, remembering that Maeve does seem a bit more lively when with their daughter; jumps when he hears the glass break and runs through to Maeve; softly:: Maeve, why don't we go up and see Olivia?

Maggie MV: ::shrugs and reaches out to nudge a piece of glass with her shoe, liking how the light catches on the edges.::

Quantum Catz IS: ::Tries to gently lead Maeve up the stairs::

Maggie MV: ::she frowns, not wanting to go up the stairs and away from the pretty glass. She stops, trying to turn back towards the table::

Julie GU:  ::softly::  Maybe you should bring the baby down here.

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates, not wanting to leave Maeve, and then goes up the stairs to Olivia::

Julie OL:  ::is still fussing and crying::

GU:  ::tries to pull Maeve away from the glass so he can sweep it up::

Maggie MV: ::she frowns when she's once again taken away from the pretty glass and allows Guy to lead her back a few steps. Her expression suddenly goes blank as she no longer recognizes the room around her. She turns, and starts to walk out the door::

Quantum Catz IS: :picks her up and tries to quieten her as he brings her downstairs::

Julie OL:  ::calms a bit as Isaac moves her::

Julie GU:  ::was going for the broom and dustpan, but looks up and just sees Maeve walking out the door::  Maeve!

Maggie MV; ::she doesn't respond, just keeps walking::

Julie GU:  ::goes running after Maeve, trying to catch her::

Quantum Catz IS: ::reaches the bottom of the stairs with Olivia::

Maggie MV: ::she looks around, frowning, but doesn't pay any attention to Guy::

Julie GU:  ::runs and tries to grab Maeve's arm, no matter how roughly he'd have to do so::

Maggie MV: ::she jerks, and tries to pull away. She suddenly stops struggling and goes into a dead faint::

Quantum Catz IS: ::moves towards Maeve, wanting to catch her but not able to while holding the baby::

GU:  ::can't catch Maeve in time, and she hits the ground pretty hard; he helplessly reaches out to try to take Olivia::

OL:  ::is sobbing by now::

Quantum Catz IS: ::keeps Olivia in his arm as he kneels beside Maeve, holding her while trying to heal Maeve with his other hand::

Maggie MV: ::she comes too, though it's hard to know if it's because of Isaac or Olivia. She groans, blinking, and after a moment brings her gaze up to meet Isaac's. There's a bit more awareness in them; weakly:: What? ::she takes a deep breath, but doesn't try to move::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looking worried:: You fainte

Maggie MV: ::she frowns, looking weak and confused.::

Julie OL:  ::reaches out for her mother::

GU:  ::shakes his head; softly::  Maeve, can you tell us anything?

Maggie MV: ::her eyes focus on Olivia, and this time she'd move to hold her if she had the energy. She doesn't answer Guy, having nothing useful to say::

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve, there's something wrong with you. More than just being tired

Julie OL:  ::is still whimpering softly::

Maggie MV: ::she closes her eyes, moving her head slightly. She has no idea what's wrong or that there even is something wrong::

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: D'you think you can sit up?

Maggie MV: ::she tells him "no" but it's hard to hear her::

Quantum Catz IS: ::rubbing at his eyes; softly, to Olivia:: If you can make her better then tell me how

Julie OL:  ::looks at Isaac, cross-eyed for a moment, reaching out for his nose::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks up at Guy:: Will you take Livvy for a minute and i'll get Maeve up off the floor?

Julie GU:  ::nods, holding the baby, as though he has a bit of experience::

Quantum Catz IS: ::goes to lift Maeve onto the couch::

Julie OL:  ::continues to cry, a bit more with Isaac gone::

MV: ::she tries to put her arms around his neck but they just slide back down to her lap::

Quantum Catz IS: ::it isn't as easy to carry her without her holding onto him but he lifts her and moves back to the house::

Julie GU:  ::follows them in at a close distance::

Maggie MV: ::she takes a fistful of his shirt but that's about the only help she offers, and it's not even truly helpful::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks rather worried but doesn't say anything as he sets her down on the couch::

Maggie MV: ::she lays back and closes her eyes::

Julie GU:  ::holds the child out towards Maeve::

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: Why don't you hold, Olivia for a bit, Maeve?

Maggie MV: ::she opens her eyes when she hears Isaac call her and quickly glances down at the baby. She weakly reaches out to hold the infant::

Julie OL:  ::gets much calmer when she's in her mother's arms; closes her eyes::

Quantum Catz IS: ::relaxes a bit when Olivia quietens down, though still looks concerned for Maeve:: You feeling any better?

Maggie MV: ::gently runs a finger down the baby's face, still completely awed that the infant belongs to her. She looks up at Isaac; softly:: Some.... ::she frowns, confused again, and looks back at the baby::  

Quantum Catz IS: ::sighs:: I don't know how to make you better

OL:  ::reaches out towards Maeve's face::

GU:  ::quietly::  Is there anything I can do?

Maggie MV: ::she smiles and reaches out to gently shake Olivia's hand. After a minute, she looks up at Isaac, frowning:: What do you mean?

Quantum Catz IS: Sometimes it doesn't feel like you're completely with us

Maggie MV: ::she looks back down at Olivia, seeming to ignore it. After a moment; quietly:: How'd I end up outside?

Quantum Catz IS: You ran out and then you fainted - don't you remember?

Maggie MV: ::still sounding a tad weak:: I guess I should ask *why* was I outside? Getting there is rather faint...

Quantum Catz IS: I don't know why, i was upstairs getting Olivia ::glances at Guy::

Julie GU:  ::shakes his head::  You just ran off, Maeve.

Maggie MV: ::she shifts the baby, bringing it closer to her and at the same time revealing a tiny blood stain on the front of her dress::

Quantum Catz IS: ::moves closer to them both when he sees the blood, checking both Maeve and Olivia for cuts::

Julie OL:  ::doesn't have any wounds, though a bit of the blood has transfered onto her own clothing::

Maggie  ::he can't really see the wound unless he unbuttons her dress but if he's lifted her up there's another one on her back, reminiscent of the wounds she received when she died::

MV: ::she frowns, shifting a bit, and trying to curb the desire to itch; softly:: What's wrong?

