~Friday, July 3, 1936~

QuantumCatz: : ::an hour or so later, there's a scratching noise at the back door of Isaac’s house followed by a dog-like whine::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::took Olivia downstairs; though she's still sleeping, he's afraid to leave her; goes to answer the door::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::is in his usual large dog form, covered in blood with a gash across his chest; by the time josh opens the door, he's fallen to the ground, his tongue lolling out in a weak pant::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::eyes go wide:: Eli! ::runs upstairs, to Isaac's room, knocking a couple times before coming in:: Isaac!

Maeveowens: LA: ::comes in the front door at about that time. She tiptoes in, afraid of what she'll find in the living room. She frowns when she sees Josh:: Josh? What's wrong?

Maeveowens: MV: ::she startles awake, and almost slides right off the bed:: What happened! ::looks down, almost afraid *she's* bleeding again::

QuantumCatz: IS: ::sits up, blinking::

yarnkittymon: JH: Eli's hurt!

Maeveowens: MV: ::she pales and glances at Isaac. She bites her lip to keep from asking how hurt since she isn't sure Isaac should be even getting out of bed::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::tries to move, crawling slightly towards the door, but yelps when it pulls at his wound::

QuantumCatz: IS: ::gets out of bed, though he still looks quite pale:: Where is he?

Maeveowens: LA: : ::had moved towards the stairs but she stops when she hears the noise and goes in to investigate. She gasps when she comes across Eli.:: Eli! ::she runs towards him::

yarnkittymon: JH: Downstairs...he fell down...

Maeveowens: MV: ::scrambles the rest way off the bed, swaying just a bit; worriedly:: Isaac.... ::she winces::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::softly:: I wouldn't bother you if I didn't think...::frowns:: Maybe I can carry him. Me and Leyla could for sure.

QuantumCatz: IS: ::moves to the door, though he has to lean against the frame for a moment before he continues:: I can.. get downstairs

yarnkittymon: JH: ::reaches out to help support him; Josh has grown pretty strong, and probably has more muscle mass than Isaac at this point::

Maeveowens: MV: ::she looks away::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::tries to push himself to his feet but one of his back legs gives way and he drops down again::

Maeveowens: LA: ::she puts a hand on him:: Don't, you'll hurt yourself. Josh went to get Isaac.

yarnkittymon: JH: ::helps Isaac downstairs::

Maeveowens: MV: ::silently, and slowly, follows behind them::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::looks more than a little unhappy and some of his fur begins to retract around his face, as if he's going to try and change back but it stops and he stays as a dog::

Maeveowens: LA: Eli! Stop wasting your energy. Just rest. Isaac will be down soon.

QuantumCatz: IS: ::leans heavily on the banister when going up the stairs, but he manages to make it back to his room::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::looks sharply at Eli, then Leyla, not sure which one to ask first::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::sounding a bit weaker once Isaac's gone:: I think i could do with sitting down again

Maeveowens: MV: ::weakly follows him back upstairs::

Maeveowens: LA: ::reaches out to help him:: Would you rather go into the living room?

yarnkittymon: JH: ::reaches out too::

QuantumCatz: EK: I think i just lost a bit of blood, dizzy ::leans against Leyla and josh::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::snaps his fingers:: Toby! I'll get him. Once you're sat down.

QuantumCatz: EK: Don't go bothering him - he's been doing enough with fixing Maeveowens, i'll be fine

yarnkittymon: JH: ::frowns:: But you're hurt and he can help.

Maeveowens: LA: ::quietly:: You should let him Eli.

QuantumCatz: EK: Getting fixed by Toby hurts worse'n the injuries

Maeveowens: LA: ::she looks away:: I thought you needed blood too...

QuantumCatz: EK: I've lost more blood than this before, just need to sit down ::lets go of them and turns to sit on the couch, moving slowly and wincing::

yarnkittymon: JH: ::sits down next to Eli:: Then what happened?

Maeveowens: LA: ::moves into the living room too::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::looks at Leyla:: What happened to you?

Maeveowens: LA: :she frowns, unsure of how to explain it:: Charlie drained me in order to help Jack... ::she shrugs.:: I guess that's why it happened.

yarnkittymon: JH: ::cringes:: Are you all right?

QuantumCatz: EK: Who's Charlie? What d'you mean, he drained you? Why'd you let him do that?

Maeveowens: LA: ::she looks between the two, unsure of who or what to answer first; softly:: I feel a little…different but I guess I'm okay. And Charlie who helped Maeve and I did it because Jack needed help too.

QuantumCatz: EK: ::frowns:: Someone else could've helped him, he could've hurt you

Maeveowens: LA: Everyone else was busy with Maeve and Mrs. Richardson looked too tired.

yarnkittymon: JH: Will you...change back later? To your old self?

Maeveowens: LA: ::she puts a hand to her cheek again, biting her lip. She shrugs, and tries to figure out if she wants to or not. Part of her almost panics though, thinking about never changing again::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::softly:: Your hair looks strange without the other colours

yarnkittymon: JH: It's pretty, though.

Maeveowens: LA: ::quietly:: It looks normal. ::she nods, and absently fingers a strand::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::shrugs:: It looked pretty before

yarnkittymon: JH: It'll probably change back. And if not, we can go to those kids who can change people.

Maeveowens: LA: ::she nods, looking nervous:: I'm sure it'll come back... ::looks back at Eli:: But you still haven't answered Josh.

QuantumCatz: EK: ::doesn't look at them:: I got attacked, I came home

Maeveowens: LA: Where were you? And why were you attacked?

yarnkittymon: JH: ::looks rather worried, wondering what could hurt Eli that bad::

QuantumCatz: EK: ::hesitates and then murmurs:: I don't know what it was

Maeveowens: LA: ::worriedly:: What do you mean?

QuantumCatz: EK: I couldn't see it or smell it, i just kept getting hit

Maeveowens: LA: ::she winces:: Where were you? Did it want you? Will it be back do you think? 

Quantum Catz EK: It was in the forest, towards Kenston, i guess 

Maeveowens LA: ::she frowns:: Why were you out there? 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::watching, frowning:: 

Quantum Catz EK: I was just running, wasn't really going anywhere. ::winces as he tries to move to a more comfortable position:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles weakly::  Training to be a fireman too? 

Quantum Catz EK: Running as a human isn't nearly as much fun 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Fire-beast? 

Quantum Catz EK: ::laughs weakly:: Sounds like Maeve on a bad day 

Maeveowens LA:  ::giggles softly for a moment before turning serious again; quietly:: Are we going to do something about this thing? 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  It might hurt someone else. 

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: No one had been there for a couple days or I'd say it was someone with a really annoying ability

 Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  We have to stop it, whatever it is.

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods:: You're hurt but me and Josh could go

Quantum Catz EK: And what are either of you going to do? Can you even change shape just now?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looking annoyed::  We could get the guard.

Maeveowens LA: ::she grimaces:: I doubt I'll stay like this anyway

Quantum Catz EK: ::just rolls his eyes at Josh's mention of the guard::

Maeveowens LA: The guards likely won't help with a problem in Kenston anyway.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shrugs::  Mr. Chalmers might.

Maeveowens LA: Maybe, if he can get away but what good can he do against someone invisible?

Quantum Catz EK: It might not hurt people anyway - I was a dog at the time

Maeveowens LA: ::softly:: But I don't think we should let it hurt animals either.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  Maybe it was hungry?

Maeveowens LA: ::cringes, then hesitantly:: I didn't see any teeth marks. Usually you don't slice up your prey like that.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes again::  Well...we can't let it hurt people, whatever it is.

Quantum Catz EK: ::hesitates and then finally says:: I think I might know who was there a couple days ago, I guess she might know something

Maeveowens LA: Who was there? 

Quantum Catz EK: Some girl from the orphanage, Dolly knew her before she went to work there 

Yarnkittymon JH:  We should go find her then. 

Maeveowens LA: ::frowns:: How would one of the girls end up out there? Do you know what she looked like?

Quantum Catz EK: ::shrugs:: Don't remember - she messed up the rollercoaster by disappearing from it and Maeve and Libby had to be rescued from it

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  I should go find her then.

Maeveowens LA: ::softly:: Do you mean Jenn?

Quantum Catz EK: ::Frowns:: Yeah, I think that was her name

Maeveowens LA: Do you think this thing attacked her?

Quantum Catz EK: There wasn't any blood but mine. She might've noticed something I didn't though. ‘S better than you two just running back there blind

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  Will you be OK back here?

Quantum Catz EK: I didn't say i was staying ::looks at his injuries:: My arms are fine, i should be okay as a bird for now

Yarnkittymon JH:  If you change into a bird, we'll find a cage and lock you in!  ::looks to Leyla::

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods, looking shocked:: He's right. If something were to happen there isn't much you could! Besides, you might hurt yourself more.

