~Sunday, February 14, 1937~

3:01:00 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she's sitting outside by the tree they planted for Isaac, enjoying the outdoors. She's been spending a lot of time out there after being confined to a room for over a month.::

3:03:45 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::is sitting next to her; he's hardly left her side since Isaac healed her, still worried that it might all go wrong; he still hasn't caught up with his sleep and he stifles a yawn::

3:04:38 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she suddenly tenses, cringing. A second later, she slowly lets out a long breath and relaxes again::

3:07:05 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::softly, knowing she's probably fed up with him asking:: Are you okay?

3:07:59 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods:: Yes. I think it was just the babies kicking. ::she turns to smile at him::

3:11:11 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::smiles:: Desperate to get out, i guess

3:13:47 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods:: I guess. Or hungry...one or the other. ::she laughs::

3:17:55 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::smiles, though it's hard to laugh as it occurs to him what Isaac must be going through right now after only just getting back; softly:: I'm so glad you're okay

3:19:12 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods and reaches for his hand:: I'm just happy the babies will be okay. And Livvy.

3:34:56 PM quantumcatz: EK: Yeah...if only Guy hadn't found that guy for Maeve...everything might be back to normal now...i wish... ::sighs::

3:36:09 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods, turning worried:: Yeah. But things can still work out. ::she gasps as another pain strikes her::

3:40:51 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::looking worried for her:: That looked like more than just the baby kicking

3:40:55 PM quantumcatz: *babies

3:42:29 PM maeveowens: LA: Eli... it's too early! They're just anxious. ::she rubs her stomach, worriedly::

3:46:57 PM quantumcatz: EK: Maybe you should see the doctor...just to make sure

3:48:20 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she quickly nods and reaches out for him to help her up::

3:50:41 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::helps her to her feet, looking a bit pale at the thought that something might be going wrong again::

3:53:40 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she gasps again, paling:: I don't think I have time for the doctor...

3:54:05 PM quantumcatz: EK: What d'you mean?

3:55:35 PM maeveowens: LA: The babies... my water broke Eli... ::she looks up at him, worriedly::

3:57:11 PM quantumcatz: EK: No, it's...it's too early

3:58:23 PM maeveowens: LA: Well they don't seem to care about how early it is!3:59:19 PM quantumcatz: EK: I'll...i'll help you inside and then i'll go get him, okay?

3:59:37 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods::

4:03:18 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::helps her back into the house, calling out for Dolly::

4:03:51 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::Nettie had dozed off in the living room, but she sits up::  What's wrong?

4:03:59 PM maeveowens: DK: I'm in the kitchen!

4:05:18 PM quantumcatz: EK: Her water broke but it's too soon...it's too soon

4:05:42 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::Nettie winces::  Oh, you don't know that.  ::gets a blanket for the couch::

4:06:00 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she comes in, and pales when she hears what he says:: Do you want me to get the doctor?

4:10:18 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::hesitates: I should go, i can find him faster ::though he doesn't really want to leave leyla::

4:10:57 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::Nettie frowns, shaking her head::  This is no place for a husband, Eli.

4:11:29 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she eases herself down on to the couch just as another contraction hits::

4:13:30 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::looks ready to bite Nettie's head off for that but he swallows the words back when Leyla winces again; softly, to Leyla:: I'll go get the doctor.  Promise you'll be okay while i'm gone?

4:14:06 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods:: I'll be fine... ::she puts her hands on her stomach, clearly more worried for the babies than herself.::

4:14:56 PM yarnkittymon: NT:  Stay with her, Dolly.  I'll go wash my hands.

4:15:29 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she comes to sit down next to Leyla. ::

4:17:02 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::changes into a fox and runs out of the house::

4:32:37 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::doesn't take long to come back with the doctor and he quickly moves to sit beside her, reaching for her hand::

4:33:05 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her hand immediately wraps tightly around his::

4:33:21 PM quantumcatz: : ::the doctor moves forward, looking a bit concerned though he tries to hide it:: How are we doing, Leyla?

4:33:51 PM maeveowens: LA: I don't know. You tell me? ::she looks up at him, fear in her eyes:: It's too soon.

4:39:33 PM quantumcatz: : ::softly, as he pulls out his fetal stethoscope:: I won't lie to you - there is a high risk if you give birth this soon, particularly with twins...

4:40:20 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::Nettie scowls::  Hogwash.  She's big as a house--those kids are ready.

4:42:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she looks between the two, unsure of what to believe::

4:44:11 PM quantumcatz: : Have you much experience with childbirth? ::he doesn't want to argue with the woman, leyla's bump is rather large for the stage she's at but still, 7 months would be too soon for a lot of babies, even more so for twins; feels the  bump with his hand and then uses the stethoscope to listen for their hearts::

4:45:36 PM yarnkittymon: NT:  I know enough.  ::does shut her mouth when she sees the doctor is trying to listen::

4:51:03 PM quantumcatz: : ::after a few long minutes, he seems to relax a bit; softly:: Strong heartbeats.  That's a good sign.  I think though, if you can make it, you should come to the surgery to give birth

4:51:44 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she relaxes only to tense again:: The surgery? Why?

4:53:51 PM quantumcatz: : You see...with twins...the first baby can get itself in the right position, the other has to wait until the first one's out...and the whole process takes longer, increasing the danger to you too

4:54:50 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she pales more:: Okay... ::she looks back at her husband::

4:54:57 PM yarnkittymon: NT:  ::shrugs::  Don't listen to him, Leyla.  Cats manage it; how hard can it be?

4:57:59 PM maeveowens: LA: ::softly:: I don't know.