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: There's a bit of blood on you dress, probably just a scrape ::tries to heal her since he can't unbutton her dress with Guy there and isn't sure he wants to see anyway::

Julie GU:  ::cringes; softly::  Are you sure I shouldn't bring the doctor?

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates, since he knows Maeve won't want a doctor and he isn't sure what the man could do anyway; touches the area where there was blood to see if it's healed::

Maggie MV: ::the blood doesn't get worse but she winces::

Quantum Catz IS: ::winces as well:: I'm not sure what the doctor could do if i can't...

Julie GU:  ::softly::  I'm not sure what anyone can do, but you have a doctor in town.  You'd be a fool not to try everything you can...::looks away::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks at Maeve:: You're not going to fight him if we bring him, are you?

Maggie MV: ::she looks scared, but she hesitates; quietly:: I think you're right.... ::shakes her head::

Julie GU:  ::nods tensely::  I'll fetch him.  ::he looks rather pale and helpless as he slips out::

Quantum Catz IS: ::weakly:: Well at least Livvy seems okay now

MV: ::her eyes widen; softly:: what?

Quantum Catz IS: She was upset, didn't look completely happy till you were holding her

Maggie MV: ::worriedly looks back down at Olivia and runs a finger over her face, trying to figure out what's wrong with her. She winces again, and pokes lightly at the small bloody stain on her dress::

Julie OL:  ::is still fast asleep::

:  ::the doctor comes in, knocking on the doorway::  Mrs. Kindall?

Maggie MV: ::suddenly looks very pale again::

Julie :  ::the doctor tries to smile, though he's rather hesitant to even examine Maeve, after what he's seen her do; quietly::  Let me examine the wounds.  I may be able to stitch them up.

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: I'll take Olivia for a minute

Maggie MV: :;she tenses, and if she could move she'd likely bolt. She looks up at Isaac, but doesn't fight him when he leans down to take Olivia; worriedly and a bit near tears:: If you can't heal it... then...  

Julie OL:  ::fusses again as she's moved::

:  ::the doctor shakes his head; quietly::  I'll do what I can, Mrs. Kindall.

Quantum Catz IS: ::soflty:: Just let him look at it, okay?

Julie GU:  ::bows his head; quietly::  If there's anything more I can do...

Maggie MV: ::she bites her lip, and closes her eyes, silently giving him her consent. And then as if noticing Guy there for the first time, her eyes pop open again:: Guy?

Julie GU:  ::tries to smile, though much of the color has left his face; leans down near Maeve::  Do you need anything?

Maggie MV: ::she frowns:: Why?

GU:  ::shakes his head; quietly::  Just thinking of you.

Maggie MV: ::smiles weakly:: Thanks

Julie GU:  ::doesn't smile back; quietly::  Be strong, Maeve.  ::heads to the door::

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: Thanks, Guy

Julie GU:  ::softly::  Good luck.  I'll light a candle for the both of you.

Maggie MV: ::lifts her hand in farewell and then looks back down at her hand, ignoring the doctor::

:  ::the doctor comes forward and swiftly unbuttons Maeve's dress to check the wound; he stares at it in bewilderment; quietly::  It's scabbed over...is that all you could do, Mr. Kindall?

Maggie MV: ::she bites her lip, holding back a whimper::

Quantum Catz IS: ::winces:: I guess so ::though he reaches out and tries to heal her again:;


::nothing happens to the wound::

Julie :  ::the doctor nods slowly::  If you keep it from bleeding...did she have any other wounds?

IS: I don't know - i don't know where that one came from

Julie :  ::the doctor tries to examine Maeve more thoroughly, and does see the blood on the couch beneath her::

Maggie MV: ::winces; weakly:: My back, its... ::she can't hold herself up at all even though she tries to.::

Julie :  ::the doctor frowns, feeling the wound to see if it's still bleeding::

Maggie ::it hurts her but it seems to be just like the other one::

Julie :  ::the doctor shakes his head::  It looks almost like they're healing on their own...

Quantum Catz IS: They look like... ::but stops, not wanting to think of the day of the fire::

Maggie MV: ::she swallows hard but refuses to voice it either. She glances up, making sure that Olivia was still okay::

Julie :  ::the infant is currently looking at her mother with rather solemn eyes::

Maggie MV: ::the looks makes her feel somewhat guilty for some reason; quietly:: What's wrong little one?

Julie OL:  ::just reaches out towards Maeve again::

Quantum Catz IS: ::hands Olivia back to Maeve::

Maggie MV: ::she tucks the baby against her, barely managing not to cry:

Julie OL:  ::rests against her mother, her eyes falling shut again::

:  ::several hours earlier::

  ::in a cellar below a small, new house in Marquis, a group of three men has gathered around a small table; there's a small sack of coins on the table, enough to pay Jack's mortgage for two months.

 :  ::the men all look up when the cellar door opens, and the one in the center reaches for something inside his jacket.  But when they see it's Jack,

they all relax, and the man in center flashes a smile and motions to the empty chair::  Sit down, Mr. Richards, please.

JK: ::hasn't been quite the same since the events with Sig and tends to have a shorter temper around the people he deals with, though he's been taking on a lot more jobs than he used to - less because of the fire, and more to occupy himself; goes to sit in the empty chair and flashes a weak smile in return::

:  ::the man in the center sets his cards down face-down, and slides the gold to Jack; quietly::  One job and it's yours.

Quantum Catz JK: ::raises his eyebrows:: Depends on the job, don't it?

Julie :  ::the man smiles::  Jack, I'm doing you a favor.  You and the missus are still in a bit of a spot when it comes to money, aren't you?

Quantum Catz JK: I ain't ever been in so much of a spot that i'll jumpstraight into a job at the flash of a coin

Julie :  ::the addled-looking man slides his chair back a couple feet, to the far side of the cellar::

:  ::the leader shrugs::  Metal components, unassembled.  Nothing tricky, probably nothing that will set off the Gate, even.

Quantum Catz JK: If it ain't tricky then why's it worth so much to you?

Julie :  ::the man frowns, staying silent for a bit, then muttering::  Some of the parts are triggers.