Quantum Catz EK: ::glares at his brother:: You try and lock me in. As a raptor I could see and hear better than either of you and move faster, nothing would hurt me that wouldn't get you first

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::glares::  They'd smell your blood!

Maeveowens LA: ::she shakes her head:: It doesn't erase the fact that you're hurt and shouldn't be moving.

Quantum Catz EK: I can move all I want. You either have me with you or flying behind you - your choice

Yarnkittymon JH:  :puts his hands in his pockets; softly::  If you get hurt again...

Maeveowens LA: ::she folds her arms:: Then none of us are going because you're still too hurt to move!

Quantum Catz EK: Well fine, we'll just wait till I'm better then

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::glares::  If it attacks someone else...Eli, you're the strongest person I know, and look what it did to you! 

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods, glaring at him:: And Isaac and Maeve will probably insist on coming too!

Quantum Catz EK: I don't care about someone else - I care about you two, and if you're going then I am too, I'm not going to change my mind 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::turns to go to the door::  Well, I'm asking the guard for help, or I'm going.  *I* care what happens to someone else. 

Maeveowens LA: ::she gets up, glaring at Eli, and silently follows Josh to the door:: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::changes into a bird, though he's a lot slower at it than normal, and follows after them, not flying completely steadily:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sighs, looking at Leyla::  Should we go to the guard? 

Maeveowens LA: ::quietly to Josh:: No. They won't do anything and they'll just get themselves hurt. ::looks to Eli, looking even angrier:: And if you get hurt more I'm never speaking to you again. ::walks off:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Come here, Eli.  I can at least make you smell like the forest. 

Quantum Catz EK: ::flies forward, landing on Josh's shoulder, careful not to dig his talons in:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::lightly touches Eli; the poor bird smells pine fresh when Josh has finished; quietly::  Maybe we should hide our scent too, Leyla.  Unless you're changing.

Maeveowens LA: ::softly:: I can't change right now. 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods, trying to mask his own scent:: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::thankfully can't really smell much as a bird, flies back into the air when Josh is finished:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::walks, smiling weakly at Leyla::  Want me to try you? 

Maeveowens LA: ::she shrugs and then shakes her head:: Maybe I'll be able to by the time we get there.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods, shrugging, and walking quickly. On the way, he asks the neighbor to come by and watch little Olivia, who's sleeping restlessly:::: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::after a while, even his pride can't keep him in the air and he falteringly lands on Leyla's shoulder:: 

Maeveowens LA: ::she glares at him; mutters:: I should march you right back home. 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns at Eli, silently:: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::doesn't say anything and turns his head away from them both:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::can't help glancing at his brother worriedly every so often:: 

Maeveowens LA: ::she's angry that Eli is being so stubborn but she does her best to tread lightly so she doesn't bother him at all::

Quantum Catz EK: ::the cut on his chest seems to have stopped bleeding for now, though his left leg still hurts a bit, despite the break being healed:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  If you need us to turn back, Eli, let us know. 

Maeveowens LA: ::looks at the bird with a hopeful expression::

Quantum Catz EK: ::remains stubbornly silent::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sighs, and walks in silence::

Maeveowens LA: ::sighs heavily and looks away::

Quantum Catz EK: ::flies up into the air again as they near the orphanage::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes, looking up at his brother::

Maeveowens LA: ::she takes a deep breath, not exactly liking having to come back here even if some of the kids were nice::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles at Leyla; softly::  I wonder if they'll recognize you.

Maeveowens LA: ::touches her face again; softly:: Probably not. I look normal.

Quantum Catz EK: ::flies down next to them again, not having seen Jenn nearby::

Maeveowens DK: ::has a free dinner today so she's packed a sandwich and is taking it outside to eat. She pauses when she sees her brother, paling a bit. She hurries forward.:: Josh? Did something happen? ::she looks at Leyla, questioningly, not recognizing her right away::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes, and shakes his head:: Maeve is OK.  ::smiles weakly::

Maeveowens DK: ::smiles, looking relieved:: That's good. ::she pauses, looking at him for a moment:: Did something else happen?

Quantum Catz EK: ::lets out an impatient call and lands on Leyla's shoulder again::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  We're looking for Jenn?

Maeveowens DK: ::glances at Eli. frowning, but she turns her attention back to Josh:: Well, as far as I know she's inside. Why are you looking for her?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles weakly::  Long story, but we need her help.

Maeveowens DK: ::she folds her arms, smirking:: Well, I have the night off so you can tell me what's so urgent. 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  Something attacked Eli.  ::motions to the bird::

Maeveowens DK: ::her eyes widen:: What kind of something and what does it have to do with Jenn?

Yarnkittymon JH:  Eli said Jenn had been there, where it was.  He wanted us to ask her about it.

Maeveowens DK: ::she hesitates; softly:: Okay. I'll see if she'll come out. ::turns back towards the door::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Thanks, Dolly.

Maeveowens DK: ::quietly:: No need to thank me. ::goes inside::

Quantum Catz JN: ::has gone to her room, having eaten her dinner quickly and rushed away::

Maeveowens DK: ::knocks on her door::

Quantum Catz JN: ::after a moment's hesitation:: Come in

Maeveowens DK: :peeks her head in:: Hey Jenn. ::she looks at her for a moment; softly:: Is everything okay? 

Quantum Catz JN: ::is sitting on her bed with a book in her hand; hesitates at the question:: Yeah, why?

Maeveowens DK: ::shrugs:: My brothers are downstairs. They want to talk to you.

Quantum Catz JN: ::frowns:: Your brothers? Why?

Maeveowens DK: They say you had visited a place where Eli had been attacked yesterday. I think they want to see if you saw anything.

Quantum Catz JN: :pales a bit and quickly says:: Well, I doubt I can be much help but I guess I can go see them anyway

Maeveowens DK: ::smiles weakly at Jenn::

Quantum Catz JN: ::gets up and heads out of her room::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::is waiting downstairs, playing catch with one of the children who came out after supper::

Maeveowens LA: ::smiles at Jenn when she comes out:: Hey

Quantum Catz JN: ::frowns at Leyla:: Do I know you? You look familiar

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::gives the baseball back to the kid and goes over to Jenn::

Maeveowens LA: ::she looks away; quietly:: It's me, Leyla

DK: ::comes out with Jenn, looking worried again:: 

Quantum Catz JN: ::it takes her a moment to associate her with the Leyla she remembers:: Wow, really? But you look so-- ::stops, not sure if she should finish the thought::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns deeply; quietly::  Eli says you were in the forest where he got attacked...

Quantum Catz JN: ::uncertainly:: Well I went for a bit of a walk the other day, I didn't really go anywhere in particular

Yarnkittymon JH:  We're trying to find whatever it was.

Quantum Catz JN: Well, I think if I'd seen something dangerous I'd've mentioned it to someone here ::but she doesn't look directly at any of them as she says it::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Don't you know *something*?

Quantum Catz EK: ::spreads his wings out rather threateningly from his position on Leyla's shoulder, not looking happy::

Maeveowens LA: ::has gotten quiet after Jenn's comment, but she looks up at Eli when he moves and then glances at Jenn:: Please, you have to tell us Jenn? What if it attacks someone else?

Quantum Catz JN: ::looks at the bird rather nervously:: I thought it was cats that you liked. I didn't see anything out there

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes, looking rather confused::  Did you *feel* anything?

Quantum Catz JN: There wasn't anything out there, okay?

Maeveowens DK: ::gently::  If you didn't see anything then why do you look so nervous Jenn?

Maeveowens LA: And there was obviously something out there if it attacked Eli.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  It'll probably kill people.

Quantum Catz JN: Maybe I'm just nervous cos there's a great big bird flapping its wings at me.  What makes you think something that hurt an animal would hurt people?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  Some people out here don't look human.

Maeveowens LA: ::frowns at Jenn; quietly:: Besides, you're hiding something.

Quantum Catz JN: I'm not hiding anything

Yarnkittymon JH:  You know something that you're not saying.

Maeveowens LA: ::she shakes her head, looking disappointed:: Thanks a lot Jenn. ::she turns to look at the others, shrugging:: Let's just go.

Maeveowens DK: ::she frowns at Jenn too, not liking the fact that she isn't helping her brothers when she thought the girl was a friend. She turns to Josh:: If you're going after this thing then I'm going with you.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes, then looks at Jenn::  You don't want to put her in danger, do you?

Quantum Catz EK: ::makes a loud screeching noise at that::

Maeveowens LA: ::looks at Eli:: You have no room to talk, or screech for that matter.