4:58:20 PM maeveowens: LA: ::another contraction hits, making her gasp again::

5:00:39 PM quantumcatz: EK: I'd rather you were where-ever's safest...even if nothing happens, at least if it does...he can do something

5:01:11 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods, still cringing from the last contraction::

5:05:54 PM maeveowens: DK: ::softly:: I need to get Livvy. I can take her to Becky. ::she gets up::

5:09:32 PM quantumcatz: : We should move you now, Leyla - multiple births can move faster than normal ones.

5:10:13 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods, and tries to get up::

5:17:19 PM maeveowens: LA: ::by the time they get her to the surgery, she's gasping in pain as the contractions begin coming closer together::

5:23:17 PM quantumcatz: : ::the doctor guides them into the surgery::

5:25:41 PM maeveowens: LA: Eli... you aren't leaving are you?

5:27:17 PM quantumcatz: : Normally, I'd recomend that the husband leaves. It can be quite a trying time

5:27:40 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she looks between the doctor and Eli::

5:28:27 PM quantumcatz: EK: I'm not going anywhere ::glares up at the doctor as if daring him to argue over it::

5:29:59 PM quantumcatz: : ::sighs:: If that's what you want.

5:30:51 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods and then gasps as another pain hits her::

5:40:57 PM quantumcatz: : ::though it isn't long before the doctor starts leyla pushing, it's nearly an hour before the first baby is born; she comes out crying, though it's more of a 'i'm not sure what i'm doing here' cry than completely screaming her head off::

5:41:41 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she collapses against the pillows, gasping for breath:: Is...is she okay?

5:43:12 PM quantumcatz: : A little bit of a miracle ::smiles:: I've never known a baby to be this developed at only seven months. ::goes to clean the girl up a bit before wrapping her in a blanket::

5:43:42 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she tries to lift herself up to see::

5:47:11 PM quantumcatz: : ::brings the girl over to them, handing her to leyla; she's now just making noises rather than crying::

5:47:57 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she takes the baby, holding her carefully as if she'd break::

5:48:41 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::is looking rather amazed, and relieved that everything seems to be okay; softly:: Our baby...

5:49:12 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles tiredly at Eli and then looks back at the doctor, turning worried:: What about the other one?

5:53:59 PM quantumcatz: : You're contractions will probably pick up again soon - you should probably give the baby to Eli to hold.  This one went fairly smoothly, i'm hoping her twin will do the same

5:54:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she carefully and as gently as possible, tries to hand the baby over to Eli::

5:55:44 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::takes the baby, still looking rather awestruck:;

5:56:20 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she gets one breath in before another contraction hits, making her cry out::

5:57:54 PM quantumcatz: : Okay, Leyla, you're going to have to take this slowly so i can make sure the baby's in the right position.  No pushing until i say so

5:58:13 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she moans, already wanting to push again::

6:01:07 PM quantumcatz: : ::the baby is soon in the right position and though it's still half an hour before he's born, it probably feels a bit easier the second time round than the first::

6:01:53 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she relaxes against the pillows once more, looking completely spent. She forces her eyes open anyway, needing to know that the second is fine as well::

6:03:36 PM quantumcatz: : ::the baby cries as normal and the doctor smiles at her:: A healthy boy too.  

6:04:59 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles and relaxes further; whispers:: So glad...

6:07:33 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::leans down and kisses her forehead:: Me too

6:07:45 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles more, happily::

6:15:11 PM maeveowens: LA: ::it's not long before she drifts off to sleep. She doesn't so much as twitch for the next half-hour, then finally she slowly comes to::

6:25:13 PM quantumcatz: : ::the doctor left once the babies had been fed and leyla had fallen asleep, to give her a chance to recover before the babies needed anything more::

6:25:29 PM maeveowens: LA: :to Eli, tiredly:: How are the twins?

6:26:35 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::is sitting on a chair by Leyla, next to a wheeled crib that the doctor had provided, where the two babies are curled up together; the girl occasionally makes gurgling noises but otherwise they're rather peaceful for now; Eli s

6:26:45 PM quantumcatz: miles:: They're fine.  How're you?

6:27:22 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles:: Tired and sore. ::she moves to stretch a little before relaxing again:: We need to name them, you know.

6:28:58 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::smirks:: By all rights, we should still have two months to pick names for them.

6:29:49 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she laughs a little, trying to hold back so it wont hurt:: Well, they took that right away from us.

6:31:33 PM quantumcatz: EK: Any suggestions?

6:32:49 PM maeveowens: LA: ::softly:: I was thinking that maybe...maybe we could name him after your father? Maybe he'll turn out to be as good of a man as his father and uncles. ::she looks down, blushing slightly.::

6:37:04 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::blushes a bit himself:: His uncles are probably a better thing to aspire to

6:38:19 PM maeveowens: LA: ;:she sighs, sadly:: Eli don't. You know the rest of us don't think that. ::she rubs at her eyes::

6:39:33 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::sighs and reaches for her hand:: Sorry.  It's a good idea

6:40:08 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods, forcing another smile:: Then Leon it is. ::she glances back at the crib:: What about the little girl?

6:41:19 PM quantumcatz: EK: Should be someone from your family if her brother's named after my dad

6:42:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she cringes, softly:: My parents hated me. And I am sure my sister would have too if she had the chance.

6:44:23 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::softly:: You don't know that - you were her big sister.  I can't imagine not loving mine

6:45:36 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she tears up and after a moment she nods:: Jessie might have liked that.

6:48:50 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::smiles and leans towards her, kissing her lightly where one of the tears fell:: Jessie and Leon then?

6:49:24 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles despite the tears  and nods::

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