Quantum Catz JK: ::sits back, folding his arms:: What you needing triggers for in this place?

Julie :  ::the man raises his eyebrows::  I know you're sharper than that, Jack.

Quantum Catz JK: ::stands up, with a shrug:: I don't do weapons, 'specially not when they're as likely to blow up in my face as hurt someone

Julie :  ::the man smiles, and he and his companion smile::  Fine by us.

Quantum Catz JK: ::is rather suspicious of the fact that they haven't tried to haggle him into it, but turns to go, figuring his shield'll give him warning if they try anything:

Julie :  ::Jack hears a gun cock, and then a low voice murmur::  Please don't, sir.

Quantum Catz JK: ::turns to frown at them:: Now you're just being stupid, that gun ain't gonna work on the island

Julie :  ::the addled-looking man has a headlock on a black man who has one eye bruised closed and several teeth missing; he's using his other hand to hold a gun to the prisoner's head::

:  ::the leader grins::  We have six guns.  Odds are one of them would blow his brains out, one way or the other.

Quantum Catz JK: You think threatening me with some bloke off the street's gonna make me do a job for you?

Julie :  ::the leader laughs::  You think we're threatening *you*?

Quantum Catz JK: What makes you think i care if he dies?

Maggie ::the third man in the room, who is much older than the others, weakly pushes himself out of his chair and reaches out to touch Jack::

Julie :  ::the second man tightens his grip, and the black man repeats::  Forgive me, sir.  ::then Jack feels something coming at him, attacking him, as if to kick himself out of his own body::

Maggie ::the old man collapses to the ground::

JK: ::tries to fight it with his shield, willing it to stop whatever attack they're trying on him::

Julie  ::Jack suddenly feels his own spirit being shoved aside, although it still maintains a tenuous link to his body, at least, as the old man's spirit takes him over::

:  ::the black man gasps, repeating::  I'm sorry...I'm sorry...

Quantum Catz JK: ::tries to fight against the man's spirit, though he doesn't have a clue how to fight him::

Maggie ::the old man has a stubborn will to live, and he manages to hold Jack back while letting the man's face turn up in an evil grin:: It's just fine. Nothing for you to be sorry about, mate.

Julie :  ::Jack is able to occasionally control his body, but most of the time, his spirit seems almost disconnected::

:  ::the other men get up and restrain Jack's body; the leader whispers::  Just to make sure you have a hold of him, Grandpa.  We'll let you out in a few hours, okay?

Maggie ::the old man sneers:: I've got him just fine! We don't have time to waste!

Julie :  ::the leader looks Jack in the eyes and says::  Your mother's a whore, and Libby Richards is, too.   ::even he can't help but cringe as he says it::

JK: ::tries to struggle back control to punch the guy::

Julie :  ::Jack's arm does move about a foot, formed halfway into a fist but no more::

Quantum CatzJK: ::curses in frustration, though obviously nothing comes out of his mouth::

Maggie ::fights for control again:: Making him angry only makes him stronger!

Julie :  ::the leader nods a couple times, stepping back and straightening his jacket::  I wanted to be sure you could control him.  Don't do anything reckless, and make sure you take care of that shipment.

Maggie ::glares:: I've been doing this a lot longer than you. ::tries to turn Jack's body around and head out the door::

Quantum Catz JK: ::tries to resist, but his body doesn't listen this time::

Julie :  ::the leader laughs suddenly, sitting back down, and nodding to his partner, who drags the prisoner back down to the tiny room they're keeping him in::