Quantum Catz EK: ::rises from her shoulder and lands on the floor, changing back into a human rather more slowly than normal; his hand moves to his chest once he's finished but he strides towards Jenn, looking angry:: You were there more than once. You know exactly what's out there, you tell me now because I'm not letting my family walk into a trap

Maeveowens DK: ::her jaw drops:: Eli! What are you doing? You're hurt! You shouldn't even be here? Where is Isaac? 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shortly::  He's tired.  ::looks at Jenn coldly::

Quantum Catz JN: ::winces and takes a step back:: It wouldn't hurt people, I swear

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::in a low voice::  What is it?

Maeveowens DK: ::she rubs at her head, suddenly not liking being so far away from her family all the time::

Quantum Catz JN: I'm sorry Eli got hurt but please just leave it be

Maeveowens LA: ::snaps:: We can't until we know what it is!  And if you don't tell us we'll just go find it.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Eli could've died.  Please...

Quantum Catz JN: ::is looking rather nervous since Eli is still standing threateningly close to her; a pair of small balls of light suddenly appear, hovering near her head, though Eli doesn't seem to notice them::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::gasps, looking quietly::  What's that?

Maeveowens DK: Jenn! ::looks at Eli:: You might want to get back Eli.. ::she takes a step closer to her brother, looking worried::

Quantum Catz EK: ::frowns:: What're you talking about?

Maeveowens LA: Don't you see what she's doing? ::looks to the girl:: Jenn?

DK: ::even more worried, she takes her brother's arm:: You don't see the lights Eli?

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly, not looking at them:: They say you can't see them, because you're an animal. They think you're dangerous ::the lights suddenly shoot forward and Eli's thrown back to the ground::

Maeveowens LA: Eli! ::kneels down next to him::

Maeveowens DK: ::stumbles since she had a hold of him:: Jenn? How could you? ::turns to kneel beside her brother::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::yells, trying to get between the lights and Eli::

Quantum Catz JN: I didn't do it - i wasn't even there before.  Just leave them alone ::the lights hover near Eli but they don't attack again::

Yarnkittymon JH:  What are they?

Quantum Catz EK: ::groans, the cut on his chest has started seeping blood again::

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: I'm getting more bandages. ::she gets up and heads towards the orphanage::

Maeveowens LA: ::glares at Eli; worriedly:: I told you not to come!

Quantum Catz JN: I don't know, I found them in the forest

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks fiercely at the lights::  Eli's not an animal!

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: I'll be fine

Quantum Catz JN: ::shrugs:: All humans can see them, and he can't

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::coldly::  Blind humans can't.  I want to know what they are! 

Maeveowens DK: ::comes back out with some more cloth, and goes to press it to Eli's wound::

 Quantum Catz JN: It doesn't matter what they are, they just want to be left alone. The place they attacked him, it's their place, he should just stay away from it

 Maeveowens LA: They could have given him some warning! They almost killed him! ::she glares at the lights::

Maeveowens DK: ::mutters:: If they don't like animals then they have no business living in a forest.

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly:: It's just him they don't like 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  *Why?*  He never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it.

Maeveowens LA: ::snaps:: I don't care why, they can just get over it because as they can see he is very much human! 

Quantum Catz JN: ::looking upset:: I don't know. But just leave them alone, please

Maeveowens DK: If they leave him alone we will!

Quantum Catz JN: They did!  He's the one who came here and threatened me

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes, looking back at Eli::

Maeveowens DK: ::coldly:: You know he didn't mean you any harm Jenn. You should have just told us to begin with! ::she shakes her head:: I don't know why you're even standing up for those monsters! 

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: I think she's talking a load of crap. Maybe there's something out there they're protecting. It sounds more likely than that they're afraid of me

Maeveowens DK: ::she looks up at Jenn again:: Is that true? Because you can bet that I'll find out now one way or another.

Quantum Catz JN: ::the balls in the air start to spin again at his words; desperately, Jenn says:: They're my friends. They've got nothing to hide. They just want left alone

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head::  What are they protecting?

Maeveowens DK: They could have remained alone if they hadn't attacked my brother so it's their fault!

Quantum Catz JN: They say they were defending themselves and he, especially, should understand that being the animal that he is

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::coldly::  Darwin says we're all animals, you know.  Eli's as human as I am.

Maeveowens LA: But you didn't attack them first, did you Eli?

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: No, i didn't - but I'm starting to wish I had

Maeveowens LA: ::looks smugly at Jenn:: You're *new friends* are lying.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Jenn....

Quantum Catz JN: ::begins to shake, looking like she's about to start crying:: They say all shapeshifters are monsters, they say he's an animal in the way a human's called an animal - cruel, taking enjoyment in things they shouldn't...

Yarnkittymon JH:  You know he's not!

Maeveowens DK: ::looking hurt:: Jenn! ::she looks away, sadly:: How could you? Those things are the evil ones.

Quantum Catz JN: They say they have their reasons and he's to leave them alone. I'm sorry

Maeveowens LA: ::reaches to help Eli up:: That's enough, we're leaving. ::turns to Jenn:: You just keep your lousy light friends away from him.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods, looking rather darkly at Jenn::  They're monsters.

Maeveowens DK: I want them kept away from the orphanage. You're not to bring them here again Jenn,

Quantum Catz JN: ::Crying:: But they're scared, I can tell, they're afraid

Yarnkittymon JH:  They could've run...well...floated away!

Maeveowens LA: They're telling you what they want to tell you. And I don't care anymore Jenn! Believe them over us, the people who were suppose to be your friends!

DK: ::helps Leyla get Eli into a standing position:: You heard me Jenn. Get them out of here before they attack someone else. I don't care what you think their reasons are.

Quantum Catz JN: ::glares at Leyla through her tears:: You? You left - you ran away and left any friends you had here behind without even a word. And I don't care what you say - I know they're telling the truth ::suddenly vanishes from the room; the lights hover there for a second and then follow her::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns, looking at Leyla::  Don't listen to her; she's gone crazy.

Maeveowens LA: ::scowls at where Jenn was standing:: I know. She knows why I left.

Maeveowens DK: Lets just get Eli home.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns, looking around defensively::  She might just come back though.

Quantum Catz EK: ::tries to push them away from him:: I can walk on my own

Maeveowens DK: She can come back here just as long as those lights stay behind. ::she looks at Eli:: For once you aren't getting your way so just grin and bare it.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::doesn't reach out to support Eli; sigh, looking at where Jenn disappeared::

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: I could just fly away from you, you know

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Please don't, Eli.

Maeveowens LA: ::sadly:: That's stupid Eli. You've gotten hurt even more and by all rights I should keep my promise and never speak to you again.

Quantum Catz EK: ::rolls his eyes:: It's not that bad, I'll live

Maeveowens LA: It could have been worse but no! You never listen!

Maeveowens DK: Besides, I think you should stay close to home or us for the time being. Give these *lights* some time to move on. Hopefully they will, anyway.

Yarnkittymon JH:  Let's just get home, Eli.  Isaac and Maeve might need us...and Olivia too.

Quantum Catz EK: I don't think they will move on - sounded like they were defending their territory to me.

Yarnkittymon JH:  What do they need territory for, anyway?

Quantum Catz EK: How should I know? I can't even see them

Maeveowens DK: Well then just don't go near their territory again. You remember where it was don't you?

Quantum Catz EK: I'm not letting some stupid lights scare me - they're obviously hiding something

Yarnkittymon JH:  Well, we're taking you back home; our family needs us.  Maybe we'll chase them later.

Maeveowens LA: Besides, those lights will kill you! You can't see them so therefor you can't hurt them!

Maeveowens DK: If anyone should go investigate it should be me. If I can, well, you know... get my spirit to go there they can't hurt me.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  They might be spirits or something too, Dolly.

Maeveowens DK: I still don't think they could touch me.

Quantum Catz EK: There must be some reason they didn't like me being there - maybe i could hurt them somehow if I got to whatever they were trying to keep me from ::looks rather tempted to go try it::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Definitely not *now*, Eli!

Maeveowens DK: ::she just sighs, looking disappointed::

Maeveowens LA: ::softly:: I give up. ::sighs too::

Quantum Catz EK: What? I don't appreciate being cut up but crazy things i can't see 

Maeveowens LA: We know Eli 

Yarnkittymon JH:  We can take care of it!  But I don't think they'll come to Marquis, and besides, Maeve and Isaac need us.

Quantum Catz EK: To sit and watch them sleep? I thought Maeve was okay now? 

Yarnkittymon JH:  The neighbors can't watch Olivia forever.  And what if something else happens!

Quantum Catz EK: ::sighs:: Okay, we'll go home

Maeveowens DK: ::doesn't take too much joy in that since she knows he'll still go fight the lights but for now she just concentrates on getting her brother home::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks rather relieved, and starts off quickly towards home::

Quantum Catz EK: ::it's not long before he's leaning rather heavily on Dolly::

Maeveowens DK: ::she doesn't say a word, though she's struggling to stay standing under his weight. Leyla was already tired so she isn't helping too much::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::steps forward; quietly::  Let me help.