Maggie ::Keeps to the shadows as he tries to quietly make his way to where he needs to be::

~~~a few hours later~~~~~

Maeve ::The man using Jack's body shifts the package he is holding under his arm, trying to get a better grip on it. He glances over his shoulder to make sure the guards are no longer following him. He spots a house up ahead, and decides it would work for as a temporary hideout. He staggers up to the door, and tries the handle:

Quantum Catz : ::the door is locked::

Maeve ::the man frowns. He leans up against the door, listening, as he reaches into his pocket for the right tools::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::is in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea so doesn't hear him at the door, although a tree in the front garden suddenly sways in a wind the man can't feel::

Maeve ::The man glances at the tree, but just shakes it off since there's no logical reason the tree should be moving. He inserts a pick into the locks and gives it a twist::

Quantum Catz JK: ::is getting rather frustrated and still trying to fight for his body back:: You keep your hands off that girl or i swear you'll wish you'd never laid eyes on me

Maeve ::The man quietly opens the door, and enters the house. He's still a bit clumsy so it's no surprise really when he smacks his leg into one of the tables in the house. He sucks in his breath, trying to hold in a curse::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::freezes, her head turns toward the sound:: Hello?

Maeve ::the man pauses, looking quite angry, but he remains silent and instead pushes himself up against a wall, waiting for her to come to him::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::hesitates, looking towards the hallway. A tree branch bangs against the window and she jumps away from it, knocking over her tea::

Maeve ::The man is tense but he waits patiently::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::curses, and picks up the mug, cleaning up the mess. She looks towards the hallway again but is beginning to figure that she was just being paranoid. She decides to give up on the tea and heads through to the living room::

Maeve : once she passes him, he leaps out at her, trying to wrap one arm around her waist and put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet:: Don't fight me and you'll be just fine.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::cries out, trying pull away from him:: Jack! What're you doing?

Maeve : ::growls:: I just need a hiding spot little lady, calm down. ::tries to tug both arms behind her back::

Quantum Catz KZ: Little lady? What's wrong with you? ::the tree in the back garden is banging hard against the window now::

Maeve : ::snaps:: If you're causing the plants to act all weird, stop it. ::tries to drag her further into the house, looking for somewhere to lock her up where she can't get away::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::mutters:: They'd stop it if you stopped holding me ::is still trying half-heartedly to pull out of his grip, though jack is far stronger than she is and she doesn't keep plants in the house so the most help she's going to get is a broken window::

Quantum CatzJK: ::mutters:: Take her outside. Then see how easily you can bully her

Julie GU:  ::arrives at Kizzie's, his blood running cold when he sees the door is ajar; he can sense Kizzie's presence, at least, and comes in, calling::  Kizzie?  Are you all right?

Quantum Catz : ::the tree outside shakes furiously in response before kizzie can even say anything::

Julie GU:  ::turns rather pale::  Kizzie?

Quantum Catz KZ: Guy!

Maeve : ::The man pales, and unconsciously pulls Kizzie closer to him. He curses:: Don't either of you cause any trouble and everything will be fine!

Julie GU:  ::even more pale::  Jack?  ::he does sense Jack in the house, when he tries:

Quantum Catz KZ: Why are you doing this? What's Libby going to say when she finds out?

Maeve :  ::gruffly:: It's none of your business.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::mutters:: You think Milo would be proud to think of his father doing this?

Maeve : pulls on her arm; snaps:: I said it was none of your business!

Quantum Catz KZ: ::cries out at the pain in her arm and doesn't say anything else::

JK: Get over here and do something already, Guy!

Julie GU:  ::slowly walks over::  What have you done with Jack?

Maeve :: ::glares and pulls on Kizzie's arm again; gruffly:: Come any closer and I'll snap her arm in two!

Quantum Catz KZ: ::softly:: You snap my arm and you'll be lucky if you make it two feet past the door when you go outside

Julie GU:  ::stops, putting his hands up::  All right; don't panic.

Maeve : ::curses:: Then I suggest you call off your plants!

GU:  ::quietly::  They won't hurt you.

Maeve : ::the man smirks:: No, I guess they won't. Not with Ja- I mean my shield. ::he backs him and Kizzie up some:: Now if you'd be so kind as to step into this closet...

Julie GU:  Don't be stupid.

Maeve : ::glares:: What would you have me do? I need a hiding spot and I can't have the two of you constantly trying to jump me! Now get in!

Julie GU:  ::cringes, slowly reaching out for Kizzie::

Maeve ::jerks her back:: You first and then her

Julie GU:  ::cringes again, and then leaps forward, trying to press his hand to the back of Jack's neck::

Maeve ::The man is stunned, and reflexively lets go of Kizzie in order to reach for Guy but the other man likely has a good hold on him now::

Julie GU:  ::concentrates, and the life instantly leaves Jack's body, likely banishing the spirit that doesn't belong there instantly--but he winds up throwing Jack out as he is removed, and Jack finds himself looking around at his own fallen body and the scene before him::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::stumbles back, staring wide-eyed at Jack and Guy::

JK: ::blinks, looking down at his own body::

Julie GU:  ::shudders; softly::  Kizzie...get something to hold him down, quick...rope or a blanket or something...

Quantum Catz KZ: ::hesitates:: Is he okay?

JK: Never mind tying me up - get me back in my body!

Julie GU:  ::quietly::  If we work quickly he will be.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::goes through to find something to tie Jack up with::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::comes back with a sheet, since she couldn't find anything rope-like that would be strong enough::

Julie GU:  ::lifts Jack as well as he can::  Wrap him up; it's a start.  Unless you can twist that into a rope.  We just have to keep him from fighting us.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::wraps the blanket around Jack as best she can:: What happened to him? That wasn't Jack, was it?

Julie GU:  ::quietly::  He was here.  Someone else was, too.  ::shakes his head::  Are you all right?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::shrugs:: My arm hurts but i'll be okay

Julie GU:  : once Jack is restrained as well as he can hope for, puts his hand to Jack's neck and concentrates on bringing the life back to his body::

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: Is that supposed to do something? ::kneels down and tries to touch his body, hoping that maybe the contact will bring him back into it::

Julie :  ::Jack's body is warm--not that Jack can feel it--but he can't get back in::

Quantum Catz JK: ::Groans:: Everything was so much simpler in New York

JK: ::tries to push his way back into his body::

Julie GU:  ::cringes; quietly::  I...don't know what we'll do.

Quantum Catz KZ: He's alive though, isn't he?

GU:  ::nods, shaking him::  Jack?

Quantum Catz JK: ::sighs:: Aye, shaking me'll help

Julie GU:  ::softly::  Can you fetch Isaac, Kizzie?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::looking worried, heads out to go get Isaac::

Quantum Catz JK: ::Stands up again, frowning down at his body::