Quantum Catz EK: ::softly:: Maybe I lost a bit more blood than I thought

Maeveowens DK: ::bites her tongue to keep from commenting::

Maeveowens LA: ::she just rolls her eyes as she steps away to let Josh take over::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::supports Eli fairly well, as he's put on quite a bit of muscle himself; softly::  You're just like Isaac.

Quantum Catz EK: ::murmurs:: Me n Isaac're like chalk 'n cheese

Yarnkittymon JH:  You're both loyal and protective of the family, and push yourselves way past your limits, even when maybe you shouldn't.

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: And too stubborn

Quantum Catz EK: I'm not too stubborn

Maeveowens LA: Yes you are and you're even too stubborn to admit it

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::stifles a laugh::

Quantum Catz EK: I'm just the right amount of stubborn

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns::  There's stubborn, and reckless.

Maeveowens LA: ::mutters:: And you're leaning towards reckless.

Quantum Catz EK: Hey, they attacked me first

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head, silently::

Maeveowens LA: And you're thinking about going after them when it's been *twice* now you've been unable to fight them. That's reckless.

Maeveowens DK: For once maybe you should trust someone else to handle it. I still think I could do it and come out unharmed.

Quantum Catz EK: And if you were hurt then it'd be my fault that you went there

Maeveowens DK: But I won't be.

Yarnkittymon JH:  We'll figure it out, Eli.  Right now we need to focus on the others.

Quantum Catz EK: ::his eyes drift closed for a moment, but he forces them open:: Yeah...

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks rather worried; quietly::  We're almost there.

Quantum Catz EK: ::looks like he's going to collapse at some points on the way home, but he keeps himself walking:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::does assure Eli that he'll be all right, but doesn't give him permission to fall down either:: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::murmurs:: Should've stayed a bird

Yarnkittymon JH:  Yeah, but we'll be home soon and you can rest.

Maeveowens DK: ::sighs again, not even bothering to try and reason with him anymore::

Maeveowens LA: ::doesn't say anything either::

Quantum Catz EK: ::doesn't say much else for the rest of the way home, too busy forcing himself to stay on his feet::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::relaxes a bit when they reach Marquis::

Maeveowens LA: ::she looks even more tired by the time they reach home, and she still hasn't returned to her normal self. She stays quiet, as does Dolly, neither wanting to argue anymore::

Quantum Catz EK: ::before they get to the house, he falls forward, unconscious::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Eli!  ::looks rather annoyed, and stoops down, trying to get his brother into the carry position::

Maeveowens DK: ::she gasps as her legs buckle under Eli's sudden weight and she falls to her knees beside him. She looks pale, and scared as she tries to help Josh turn him over::  

Maeveowens LA: ::she turns back, paling when she notices that he's collapsed:: Is he okay?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns, checking Eli; quietly::  Get Isaac.

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: He's still breathing. Let's just get him home. This is the only way we can stop him from getting himself killed.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head::  I don't know if we can stop that anyway.

Maeveowens LA: We can delay it.

Maeveowens DK: At least long enough for me to get a look at what's going on.

Quantum Catz EK: ::his face is pale and clammy from the blood loss, but his breathing is still strong::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Well, I should be able to carry him the rest of the way, if you help me get him on my back.  ::he's looking rather frustrated, as much with his own weakness as his stubborn brother::

Maeveowens DK: ::she nods and with Leyla's help she tries to put Eli on Josh's back.::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::takes almost a full minute to get his balance, but finally, he's able to walk under his brother's weight, though he wouldn't turn down a bit of balancing help from the girls::

Maeveowens LA: ::Josh doesn't even have to ask because she stays right there beside Eli, making sure he doesn't fall.::

Maeveowens DK: ::she stays on the other side of Josh, lost in thought as she plans just how she's going to keep her middle brother from getting himself killed::

 Yarnkittymon JH:  ::is struggling a little under Eli's weight, but manages to get him home; waits for someone to open the door for him::

Maeveowens DK: ::rushes to get the door while Leyla stays by Eli::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sets Eli down on the couch as well as he can, then looks down, amazed that he was able to move him at all:: 

Quantum Catz KZ: ::is just coming downstairs from checking on the baby, gasps when she sees Eli:: Should I get Isaac? 

Maeveowens DK: ::was about to say something to Josh but Kizzie's presence catches her off guard:: Oh, hello Kizzie. What are you doing here? 

Maeveowens LA: No! Don't get Isaac. We're making him rest so he won't go off and get killed by the thing that did this to him.

Quantum Catz KZ: Oh, i stopped by to see everyone and your neighbour said she wasn't feeling well, so i offered to keep an eye on the baby until you got back. Is Eli okay?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks down at his brother::  I hope so.

Maeveowens LA: ::mutters:: He would be if he wasn't so stubborn.

Maeveowens DK: Thanks for watching Olivia. I think I'm going to see if Isaac is awake. ::starts for the stairs.::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns::  Mrs. Catcher's okay, right?  Nothing Isaac needs to fix?

Quantum Catz KZ: No, she was just a bit under the weather - she'd have stayed but i told her she didn't have to since i was free

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods; quietly::  Thanks.

Maeveowens DK: ::she makes her way up the stairs, and while she wants to see her eldest brother, she heads into her room and closes the door. She sits down on her bed and tries to concentrate on sending her ghost to whatever the spirits are hiding. It might take her awhile since she still can't get her powers to work on command all the time:: 

Quantum Catz KZ: ::to Josh:: It was no trouble, Olivia's been quiet and I guess Maeve and Isaac needed their rest

Quantum Catz: ::at first it looks as though Dolly's just in a random part of the forest, but there's a trail of blood on the ground:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  We really appreciate it.  Did you want to stay for dinner or anything?

Maeveowens DK: ::she blinks, looking surprised that she did it. She swallows hard when she finally notices the blood, unsure if it's her brother's or if it belongs to another person. She moves ahead, following the trail::

Quantum Catz KZ: Oh, you've probably got enough on your plates without making dinner for me

Quantum Catz: ::after a few minutes walking, she can hear Jen saying, softly, sounding upset:: You overreacted. Just because he's a shapeshifter doesn't mean anything

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles::  It's no trouble to cook for one more.  Or....::stops himself, smiling::

Maeveowens DK: ::she pauses, listening for a second, and then slowly moves towards the voices. She creeps up behind a tree, trying to remain unseen but still have a good view of what is happening::

Maeveowens LA: ::turns to Josh, frowning:: Or what?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::still smiling a bit::  Or two.

Maeveowens LA: ::it takes her a moment but she finally gets it and smiles; softly:: Oh.

Quantum Catz : ::Jenn is standing in the centre of a clearing, she looks upset and the two spheres are circling her head; when they respond Dolly doesn't hear them:: Well...i have heard he has a bit of a temper but that doesn't mean anything

Maeveowens DK: ::she's heard all of this before so instead she tries to sneak away from them. She needs to see what they're hiding or if they've injured another innocent though she figures that the blood likely belongs to her brother::

Quantum Catz KZ: ::smiles:: In fact, i do have plans with Guy, and i'm sure you don't need us getting in the way

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles a little::  I guess we can't compete with *him*, then.

Maeveowens LA: ::she goes to sit down beside Eli, watching him carefully.::

Quantum Catz : ::there's an area just past the clearing where the grass isn't growing and a few flowers have been placed to lie on top of them::

Quantum Catz EK: ::is still unconscious, he doesn't seem any worse, though there's a blood stain on his shirt::

Maeveowens DK: ::she glances over her shoulder quite often, fearful that she'll be spotted and followed. When she sees the clearing, she wanders over to it, being very careful not to disturb anything... not that she can in her current state::

Quantum Catz : ::Dolly suddenly hears Jen shouting:: No! Get away from there! 

Maeveowens LA: ::she watches him for a moment or two before she decides that she probably needs to fix his bandages and such. She gets up again, smiling shyly at Kizzie when she passes by her on her way to the kitchen:: 

Quantum Catz KZ: Well, if you're all okay here, then I had better head home.  Don't hesitate to call round if you need anything:: 

Maeveowens DK: ::she jumps and ducks behind a tree, not sure what Jen is yelling for:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles appreciatively::  Thanks again.

Quantum Catz JN: ::her eyes suddenly flash white, and there's no sign of the spheres:: Don't dare step on my land - this is my place

Quantum Catz KZ: See you later ::turns to go:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles at her, then looks down at Eli, sighing; he goes to slip off the young man's shirt, if he can do so without disturbing him::

Maeveowens DK: ::she gasps and takes a step back; weakly:: What are you?