Julie GU:  ::quietly::  How will I explain this to Libby?  ::sighs, shaking his head::  And I doubt Isaac will even come...well, as long as you're breathing...

Quantum Catz JK: ::shakes his head:: Libby don't need to hear somethin' like this, she's got enough on her plate

Julie GU:  ::closes his eyes, and shakes his head; softly::  I can't even sense you....

Quantum Catz IS: ::comes in with kizzie looking tired; softly:: Maeve's with Eli and Leyla but i can't stay long

Julie GU:  ::nods; quietly::  If you can try to heal Jack...::motions to the figure on the floor::

IS: ::nods, moving forward and trying to heal him::

JK: ::folds his arms:: If he did it and couldn't fix it, you're not likely to

Julie :  ::there's no change at all in Jack's condition::

GU:  ::nods grimly; quietly::  Well, thank you, Isaac.  Good luck with Maeve.

Quantum Catz IS: ::sighs:: Thanks. He might still wake up - his breathing seems okay

Julie GU:  ::nods::  You did what you could; hurry back to her.

Quantum Catz IS: ::nods and leaves::

KZ: ::Softly:: What now? Do you think we should go get Libby?

Julie GU:  ::looking rather blank; quietly::  I suppose she should know.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::sighs:: She's already been through so much...

JK: No. You fix this and then i go home - Libby doesn't need to know at all

Julie GU:  ::nods; quietly::  Would you tell her?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::rubs at her arm, which is coming out in a big bruise:: Okay, i'll go find her ::turns away::

Julie GU:  ::cringes to see Kizzie's arm, but he knows Isaac has other things to do::

Julie LB:  ::is at home, doing mending::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::knocks on the door rather hesitantly::

JulieLB:  ::glances back at her son, who's playing with a set of unpainted wooden blocks; sighs and sets the mending down, going to the door::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::hesitates, not sure what to say:: Uh, hey.  I...need to talk to you....

Julie LB:  ::cringes, motioning to the living room; her voice is unsteady::  What's...wrong?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::softly:: It's...about Jack...

Julie LB:  ::her eyes almost go blank for a moment, and she suddenly leans forward, hugging Kizzie, and trying to hold back tears::  Not...not in front of Milo...

Maeve MO: ::he looks up from his blocks, watching them curiously::

Quantum Catz JK: ::has followed behind Kizzie, trying to tell her just to leave Libby and help fix him instead; pales at Libby's reaction:: I ain't dead, i'll be fine

KZ: Libby...I'm sorry...he's still alive but...

Julie LB:  ::still hugging Kizzie; the woman can feel Libby shaking::  Then what?

Quantum Catz KZ: I...he...won't wake up...

Julie LB:  ::releases Kizzie slowly, shaking her head::  How long?

Quantum Catz KZ: It...it's complicated, Libby. Guy's with him just now

JK: ::reaches out to try and touch Libby:: I'll be fine - as soon as Guy works out what he did and fixes it

Julie LB:  ::nods once, grimly, not even seeming to sense Jack's presence at all; quietly::  I'll...I should...can the doctor do anything?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::softly:: Isaac already tried to heal him

Julie LB:  ::softly::  And they couldn't heal Becky either...::shakes her head, trembling::  I...should...should see him...::wipes her eyes::

Quantum Catz JK: No, you should stay here

KZ: ::hesitates:: He's at my house

Julie LB:  ::nods; softly::  Maybe...he should be back here, if there's nothing to be done...

Quantum Catz KZ: There...might still be...we don't know....

Julie LB:  ::nods; quietly::  Do you know how it happened?

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: If you don't know then you shouldn't have told her

KZ: ::hesitates:: It's...complicated

Julie LB:  ::sighs; quietly::  Can you watch Milo while I see if someone can bring him over here?

Quantum Catz KZ: Uh, yeah, okay...

Julie LB:  ::looks down at Milo, though there are still a couple tears on her face; tries to smile::  You be good for Miss MacKenzie, okay?

Maeve MO: ::he watches Libby for a moment and when he get's her meaning, he shakes his head and reaches for her. His eyes well up with tears::

Julie LB:  ::gets teary-eyed herself; picks up Milo::  Oh, little boy...everything's going to be just fine.

Maeve MO: ::wraps his little arms around her neck, tightly. She can feel him shuddering as he starts to whine a bit::

Quantum Catz JK: ::sighs:: I'm sorry, i'll be back soon

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Milo...don't cry, now.  Your daddy's fine.

Quantum Catz JK: ::softly:: I can't be dead, i can't be a ghost. this can't be it

Maeve MO: ::continues to hold on to Libby, not seeming to want to let her go without him::

Quantum Catz JK: He shouldn't see me like that

Julie LB:  ::sighs; quietly::  He needs to know someone's here.  ::looks at Kizzie::  I hate to do it, but can you see if you can get someone to bring him here?  I shouldn't leave Milo.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::nods:: Okay...Libby, i'm sorry...i wish i could have done something..i just...

Julie LB:  No...: pauses, looking at Kizzie appraisingly::  Did you have something to do with it?

Quantum Catz KZ: He was... ::Shakes her head:: I think there was someone controlling him

Julie LB:  ::cringes::  Oh...

Quantum Catz KZ: I'm sorry - i don't know what happened before he came to my house but....it didn't seem like Jack

Julie LB:  ::slowly::  Did Mr. Stowe notice it?

Quantum Catz KZ: He said Jack was there...but someone else was too

Julie LB:  ::softly::  What about now?

Quantum Catz KZ: I...i don't think so

Julie LB:  ::tightens her hold on Milo, tears stinging her eyes; shakes her head::  No...it's not true.  He's...he'll be all right.

Quantum Catz JK: ::tries to touch Libby again:: I will, i promise. You know i wouldn't leave you

Julie :  ::Jack's hand travels right through Libby, and the woman doesn't react at all, just burying her face in Milo's hair::

Maeve MO: ::sniffles::

Quantum Catz KZ: I'll...I'll find someone to bring him here

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Thank you, Kizzie.  ::sets Milo down and gingerly sits beside him::  Come on; let's build something.

Quantum Catz KZ: Should i...go get becky to sit with you?

Maeve MO: ::looks at his blocks and then back at his mother. He still feels like she's upset and wants nothing to do with his blocks. He tries to crawl back into her lap::

Julie LB:  ::lets Milo get in her lap, putting her arms around him::

LB:  ::looks up at Kizzie, belatedly, sighing::  Could you?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::nods:: I'll go there first ::sighs and turns away::

Julie LB:  ::gently takes one of Milo's hands, trying to appear calm for his sake::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::goes to tell Becky what happened and then goes back to Guy and Jack; Jack himself murmurs a goodbye to libby and follows Kizzie::

Julie GU:  ::is still by Jack's side; he's tried wiping the man's face with cold water too, to no avail::

Quantum Catz JK: Yeah, cold water - that'll wake me right up if Isaac couldn't help

Quantum Catz KZ: ::Softly:: Becky's gone to sit with Libby...she wants Jack moved to their house

Julie GU:  ::nods, cringing::  All right...I'll see if I can fetch someone to help me.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::sighs and sits down in a chair, looking at Jack's body, sadly::

Julie GU:  ::leans over Kizzie, whispering to her::  I don't think I'll have to leave town.

Quantum Catz KZ: ::looks up at him and then back down at Jack:: God, i hadn't even thought of that, what if they do blame you?

Julie GU:  ::takes Kizzie's hand::  Then if you'd like me to risk it, I'll go to court.  Otherwise I'll move on...and hope you can come too.

Quantum Catz KZ: Maybe he'll wake up yet, it hasn't been that long

Julie GU:  ::nods; quietly:  I hope so.  ::sighs::  First Maeve, now this.  ::shakes his head, then goes around the chair to lean down and kiss Kizzie::  I'll be back.

Quantum Catz JK: That's right - you kill me but the important thing is whether or not you get to stay with yer girl

KZ: ::nods, still looking at Jack::

Julie GU:  ::looks down at Jack; quietly::  When I get home I'll light a candle for you too.  ::sighs::  Keep your fingers crossed for him, yeah?

Quantum Catz KZ: ::softly:: I will.  Libby was so upset...

Julie GU:  ::nods, exhaling::  I didn't have a choice, Kizzie...he was...::sighs, shaking his head::  Take care, Rosebud.  ::solemnly leaves::

Quantum Catz JK: ::sighs and sits down as well:: It ain't his fault but you should be doing more than just sittin' looking at me

MV: ::despite Olivia's nearness, she grows a bit weaker and the scabbed wounds start seeping again. She doesn't say anything though, since there isn't anything they can do. Though, someone is bound to notice that the bloodstains are getting bigger::

Julie OL:  ::is asleep, near her mother::

JH:  ::is by Maeve's side, but just about unable to stand it as he sees her growing worse; looks up in almost relief when Isaac comes in::  She's bleeding!

Quantum Catz IS: ::when he sees the blood he tries to heal her again, without a word, though he's looking tired::

Maeve MV: ::her eyes open a bit when she feels Isaac heal her. The bloodstain isn't growing as rapidly now::

IS: ::Smiles weakly:: How're you feeling?

Maeve MV: ::sadly shakes her head. Her eyes are glassy and filled with unshed tears. She doesn't say anything, doesn't have the energy to.::

Julie JH:  ::can't bear to see the look on Maeve's face; he cringes his eyes closed and reaches out to squeeze her shoulder, and then pulls back and walks to the other side of the room, where he sits down, trembling::

Quantum Catz IS: ::watches his brother; softly:: It'll be okay - we'll work something out

Julie JH:  ::shakes his head, leaning down, resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands; closes his eyes and thinks a prayer::

Quantum Catz EK: ::has been sitting on a chair as a fox, goes over and licks his brother's arm::

Julie JH:  ::looks down sadly at Eli, patting him once, like he used to do when he was a kid::

Maeve MV: ::she shifts, becoming restless from just laying here though she hardly has the energy to even lift her arm now::

Quantum Catz IS: Are you hungry? I could get you something to eat?

MaeveMV: ::slowly shakes her head no::

Julie JH:  ::finally; quietly::  You have to hang in there, Maeve.

Maeve MV: ::she doesn't answer, having faded out again::

Quantum Catz IS: ::Softly:: WE've gotten through worse things than this

Julie JH:  ::quietly::  What can we do?

Quantum Catz IS: : doesn't answer, not sure what to say::

Julie JH:  ::very softly::  Is the bleeding stopped?  Maybe we can give her some blood if she needs it.

Quantum Catz IS: I think when i heal her it at least helps the bleeding

JH:  ::slowly::  I wonder if the sorcerers would know...

IS: ::looks up:: I don't know - how would we even find them

Julie JH:  Mr. Stowe could.

Quantum Catz IS: ::rubs at his eyes, feeling tired:: Right, yeah

Julie JH:  ::gets up::  I'll bring them here if they'll come.

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates, looking worried:: You can't go on your own

Maeve LA: ::she's been sitting quietly in the corner; softly:: I can go with him.

Quantum Catz EK: ::changes into his human form, looking torn between staying to help his older brother and going with Josh

Julie JH:  ::frowns::  I can go on my own...but whatever you think is best.  ::doesn't want to upset his brother::

Maeve LA: ::sinks back in her chair, feeling useless. She'd rather go but she doesn't want to push her company on Josh::

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: I can't leave Maeve. I'd be happier if someone was with you

Julie JH:  ::looks at Leyla::  You coming?

Maeve LA: ::she looks up, wide eyed and then quickly scrambles out of the chair. She nods::

Quantum Catz EK: ::softly:: I'll stay here with Isaac ::frowns at Leyla:: You need to tell me where you're going before you leave though, so i know how long it should take you

Maeve LA: ::she blinks at him, frowns, and then looks at Josh::

Julie JH:  All right.  ::walks back to Maeve, squeezing her hand; softly::  Please stay with us....::shakes his head, then quickly gets up::  Leyla will run back real quick so we can get going.  Unless we need to pack supplies.

LA: ::smiles weakly at Eli; softly:: I'll be back soon. ::she moves to the door with Josh.::

MV: ::she moves slightly, and looks up at Josh. She doesn't say anything since she isn't sure what's happening::

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: If anyone threatens you, you scratch their eyes out and run

IS: ::Softly,to Maeve:: Josh is going to see if he can find someone to help you, Maeve

Maeve LA: We'll be fine.

Julie JH:  ::nods::  We'll see you soon.  ::walks out without looking back::

Maeve MV: ::frowns as her eyes slip closed again, not having the energy to comment::

Julie JH:  ::glances at Leyla as they leave; softly::  Did you have any other ideas?  I just feel like I have to do something...usually I'm just stuck home waiting for things to get better.

Maeve LA: ::she winces and shakes her head:; I'm sorry Josh. I don't think I know of anyone that can help.

Julie JH:  ::sighs, pausing when he sees Guy in the street--and the man is looking rather distracted too--he stops, walking forward::  Mr. Stowe?

GU:  ::looks up tiredly::  Good afternoon, Josh.

Maeve LA: ::shyly:: We need to find someone to help Maeve. ::she glances at Josh since he knows more about these people than her::


JulieGU:  ::nods slowly, closing his eyes and concentrating, then frowning::

Maeve LA: ::waits patiently beside Josh::

Julie GU:  ::slowly opens his eyes, shaking his head::  I *think* they're away from the island.

JH:  ::frowns::  Like on the mainland?  ::looks at Leyla::  Can you get us there quick?

Maeve LA: : pales:: The mainland? But.. how would we find them? I hear it's so big...

Julie GU:  I can get a map, see if I can give you a point.  But...it would take you a couple days to get there, wouldn't it?  And at least a couple to get back...

JH:  ::rather fiercely::  Maeve will hold on!

Maeve LA: ::she bites her lip, not looking too sure of that::

JH:  ::looks accusingly at Leyla::  She has to!

LA: ::softly:: We can try if you want Josh.

Julie GU:  ::quietly::  You may as well.

JH:  ::quietly::  We don't have any other ideas.  We can get a horse...

Maeve LA: ::winces:: Maybe Eli should go. He's a better dragon than me and he'd get there faster by flying.

Julie JH:  But he wanted to stay with Isaac.  And if I go back he'll probably want to go with you.  : pauses, shaking his head::  But whatever gets Maeve better quickest.

GU:  ::quietly::  I'll get a map to you in a few minutes, but I need to be going.

Maeve LA: We already said we'd tell him where we were going.

Julie JH:  ::quietly::  I said you'd go back.

Maeve LA: I doubt it matters which one of us goes.

Julie GU:  ::slips off to find some people to help move Jack::

JH:  ::sighs, starting to pace::

Maeve LA: ::she bites her lip, not sure how to comfort poor Josh::

GU:  ::returns a couple minutes later and hands a map to Josh; it's marked about 50 miles from Rellins, the closest town to Gate Town::

JH:  ::looks at Leyla blankly::

Maeve LA: ::she nods:: I'll run back and tell Eli. If he isn't too stubborn about it, I'll try to get us there as quickly as possible.

Julie JH:  ::nods, then pauses::  We'll have to get some more clothes anyway.  ::nods to Guy::  Thanks, Mr. Stowe.

Maeve LA: ::shyly:: Thanks. ::she turns to go::