Quantum Catz JN: This is all i have left, the last that belongs to me.  Don't dare try to take it from me

Maeveowens LA: ::she comes back in with a wet cloth if they need it and some more bandages::

Maeveowens DK: ::she lifts her chin:: Why? What's here that so precious to you that you're willing to kill for it? A bunch of flowers? ::she takes another step towards the dirt::

Quantum Catz EK: ::his body twitches when they move him but he stays unconscious::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::checks Eli to see if he's bleeding::

Quantum Catz JN: ::the eyes flare:: Don't dare!

Maeveowens LA: ::she turns a little red when she sees Eli's bare chest. She pushes the bandages towards Josh::

Maeveowens DK: ::defiantly:: Why not? What's here?

Quantum Catz EK: ::the wound has mostly stopped bleeding, though there's a lot of blood dried around it::

Quantum Catz JN: Ignore me and I'll hurt you like i hurt your brother

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  We should probably just bandage it and leave it...Isaac can heal it for good later.

Maeveowens DK: ::glares:: Just tell me what you have hidden here!

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods:: Okay. Hopefully he'll just rest for a week and then forget all about those stupid lights.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head; softly::  The best we can hope for is that he'll let us come along.

Quantum Catz JN: My body! :one of the spheres shoots out from Jen and hovers in from of Dolly, the light pulsing::

Maeveowens DK: ::she squeals, and tries to duck away from the light. She still figures she's invincible in her current state but the movement killed her:: I'm sorry you're dead but you can't go around beating up people! I won't let you!

Quantum Catz JN: Then stay away from here! 

Quantum Catz EK: ::groans and tries to move, crying out when he does so, though his eyes still don't open::

Maeveowens DK: No! Because another innocent person meaning you no harm could come by and then what? Besides the fact that you've brainwashed Jen! And for what? You're own selfish reasons?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Eli...just rest.  You'll be all right.  ::tries to hold his brother's shoulder down::

Quantum Catz JN: Shapeshifters are monsters and anyone who trusts in them is no better. I would never hurt a normal person

Maeveowens LA: ::she cringes and moves to help Josh:: So much for him staying asleep

Quantum Catz EK: Kitten... ::though his body relaxes and he stills again fairly quickly::

Maeveowens DK: Well I don't trust you and I'm not letting you hurt anyone.. ::she starts to walk away::

Maeveowens LA: ::she smiles sadly at him while she finishes helping Josh with the bandages:: 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sighs; softly::  You still don't think we should get Isaac? 

Quantum Catz JN: If you and your brothers come back, you'll only end up hurt

Maeveowens LA: ::she cringes:: I think it might be for his own good.

Maeveowens DK: ::she turns back: I'll find a way to stop you. There's someone somewhere that you won't be able to hurt that will make sure you stop hurting people.

Quantum Catz JN: I haven't hurt anyone except your brother

Maeveowens DK: And I'm going to make sure you don't hurt anyone else.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods tiredly::  Most the family's unconscious.  :pauses::  Dolly went up to check on Olivia, right?

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods:; I think so. Or to talk to Isaac.

Quantum Catz JN: You don't know anything. You're so arrogant, so full of yourself - you come to the orphanage and pretend to understand when you've never spent a moment of your life alone. You don't know the pain people can inflict on others

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods, standing up::  I think I'll look in on Olivia, if you're okay down here?

Maeveowens DK: ::she flinches, looking stunned:: How can you even say that to me? Do you know *anything* about my family? It's true, I might not have been alone but I haven't gone unscarred by things that happen in this world! But you don't see me attacking people that haven't done a thing to me just because they may resemble someone that may have hurt me!

Maeveowens LA: ::she nods:: Someone needs to stay with Eli.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  I'll be back in a few minutes, then.  ::slips upstairs::

Quantum Catz JN: I know your brother's mind, i don't need to know anything else

Maeveowens DK: If I'm arrogant then so are you to think you're better than anyone! You're judging him just because of what he can do. I don't need to know anymore than that to know that you're evil. And I don't believe you when you say that you won't hurt anyone else. ::she turns around and starts to stalk off::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks in on Olivia, who's sleeping peacefully, and peeks in at Maeve and Isaac for a moment, too::

Maeveowens MV: ::is still sounds asleep::

Quantum Catz IS: ::is still asleep as well::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles when he hears them breathing, and then pauses in the hallway before checking Dolly's room::

Quantum Catz JN: ::sits down where she's standing, and the sphere spins back into Jen's body, leaving Dolly to walk away::

Maeveowens ::Dolly appears to be just sleeping::

Quantum Catz EK: :occasionally tries to move in his sleep, groaning, though he soon settles down again::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::checks on Eli again, admonishing him to rest, before heading into the kitchen::

Maeveowens LA: ::she's fallen asleep against the couch::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::does look in on Eli every so often, and twice during the course of making dinner, slips upstairs to make sure Olivia is all right; the second time he checks, the baby is fussing and he spends a few minutes calming her::

Quantum Catz EK: ::can't even seem to rest as he sleeps and often seems like he's going to wake, though he doesn’t::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::comes back downstairs and sees Eli; looks at him, rather worried, though he doesn't have any ideas of what to do; finally gets back to supper, not wanting it to burn::

Maeveowens DK: ::she wakes up a little while later and heads downstairs to the kitchen.Quietly to Josh:: The lights are guarding a body.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::his eyes go wide::  A body?  No one buried it?

Maeveowens DK: ::she smirks:: No, of course it's buried but the lights are guarding it's body. They have a grudge against shapeshifers and those who are friends with them. I don't think he'll even listen to anyone who hasn't had a tragic past. ::mutters quietly:: Maybe we should send Maeve in.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns::  I don't want to bring Maeve or Isaac into it.  :pauses::  You think we could take care of it ourselves?

Maeveowens DK: We can't reason with it. It won't listen to us. My next idea is to dig up the body. ::She shudders, finding that option utterly revolting:: But no one but me will ever get close enough.

Yarnkittymon JH:  :pauses, and then his eyes go even wider::  You...went?  Your ghost?

Maeveowens DK: ::she rolls her eyes: How do you think I knew what they were guarding?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sheepishly::  I didn't think about it.  I just thought...::shakes his head, embarrassed::  If it's...just buried in the middle of the forest...we should move it to the graveyard anyway.  It's only right.

Maeveowens DK: But then he'd attack anyone who came to visit the graveyard and if Leyla or Eli got within a foot of it the spirit would kill them.

Yarnkittymon JH:  I don't want to do anything drastic 'til we've *tried* talking.  And what about Jen?  What happens to her if we dig up the body?

Maeveowens DK: Jen just made friends with him. I don't know what her problem is but the lights won't hurt her. And I've already tried talk to it. There's no reasoning with it Josh.

Yarnkittymon JH:  Well, we have to do something before Eli tries again.

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: I don't know.

Yarnkittymon JH:  Can we try after supper?

Maeveowens DK: We tried earlier Josh, remember? We can't change its mind. Jen can't even change its mind. And I couldn't when I went back there.

Yarnkittymon JH:  I didn't know they were someone dead then, either.

Maeveowens DK: Knowing that its dead doesn't change how *it* feels.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  If I was just a spirit, I'd be pretty scared.

Maeveowens DK: ::she shrugs:: Being scared and being vengeful are two different things.

Yarnkittymon JH:  Well, I'm going to go find it.

Maeveowens DK: Josh! ::she grabs for his arm::  No you're not! It's a vengeful spirit! It'll just hurt you!

Yarnkittymon JH:  Well, you can't dig anything up if you just go in your ghost form, and I'll bet you'll be in as much danger as me if you go in person.

Maeveowens DK: I never planned to go in person. I just need to find someone that can talk to it or destroy it without getting hurt. I don't think it'll listen to you either Josh.

Yarnkittymon JH:  And we both know as soon as Eli's awake, he's going.  So unless you find someone to help before supper's over, I want to beat him to it.

Maeveowens DK: Eli won't be well enough to move before supper and I have no intention of waiting long enough for Eli to go get himself killed. ::she heads for the door::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::doesn't look too pleased, but turns his attention back to supper::

JH:  ::sighs::  Just wait, Dolly.  We'll fix it after supper.

Maeveowens DK: ::she pauses:: We don't have that much time Josh. It's getting dark.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::doesn't look pleased, but he takes dinner out of the oven::  Then they can reheat it.  I'm not letting you go alone.

Maeveowens DK: ::sighs heavily.:: What if they hurt you Josh?

 Yarnkittymon JH:  You're not safe either, Dolly; you know that--not unless you want to go in ghost form again. 

Maeveowens DK: I think I'm going to try doing both. ::she shakes her head:: I don't know what to do I just know that we have to do something. ::she turns and heads for the door::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::follows after Dolly, then pauses, scowling::  Olivia...

Maeveowens DK: ::groans:: One of us has to stay.

Yarnkittymon JH:  I'll wake up Leyla.  She can stay here with Eli and watch Olivia too.

Maeveowens DK: ::she nods::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::goes to do so::

Quantum Catz : ::the trail Eli left when he came running home is easy to follow, though they don't hear anything as they get closer to the clearing::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks around curiously, silently::

Quantum Catz : ::they can't hear Jen talking, though the spirit may still have taken her over::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::finally, softly::  Jen?  Are you here?

Maeveowens DK: Let's go to the grave-site. That will draw them out. ::heads towards it::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::walks quickly alongside Dolly::

Quantum Catz JN: ::is sitting against a tree near the gravesite with her arms wrapped around her head, trembling::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::steps forward, leaning down near the girl; softly::  Jen?

Maeveowens DK: ::she stands back with her arms folded::

Quantum Catz JN: ::tearfully:: Stay away from me, why can't you just stay away?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Who?  The lights?

Quantum Catz JN: No, *you*! They'll end up hurting you if you keep doing this

Yarnkittymon JH:  You know we can't just leave you, any more than I'd leave a woman in a burning building.

Maeveowens DK: ::she cringes and steps forward.:: Besides, this needs to be settled. We need to *know* that Eli and other shape-shifters are safe. There's got to be *something* we can say to get through to that spirit.

Quantum Catz JN: You don't know what happened to her, you don't understand

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Then tell us.

Quantum Catz JN: ::the spheres suddenly appear above Jen's head, bobbing in the air:: They say you don't care, you're just interfering because of your brother

Maeveowens DK: ::she cringes and looks away; softly:: Can you blame me? I understand that something awful must have happened and I understand that it must have involved a shape-shifter but that doesn't excuse it.

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly:: She swears to me that he is the one who killed her

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::instantly shakes his head::  Eli wouldn't!

Maeveowens DK: ::looks as if Jen just slapped her and she scowls at the girl:: How dare you even accuse him of something like that! You know he didn't!

Quantum Catz JN: ::winces:: I saw her memories, it looked like Eli

Quantum Catz: ::the spheres above her head spin rather threateningly at being dismissed so quickly::

Yarnkittymon JH:  But Eli would've told us.

Maeveowens DK: ::shakes her head:: Eli has never killed a woman Jen! Why would he?

DK: ::she points at the lights:: They're probably just making you think that so they can get back at Eli for something someone else did!

Quantum Catz : :one of the spheres spins towards Dolly, and Jen looks up at it, wide-eyed::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::yells::  Stop it!

Quantum Catz JN: You assume they're lying and you don't even listen, what do you expect?

Maeveowens DK: ::she ducks back:: Assume? Jen we know! It's our brother you're accusing these things of! Eli doesn't attack for fun, he attacks because something has hurt someone close to him. 

Quantum Catz JN: ::Jen looks at Dolly, rather shocked:: She was a 15 year old girl - you're saying if she'd hurt someone then it would be okay for him to attack her?  You accept that he can do something like that?

Quantum Catz: ::the moving sphere gets close enough to Dolly that she can probably feel a breeze from it spinning in the air::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Jen, call them off, and we'll listen!

Quantum Catz JN: Do you know everything your brother does? I heard he knew about Leyla for a while before he bothered to tell anyone else. He comes running out in the forest all the time

Maeveowens DK: Just stop it Jen! Stop accusing him of these things! You're wrong!

DK: ::she trips as she attempts to get away from the lights, and lands hard on the ground::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Dolly!

Quantum Catz : :one of the spheres shoots straight at Dolly and slices into her side, but then it's like it seems to reconsider and it spins back and enters Dolly, like it did Jen; she hears a girl's voice say: I hoped i could just make him stay away from me, keep my body safe. But if i can't do that - then at least i'll stop him 

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looking rather bewildered::  What would Eli want with your body?

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly:: The earth is keeping her spirit separated from it, the spheres can't pass through it - she thought he had come to kill the rest of her.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::is shaking as he goes over to check Dolly:

Maeveowens DK: ::she was stunned speechless at first but then she suddenly screams and tries to twist away from the voice:: It wasn't Eli!:

Quantum Catz : :Dolly suddenly sees flashes of Eli standing above her, hitting her, kicking her, then changing into a dog and chasing her::

Maeveowens DK: ::she screams again and turns towards the ground, trying to protect herself from the visions:: It's not Eli! He wouldn't! He has no reason to!!

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  You don't know him.

Quantum Catz JN: ::looks away:: I'm sorry, i said it was better just to say she didn't like shapeshifters because i knew you wouldn't believe it - but it's the truth!

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Then tell us what happened.

Maeveowens DK: ::she curls around herself, pressing her hand to her side:: How could you believe her Jen? Over me?

Quantum Catz : ::the images of what the girl experience Eli doing to her, continue to flash through Dolly's head, so much that they're probably starting to hurt as the girl desperately tries to make Dolly believe her::

Quantum Catz JN: ::Winces; to Josh:: She says Dolly knows now

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::goes over to Dolly and kneels beside her; softly::  Are you all right?

Maeveowens DK: ::she screams again, shaking her head; whimpering:: It wasn't him! Someone who looked like Isaac practically did the same thing to Maeve but it wasn't him! It was someone else! This has to be the same thing!

Quantum Catz : ::the sphere suddenly leaves Dolly's body and she likely falls unconscious after the sudden onslaught of images::

Maeveowens DK: ::her body relaxes quite suddenly, and it's clear that she's at least not being tormented anymore::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::gently shakes Dolly; softly::  Dolly?

Quantum Catz JN: She'll be fine - it's just a bit of a shock the first time

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::his eyes go wide, and he murmurs::  How dare you hurt her like that?

Quantum Catz JN: ::there are tears in her eyes and she's shaking again:: She saw the truth, it was important

Yarnkittymon JH:  How do you know it's the truth?  People have nightmares, you know.

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly:: I found her...her family. Someone...in the town told me...it was her power - a piece of her consciousness in a sphere - and she could show people her memories

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sits down next to Dolly, taking the poor woman's hand::  And people remember things that never even happened!

Quantum Catz JN: It was the last thing she saw before she died! The only reason she survived the way she did was that he couldn't see the spheres

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  But even if he *did*--why?  And why wouldn't he see them?

Quantum Catz JN: Animals can't. And even she doesn't know why - but ask the people in Pine, they saw him with her before she disappeared

Yarnkittymon JH:  Then what...::looks down at Dolly and suddenly notices the blood on her dark dress--his line of questioning is instantly forgotten::  They tried to kill her!

Quantum Catz JN: ::the spheres suddenly disappear inside her:: She makes me mad - she thinks i'm a liar and i'm not!

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::unbuttons his shirt, ignoring Jen, or whoever's talking through her::  You hold on, Dolly.

Quantum Catz JN: I didn't hurt her that bad

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly, not looking back at her::  I *am* sorry you're dead--however you died--but you're no better than you think Eli is!

Quantum Catz JN: ::starts to cry:: Then fine, dig up my body, let me die!  I can only go where Jen goes because she has some kind of link to places she's been recently. I can't go home! And that monster gets to go home and be pampered by his family all he wants!  That isn't right! It isn't fair! He said he cared about me!

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::though he should know better, he can't help but feel sorry for the crying girl; slowly::  Who cared about you?

Quantum Catz JN: ::sobbing:: Your brother. He was the only one who listened and then he....he... ::shakes:: Dolly saw what he did... And when i saw him again, all i wanted to do was hurt him, make him bleed like i did

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::his eyes go wide; softly::  Why?  Why did he do it?

Quantum Catz JN: I don't know, it was like he just snapped. He wouldn't listen to me, he wouldn't say anything ::starts to cough, choking on the hysterical tears and then suddenly runs over to the gravesite and starts to dig at the earth::

Yarnkittymon JH:  :presses his shirt to Dolly's wound one last time, then runs over to Jen, calling::  You don't have to!

Quantum Catz JN: I can feel it - if i think about it i can still feel every single wound - none of the memories in the spheres degrade, i can't forget, i can't make it go away. I couldn't even kill him and now you'll never leave me alone

Yarnkittymon JH:  I want to find out what happened!  What--what's your name?

Quantum Catz JN: Amy ::through she doesn't stop digging at the ground::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Amy, isn't it *possible* that it was a real animal that attacked?

Quantum Catz JN: He hit me first and then he changed shape - i showed Dolly, she knows - she can do what she wants with it - i don't *care* anymore, i just want the pain to go away!

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::swallows hard::  There's nothing else you can do?