Julie JH:  ::walks quickly alongside Leyla::

Maeve LA: ::returns to the house and enter the living room, quietly. She spares a quick glance at Maeve, and almost shudders to see the woman looking so...still. She moves closer to Eli; quietly:: We have to go to the mainland.

Quantum Catz EK: The mainland? ::looks ready to reconsider letting her go with Josh:: But you...it could be dangerous for you there

Maeve LA: ::she shudders, and looks down:: I'll stay as a cat as long as we're around people...

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I can...stay back here with Isaac and Maeve.

Maeve LA: ::she looks up at Josh, surprised.:: I thought you wanted to go?

Julie JH:  ::nods::  I do.  The only thing I want more is for Maeve to get better quick.  And Eli can become a dragon.

Maeve LA: ::softly:: Becky would be quicker....

Julie JH:  ::his eyes light up::  I can run ask her!

Maeve LA: ::she just nods, and smiles weakly, figuring it wasn't her place to but in. She sighs though, feeling useless again::

Julie JH:  ::realizes Isaac's probably too distracted by Maeve to even be listening; he runs towards Becky's house::

Quantum Catz EK: ::smiles weakly at Leyla and turns to look at Isaac who's concentrating on Maeve and looking rather tired; softly:: Eventually we'll have to make him leave her and rest or he'll end up ill too

Maeve LA: Maybe we should have told Josh to get Toby to come here too.

Quantum Catz EK: I don't know if it'll help, the wounds just keep coming back

Maeve LA: ::frowns:: Didn't one of you say something about him making blood for her? ::she winces, not liking to think about all that::

Quantum Catz EK: And eventually she'll bleed it all out again ::sighs:: Hopefully the sorcerers can do something

Maeve LA: ::nods:: True. And with Becky maybe it wont take as long as now.

Quantum Catz EK: ::sighs, still looking worried:: If someone's doing this to hurt her, i'll kill them

Maeve LA: ::she bites her lip, unsure of what to say. The only thing she can think to do is to reach out touch his arm::

Quantum Catz EK: ::Smiles weakly and gives her a hug::

Maeve LA: ::shyly wraps her arms around him::

Quantum Catz EK: ::sighs, resting his head on hers::

~~Meanwhile back at Libby’s~~

BM: ::when Kizzie came round,Ben was in the middle of another period of crying so she tried to settle him down as much as she could before leaving him with Toby; knocks hesitantly on libby's front door::

Julie LB:  ::scoops Milo up and holds him tightly, going to open the door; she looks about ready to cry when she opens the door:: Becky...

Quantum Catz BM: :puts her arm around Libby and leads her back into the living room:: I won't ask how you are. I'm so sorry, Libby

Julie LB:  ::softly, though probably even Milo can tell she doesn't mean it::  He'll be fine, Becky.

Quantum Catz BM: ::sighs:: I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head; quietly::  It's past time for your nap, isn't it, Milo?

Maeve MO: ::quietly:: No. Stay. ::he grabs on to her dress::

Julie LB:  ::her voice shaking::  I have to talk to Becky, sweetheart...

Maeve MO: ::his eyes well up with tears and his lower lip starts to tremble::

Julie LB:  ::sighs, hugging Milo, looking about ready to cry herself::  All right...all right...I'll always be here, little boy.

Maeve MO: ::he settles against her neck, and immediately quiets down::

Julie LB:  ::sighs, sitting down heavily on the couch; she tries hard to restrain her tears::

Quantum Catz

BM: ::hesitantly:: Do you want me to get you anything?

Julie LB:  :pens her mouth, then closes it, and mutely shakes her head::

Quantum Catz BM: ::softly:: I don't know what to say

Julie LB:  ::softly::  There's...nothing to say, Becky.  I'm just glad you're here...but...::looks at Milo, sighing::

Maeve MO: ::chews on his fingers, looking a little sad::

Quantum Catz BM: Hey, Milo - you hungry? You can stay with your Mom and i'll go make it for you

Maeve MO: ::looks up at Becky; quietly:: Can I have a cookie?

Quantum Catz BM: Of course you can - want some juice too?

Maeve MO: ::quickly nods, smiling faintly::

Julie :  ::there's a knock on the door; Libby stands, figuring it's Guy or whoever is bringing Jack back::

Quantum Catz BM: I'll answer the door if you want

Julie LB:  ::sighs::  That might be best.  If it's Jack, have them put him in the bedroom.

Quantum Catz BM: ::nods and goes to answer the door::

Julie JH:  ::is on the other side; quietly::  Mrs. Hamilton...I need to get to a place outside of Rellins.

Quantum Catz BM: Josh, I...I can't leave Libby just now

Julie JH:  ::cringes; quietly::  Is she sick too?

Quantum Catz BM: Sick? Who's sick?

Julie JH:  Maeve...she's...Isaac can't heal her.  I thought the sorcerers might help.

Quantum Catz BM: ::sighs; rubbing her eyes:: Okay, let me tell Libby. And you'll need to stay with her until Kizzie comes back - Jack's...jack isn't well either

Julie JH:  ::cringes::  Of course...

Quantum Catz BM: ::heads back into the living room:: Libby, Maeve isn't well. I'm going to have to go and help her

Julie LB:  ::her eyes go wide, and she hugs Milo tighter::  Not Maeve too....is there anything I can do?

Maeve MO: : ::wiggles a little::

Quantum Catz BM: Josh wants me to go find the sorcerers and see if they can think of anything. ::smiles at Milo:: Josh is going to have to get you your cookie and juice instead, but i'll be back later

Maeve MO: ::blinks and then looks over at Josh; he grins and starts to wiggle more in order to get down.::

Julie LB:  ::has to wipe her eyes with her free hand, and then lets her son go::

JH:  ::smiles at the child, though he can't help but look a bit preoccupied; he kneels down beside Milo::  Want to help me get your cookie?

Maeve MO: ::he reaches for Josh's hand and begins to pull him towards his blocks until Josh mentions the cookie. He looks up and nods.:: Cookie! Cookie! ::he rushes towards the kitchen::

Julie JH:  ::smiles, glancing back at Libby::  You can get some rest, Mrs. Richards, if you want to.  ::goes after Milo::

LB:  ::smiles tearfully at Becky::  Guy can't sense him, Becky...::shakes her head, ready to break down::  He's...he's gone...

Quantum Catz BM: ::looks at Josh:: Do you know exactly where they are?

Julie JH:  ::grins::  Milo will show me.

Quantum Catz BM: ::Goes to sit with Libby, putting her arm around Libby; sighs:: I want to tell you it'll be okay but.... I'm sorry, Libby

Julie LB:  ::rests her head on Becky's shoulder::  I'll...get through, Becky.  You take care of Maeve.

Quantum Catz BM: I'll be back as soon as i can

Julie LB:  ::softly::  It sounds like she needs you more than me.

Quantum Catz BM: Well, hopefully the sorcerers'll help her and she won't need anything else

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Be careful.

Quantum Catz BM: ::nods:: I will :: Hugs Libby and then stands up and teleports away::


:  ::there's another knock on the door, and Libby puts away the bank book and answers; Guy is there, with a few men, carrying Jack on a stretcher; Libby just about cries to see him::

JK: ::is following behind and winces when he sees Libby's reaction::

LB:  ::softly, her voice shaking::  In the bedroom, please...

JK: There must be someone on this damn island who can fix this

Julie :  ::they unceremoniously take Jack to the bedroom and set him on top of the covers; Libby sits next to him, soberly thanking everyone, then holding Jack's hand, whispering::  Even if you're...not there...I need you to come back...

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: I will - as soon as i think of someone who might be able to help me

Quantum Catz KZ: ::moves into the doorway once the others have left:: Is Becky still here? Do you want me to get you anything?

Julie LB:  ::gently touches Jack's face, looking up rather startled when Kizzie enters; shakes her head::  N...no...::wipes her eyes::  Thank you.