Quantum Catz JN: ::stops, shaking and covers her face with her dirt-covered hands:: I made a mistake - i shouldn't have attacked him unless i could kill him. He'll come back, i saw it in his eyes at the orphanage. He'll come back

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  I promise I won't let him hurt you.

Quantum Catz JN: ::starts to dig again, tears streaking the dirt on her face:: You can't stop him

Yarnkittymon JH:  He's my brother.  I'll stop him.  Please don't just give up...maybe Toby can help you.

Quantum Catz JN: My entire consciousness could fill ten spheres - i had to give up so much just to keep this little bit

Yarnkittymon JH:  There's still time for you to make new memories.

Quantum Catz JN: I don't want the ones i have.  it was fine while i was here alone, i could...i could stop *feeling*. But then i met Jen and I...I miss everything. I can't...i can't do this

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  When did it happen?

Quantum Catz JN: ::hesitates, struggling to think back:: It was March...1934...it's 1936, right?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Yeah.  ::cringes, hating himself; softly::  Do you..have any family or anyone around?

Quantum Catz JN: There's my father but he doesn't care

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods; quietly::  If you just keep trying...I promise to do anything to help you.

Quantum Catz JN: I can't bear to see him again, i can't. And you can't stop him from coming here

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  So you'll kill yourself instead?

Quantum Catz JN: Jen says she understands and that's all i care about

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head::  There's another answer.  You don't have to die--you don't know what's out there.  ::sadly goes back to check on Dolly::

Maeveowens DK: ::she moans softly but doesn't stir::

Quantum Catz JN: ::keeps digging anyway::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::after a pause::  I'm taking Dolly back home, then.

Quantum Catz JN: You should wait - Jen will need someone once i'm gone

Yarnkittymon JH:  You going to hurt her, too?

Quantum Catz JN: It wears her out to let me take her over - normally she could rest here but i don't want her here when your brother comes back

Yarnkittymon JH:  He's not coming back!

Quantum Catz JN: ::softly:: Of course not ::she stops, looking down at the ground, hesitating::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  I can bring Toby back here.  There's...there's some way to move souls or something, I know it.  We can *try*.

Quantum Catz JN: :one of the spheres suddenly shoots out of Jen's body and moves towards Josh and Dolly:: I don't trust you any more than i trust your brother. You don't believe me. So why should you help me? And besides, most of my soul is already gone, i told you

Yarnkittymon JH:  I believe someone hurt you, and that you need help.  And I thought you were scared.

Maeveowens DK: ::she chooses to open her eyes at that moment and seeing the sphere makes her tremble with fear; weakly:: No! Please don't! ::she grabs at Josh's arm, frightened that it'll hurt her again::

 Yarnkittymon: JH:  :puts himself in-between the sphere and Dolly::

Quantum Catz: JN: There's nothing to be scared of now - you're the ones who'll have to face him one day. I dont have to deal with it ::suddenly reaches forward into the ground and the spheres expand momentarily and then vanish; Jenn falls forward onto the ground::

Yarnkittymon: JH:  ::cringes; very quietly::  You okay, Dolly?

Maeveowens DK: ::she trembles but doesn't say anything::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Are you all right?

Maeveowens DK: ::she shakes her head, and tries to curl up around herself which causes her to groan::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  If you're going to be all right, I need to check Jenn.

Maeveowens DK: ::whimpers:: No! She did this!

 Yarnkittymon: JH:  She doesn't deserve to die.

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: She'd let them kill Eli

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Amy had a nightmare or something...she thought it was Eli.

Maeveowens DK: ::she shudders again; weakly:: She wanted someone to blame. It wasn't fair.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  You don't have to trust Jenn, but Amy's dead, and Jenn can't hurt us right now.

Maeveowens DK: ::quietly:: Yes she can. ::she curls up tighter, ignoring the pain in her side::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::squeezes Dolly's shoulder, then goes over to Jenn to see if she's alive::

Quantum Catz JN: ::is unconscious but seems fine other than that::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Can you walk, Dolly?  I'm sure I can carry you.

Maeveowens DK: ::she nods her head and then tries to stand. By the time she's standing, her wound is bleeding again and she has to lean against a tree for support::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes::  Put one arm around me and hold the shirt with your other.  Unless you want me to carry you.

Maeveowens DK: ::glances at Jenn; mutters coldy:: You're leaving her then?

Yarnkittymon JH:  You don't want to stay with her, and I don't think you can walk back yourself.

Maeveowens DK: ::she glances down at the ground, looking a tad guilty for a moment; softly:: I dropped the shirt. ::she starts to bend her knees to retrieve it but ends up falling forward instead::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::reaches out, trying to grab his sister before she hits the ground::

Maeveowens DK: ::she clutches at Josh's arms, trying to keep herself from going all the way down. Her grip isn't tight though, and she quickly begins to slip; weakly:: Josh? ::tears spring to her eyes::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::bows down to set Dolly down; softly::  I'll carry you.  You're lighter than Eli.

Maeveowens DK: ::she buries her face in her hands as she quite suddenly bursts into tears::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::cringes; very quietly::  Would you rather I take you to the orphanage?

Maeveowens DK: ::she shakes her head::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::leans down to pick Dolly up::  I'll get you home, then.  It's okay.

Maeveowens DK: ::mutters softly:: I'm a horrible person Josh. ::she sniffs, and then wipes at her tears, still crying slightly.::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks rather shcked::  How could you think that?

Maeveowens DK: I can't help but hate them. ::she glances back at Jen then quickly looks away::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  Do you believe her?

Maeveowens DK: ::she shakes her head again::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  If she was just making it up, she's a monster.

Maeveowens DK: ::in a quiet voice:: Do you hate them then?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  I think Amy went mad...and then she just gave up.  I hate myself more...for letting her.

Maeveowens DK: But how could we have stopped her? We didn't even know her.

Yarnkittymon JH:  I'm as strong as Jen.  I could've held her back.  She would've let me.

Maeveowens DK: Maybe she's better off that way. ::she cringes, thinking that Eli is better off that way.::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  I'm sorry, Dolly.  I know she hurt you too.  But...I'm meant to help people, not stand by while they kill themselves.

Maeveowens DK: ::she rests her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes; quietly:: I think she would have just killed you.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  She couldn't have.  Not unless I'd saved her too, or you.

Maeveowens DK: ::she opens her eyes a bit, frowning:: What?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head::  You'd think I'm crazy.

Maeveowens DK: What are you talking about Josh?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks at the path ahead; quietly::  I'm going to die a hero.

Maeveowens DK: ::She gapes at him. After a moment she quickly shakes her head:: Josh? Why?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::trying to sound light::  That's what firefighters do.

Maeveowens DK: ::shudders:: That's a horrible way to think about it Josh. I can't believe you said that. Why not live and be a hero too?

Yarnkittymon JH:  I hope I do.  I'm just saying...she couldn't have killed me.

Maeveowens DK: ::mutters:: Great, now you're starting to sound like Eli.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::sighs, wishing he could walk faster and already be in Marquis; slowly::  You won't believe me, but it was Mom.

Maeveowens DK: ::she opens her eyes again, looking even more surprised:: What? Where are you getting this Josh? ::she trembles again, tensing against the pain in her side. She has to lay her head back down so she can't see his expression now::

Yarnkittymon JH:  It was a dream...soon after I got stabbed.  I was afraid, and she told me not to be.  ::looks rather determined::  I know you think I'm crazy, but I believe it.

Maeveowens DK: ::there's a brief pause while she thinks about it; softly:: Just don't believe it too strongly Josh. It doesn't make you invincible.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods; quietly::  I still hope it doesn't happen for a long time.

Maeveowens DK: ::she shudders again; quietly:: I hope it never happens. ::her voice breaks on the last part and she sniffs, trying to hold back the tears::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly, though smiling just a tiny bit::  I'm the only one in the family who's not unconscious or bleeding right now.  Except Olivia.  I'm more worried for you.

Maeveowens DK: ::she sniffs again; weakly:: Maeve and Isaac are fine, aren't they?

Yarnkittymon JH:  Yeah, but they're exhausted.

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::finally arrives back at the house, struggling to open the door, and winds up knocking::

Quantum Catz EK: ::at the sound of the knock, his head jerks and he suddenly turns into a fox::

Maeveowens LA: ::she was getting up to answer it but when Eli moves and then shifts, she kind of jumps; softly:: Stay put Eli. Fox or not, you're in no shape to be moving. ::goes in to answer the door::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::smiles tiredly to see Leyla; softly::  Dolly's hurt...is Isaac awake?

Maeveowens DK: ::mutters a weak "no" in protest of someone getting Isaac::

Quantum Catz EK: ::blinks rather drowsily at Leyla, and then turns back into a human when he hears his brother; though he winces and groans:: What happened?

Maeveowens LA: ::she looks down at Dolly and then back up at Josh; softly:: I'm not sure but I'll check. ::she hurries for the stairs, leaving the door open::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shakes his head, looking at Eli for just a moment before he looks around for a place to set Dolly:: 

Maeveowens DK: ::she looks pale and is barely holding on to the shirt anymore::

Quantum Catz IS: ::has been half-awake for the past ten minutes, watching Maeve sleep, though still not awake enough to remember about Eli's attack::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::isn't in shape to lug Dolly up the stairs; softly::  Can she have the couch, Eli?

Maeveowens MV: ::she frowns, whimpering slightly in her sleep as she scoots closer to him::

Quantum Catz EK: ::stands up, though his hand goes to his wound as he moves:: You went back there without me? 

Yarnkittymon JH:  I don't know if you told us everything that happened there.

Quantum Catz IS: ::reaches out and strokes her face::

Maeveowens MV: ::smiles slightly in her sleep which is quite suddenly broken when there's a knock on the door::

Quantum Catz EK: What're you talking about? ::feels rather dizzy and stumbles back into a chair::

Maeveowens DK: ::she opens her eyes, watching Eli with a haunted look in her eyes. She eventually has to turn away, shuddering::

Yarnkittymon JH:  You met her before?

Quantum Catz IS: ::groans but then remembers what happened to Eli last time he was awake; sits up and moves to get out of bed::

Quantum Catz EK: Her? You mean Jenn?

Maeveowens MV: ::she moves again, frowning:: What's wrong?

Yarnkittymon JH:  Amy.

Quantum Catz EK: ::scowls:: Who's Amy? Was it her who hurt Dolly?

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: You rest. I'm going to check on the others

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks closely at Eli, trying to discern if he's telling what he remembers::

Maeveowens MV: ::she sits up, yawning:: I think I've been sleeping enough. ::she suddenly gasps and practically falls out of the bed in her haste to get up:: Olivia! I completely... ::her cheeks turn red. She knew she wasn't cut out for this::

Maeveowens LA: ::she knocks on the door again; hesitantly:: Isaac?

Quantum Catz IS: We're coming, Leyla

Quantum Catz EK: :only obviously looks annoyed, but that isn't surprising since he's woken up to see his sister bleeding:: Well, was it?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  She's dead now.

Maeveowens DK: ::weakly:: You- she thinks- you hurt her. ::she looks up at him and then quickly away::

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: If those things i couldn't see were hers then i'd've liked to have a go

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks at Maeve:: The others'll have been watching Olivia - you needed the rest

Maeveowens MV: ::she smiles weakly, and shrugs; quietly:: I guess.

Yarnkittymon JH:  She said she'd talked to you before.  Made friends with you, and then you turned on her.

Quantum Catz EK: ::rolls his eyes:: I don't know anyone called Amy - why are you even asking me? You actually think i would?

Maeveowens DK: ::she doesn't look up at him::

Yarnkittymon JH:  Not unless someone was controlling you, or someone disguised himself as you.

Quantum Catz EK: Or she was *lying*

Maeveowens DK: ::softly:: Jenn thinks it was you.

Yarnkittymon JH:  Amy was so afraid, she killed herself rather than risk being attacked again.  I don't think she was lying.  Maybe crazy, but not lying.

Quantum Catz IS: :opens the bedroom door; to Leyla:: How's Eli?

Maeveowens LA: ::she looks down at the ground:: He's awake but it's not Eli that needs you...

Quantum Catz EK: Well if she was crazy then how d'you know anything even happened? ::glares at his brother and sister:: I can't believe you're even asking me this

Maeveowens DK: ::still not looking up; weakly:: She made me see it

Quantum Catz IS: ::his eyes widen:: What's happened?

Maeveowens LA: I don't know. I just know Dolly's hurt.

MV: ::follows him to the door::

Quantum Catz IS: ::quickly heads downstairs::

Quantum Catz EK: Made you see what?

Maeveowens DK: See what you-or whoever it was- did to her.

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: Well it wasn't me

Maeveowens DK: If Jenn says something you'll have to prove it.

Quantum Catz EK: ::glares at Dolly but refrains from saying anything when he sees Isaac::

Quantum Catz IS: ::walks in and runs over to Dolly:: What have you three been doing?

Maeveowens LA: ::she comes back downstairs and stops beside Eli, looking worried::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  It's a long story.

Quantum Catz IS: ::he's still feeling s bit worn out despite his long sleep after spending so long healing Maeve, but he heals Dolly without a thought:: Well, I'm up now, so you can tell me it

Yarnkittymon JH:  Maybe we should start with what Eli knows.

Maeveowens DK: ::she tries to move away from her brother, not wanting him to hurt himself over her but she doesn't make the move in time. She quietly thanks him, feeling guilty for bothering him.::

Quantum Catz EK: ::frowns at Josh:: I told you what i knew before you ran off while i was out of it

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  Well, there's this girl...she said...::sighs::  She said Eli made friends with her and then...killed her.  I don't know what she saw; of course it wasn't Eli.  But she...swore he did.

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: Well she was either lying or crazy, either way it wasn't me

IS: Hang on - you were talking to a dead girl?

Yarnkittymon JH:  She was still a little alive, in these two orbs, and she made friends with Jen at the orphanage.

Maeveowens DK: ::mutters:: Jen believes her. ::she looks away:: She might not know she's lying. The person looked an awful lot like Eli.

Quantum Catz IS: Was it her that attacked Eli earlier? What's happened to her now?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looks away; softly::  She killed herself, and I didn't stop her.

Quantum Catz IS: ::Sighs and sits down:: I'm not sure i'm awake enough for this yet

Maeveowens LA: ::softly:: What happened to Jen?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::softly::  She's unconscious.  I need to go back to get her.

Quantum Catz EK: I'll go with you

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::can't restrain a tiny cringe::

Quantum Catz EK: What d'you think i'm going to do? Kill Jen too?

Maeveowens DK: She'll think you will

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quickly::  You didn't kill Amy, Eli!

Quantum Catz EK: And you both seem so sure of that ::turns to leave the room but suddenly winces and has to reach for Leyla, his other hand going to his wound::

Quantum Catz IS: Eli, sit down and I'll heal you too 

Maeveowens LA: ::she turns a little pale as she reaches out to steady him:: What do you mean by that?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::looking at his brother, worriedly:: 

Quantum Catz EK: ::sits down but doesn't say anything as his older brother heals him::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::quietly::  It's not dangerous, Eli.

Maeveowens LA: You shouldn't go. There's no reason to drive Jen into another fit even if she does deserve it.

Quantum Catz EK: ::sighs:: Whatever

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::heads to the door; quietly::  I'll just take her to the orphanage.  I'll be back.

Maeveowens LA: Do you want someone to go with you?

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shrugs::  I'm all right.

Maeveowens DK: ::quietly:: Be careful Josh

Quantum Catz IS: I'm not sure you should go alone, someone certainly killed that girl

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::frowns; quietly::  I'll be all right, Isaac, but if you want someone to come with me, that's OK.

Quantum Catz IS: Well I've already been woken up to heal the other two, i'd rather you avoided getting hurt as well

Maeveowens LA: ::hesitantly:: I can go back with him. ::her hair has at least begun to turn colors again since she got in a bit of a nap::

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::shrugs::  I just want to get going.

Maeveowens LA: ::she reaches over to grab her shoes and quickly pulls them on:: Coming

Quantum Catz IS: ::sighs:: Okay, but both of you be careful

Yarnkittymon JH:  ::nods::  We'll be back soon.  ::heads outside, glancing at Leyla::

Quantum Catz EK: ::mutters:: I'm going up to my room

Maeveowens DK: ::she looks at her brother, unsure of his behavior. An image flashes in her mind and she shudders::

Quantum Catz EK: ::notices the shudder and flinches, then runs up the stairs::

Maeveowens DK: ::she represses a sob, and quickly just hides her face in her hands::

Quantum Catz IS: ::glances from Eli to Dolly and then goes to sit by Dolly; softly:: Are you okay?

Maeveowens DK: ::she nods; weakly:: I'm fine.

Quantum Catz IS: You want to talk about it?

Maeveowens DK: ::she quickly shakes her head "no"::

Quantum Catz IS: ::sighs:: Well, you know I'm here

Maeveowens DK: ::she manages a weak smile for him; softly:: I should get back to the orphanage.

Quantum Catz IS: You can stay here tonight, surely? It sounds like you've been through a lot today

Maeveowens DK: ::she hesitates but then nods her head:: I guess. I wasn't needed this evening but I'm not sure if Jen is going to stir up trouble or not.

Quantum Catz IS: Well, we'll see what she says to Josh and Leyla. If this other girl's gone now...then maybe it'll all come to nothing

Maeveowens DK: ::she simply nods::

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