~~~~meanwhile again…~~~~



JH:  ::is back at home, though he has a hard time looking at Maeve; he's certain she'll be dead soon, unless Becky somehow brings a sorcerer back::

Quantum Catz BM: ::it's a couple of hours before Becky returns to Marquis. She appears outside of the house on her own and tentatively knocks on the door::

Julie JH:  ::is nearest to the door, and quickly answers it; he frowns when he sees it's just Becky::

Maeve MV: ::the bleeding started up for a little while, but with Isaac's help, it's stopped again. She's slowly retreating inside of herself though.::

Quantum Catz BM: ::looks quite upset when she sees Josh:: I'm sorry

Julie JH:  ::tries to keep his emotions under control; softly::  Thanks...thanks for trying...

Quantum Catz BM: ::softly:: Every time i tried to reach them, i ended up somewhere else - i don't think they wanted to be found

Julie JH:  ::nods a couple times; shudders; quietly::  She's...getting worse.  If....

Quantum Catz BM: If there's anyone else you can think of...i'll find them ::sighs:: Or try to anyway

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I'll keep thinking.  But she....I don't know...how much longer...::looks away fiercely::

Quantum Catz BM: ::winces:: I'm sorry, i don't know what else to try either

Julie JH:  ::balls his hands into fists; quietly::  Isaac and I will do what we can...we'll even try Toby.  But...if you...you might...::almost squeaks::...say goodbye...just in case...

Quantum Catz BM: ::blinks, not really sure how to respond:: I...I can't believe that she might....

Julie JH:  ::shakes his head::  I don't know what we can do.

Quantum Catz BM: Well, Isaac thought I was going to...but something turned up - it worked out okay

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I'm asking for a miracle.  Maybe we'll get one.

Quantum Catz BM: I..I guess i'll go in and see her though

Julie JH:  ::swallows hard and steps back so Becky can come in::

Quantum Catz BM: ::moves through into the living room, paling when she sees Maeve::

IS: ::smiles weakly at Becky but he's tired from healing Maeve so much::

Julie JH:  ::stays back::

Maeve MV: ::stirs when she senses someone else in the room, and looks up::

Quantum Catz BM: Hey, Maeve

Maeve MV: ::quietly:: Hey ::she sighs, and looks back down at her hands, seeming to zone out though she's awake now::

Quantum Catz BM: How're you feeling?

Maeve MV: ::doesn't seem to be paying attention. She's pretty much forgotten about Olivia too::

Julie OL:  ::the baby still cries when she's taken away from Maeve, but she's become more restless::

Quantum Catz BM: ::kneels down in front of Maeve and reaches for her hand:: Maeve...?

Maeve MV: ::blinks and turns her head to look at Becky again. She frowns; softly:: Becky?

Quantum Catz BM: Yeah, it's me. I guess you're not doing so well

Maeve MV: ::she looks down at her dress, suddenly looking worried.::

Quantum Catz BM: We'll find a way to help you, Maeve

Maeve MV: ::she bites her lip::

Quantum Catz BM: You just need to hang on for us

Maeve MV: ::she winces, and then nods; softly:: Thanks...

Quantum Catz BM: ::smiles weakly::

Maeve MV: ::she looks away, and begins to slowly withdraw again::

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