~Monday, February 15, 1937~

5:48:07 PM Julie: :  ::the family is allowed to visit Maeve early in the morning, just before the hanging is to take place.  Josh is in a suit and tie, with a miserable look on his face and tears in his eyes::

6:41:22 PM Maggie: Maeve: DK: ::she's wearing a dark purple dress and wearing a rather somber expression. She watches the floor as she walks, not sure what she'll even say to the woman::

6:42:57 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::has a weary, resigned look in his red eyes; he's holding Olivia close::

6:44:17 PM Julie: OL:  ::is fussing a little::

6:45:54 PM Maggie: MV: ::she looks up when she hears Livvy fuss, and fresh tears immediately fill up her already red eyes. She slowly gets up from the bench. Her arms ache from being cuffed behind her for over four days now:: I...I thought...maybe you'd be taking her away? She can't stay Isaac...

6:47:06 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: They're going to remove her powers before they --- :stops, wincing::

6:47:40 PM Julie: JH:  ::steadies himself against two of the jail bars, biting his lip so hard it almost bleeds, trying not to cry::

6:48:15 PM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes and looks away:: That's good... 

6:50:24 PM Quantum Catz: IS: There are guards watching all of our friends, in case they try to help you

6:51:14 PM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes again:: I didn't expect them to risk it anyway. 

6:53:27 PM Julie: JH:  ::whispers::  They all wanted to say goodbye, but they weren't allowed in.

6:54:38 PM Maggie: MV: ::she leans up against the bars; softly:: Then you can tell them I said goodbye?  

6:55:24 PM Julie: JH:  ::squeezes the bars harder; just nods::

6:57:35 PM Quantum Catz: EK: ::comes into the room, watching leyla as she walks::

6:58:22 PM Maggie: LA; ::she's tired but any soreness she had Isaac fixed. She nods at Eli, silently telling him to stop worrying:: 

7:01:26 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks over at Eli for a moment as he comes in and then turns back to Maeve:: I'm sorry, there's nothing i can do to stop this

7:02:16 PM Julie: JH:  ::whispers::  We tried so hard...

7:03:41 PM Maggie: MV: :;nods; sadly:: I know... I'm sorry too. 

7:06:46 PM Quantum Catz: EK: ::there's a sad look in his eyes but he doesn't say anything::

7:08:18 PM Maggie: LA: ::she stands beside her husband, looking just as solemn.::

7:11:32 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shakes a bit as he looks at Maeve; there's so much he wants to say but he can't bring himself to voice what's going to happen::

7:12:02 PM Julie:  :  ::a rough-looking guard in the corner grunts::  Visiting time's about over.

7:12:13 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head, unable to restrain the tears::

7:13:12 PM Maggie: MV: ::she winces and inches closer, softly:: It could be worse. Maybe... maybe this is the lesser of evils that could be waiting for me? We know I don't have the best of luck. ::smiles weakly::

7:15:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::blinks back tears:: I don't want to lose you

7:15:56 PM Julie: JH:  ::reaches through the bars, trying to hug her::

7:17:25 PM Maggie: MV: ::she bites down on her lip to keep from whimpering when Josh inadvertently knocks her sore shoulders;:: Take care Josh,,, ::her voice breaks over his name:: 

7:18:36 PM Julie: JH:  ::shivers, pulling back; he reaches out for Livvy; whispers::  I can...take her...

7:19:47 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hands livvy over to Josh and then reaches for maeve, healing her shoulder as he touches her::

7:20:28 PM Julie: JH:  ::heads towards the door, not wanting Maeve to see him cry any more than he already has::

7:20:30 PM Maggie: MV: ::she watches her daughter sadly then looks up Isaac; softly:: I'm sorry...  

7:23:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: I love you

7:24:21 PM Maggie: MV: ::she takes a deep breath, trying to stop her tears; softly:: I've missed you so much. 

7:25:12 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I've missed you too.  If i...if i'd only gotten home a couple of days earlier...

7:25:28 PM Julie: :  ::the guard grumbles::  All right, you two.  We've got to get her ready.

7:27:18 PM Maggie: MV: ::she glares at him:: Get me ready for what? You're only leading me to those lousy gallows! ::she turns back to Isaac, her eyes desperate:: You know if it wasn't this it'd just be something else. And if you had come any earlier you might not have made it.

7:28:09 PM Julie: :  ::the guard narrows his eyes::

7:30:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: Just...just give us a minute.  I'd do as much for you

7:30:43 PM Julie: :  ::the guard frowns::  All right, Mr. Kindall.  But the rest of you, out!

7:32:14 PM Maggie: DK: ::sadly:: Goodbye Maeve. ::she squeezes her brother's arm as she heads out::

7:33:02 PM Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: Bye, Maeve

7:33:21 PM Maggie: LA: ::she nods and quietly but tearfully murmurs her own goodbye::

7:33:40 PM Julie: JH:  ::is in the corner by the door; looks up; whispers::  Say "hi" to Mom for me.

7:35:20 PM Maggie: MV: ::she nods her head in farewell, unable to even mutter another goodbye then turns to Josh and nods:: I'll pass the message along. ::though she doubts she'll be anywhere near his mother::

7:36:15 PM Julie: JH:  ::nods; quietly::  See you later, then.  ::swallows, and walks out::

7:36:30 PM Maggie: MV: ::she winces and looks away::

7:36:39 PM Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks over at Isaac for a moment and then turns to go::

7:39:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath, trying not to cry:::

7:40:05 PM Maggie: MV; ::she looks up at Isaac, sadly:: Don't Isaac, please? I feel guilty enough.... and you have Livvy. She'll be fine now that you're here.

7:41:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: She should have you too.  It shouldn't be like this

7:43:29 PM Maggie: MV: I know... but it's not like I'm innocent Isaac. ::she smirks:: Well, at least not on one account.

7:44:49 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I just don't want to lose you.  You were only trying to protect the others

7:45:53 PM Maggie: MV: ::she nods:: But they don't understand that Isaac. ::she shakes her head:: Anyway there's no point on dwelling on something we cant change.

7:48:55 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I just...i wish... ::sighs:: I'm sorry

7:49:43 PM Maggie: MV: ::softly:: It's not your fault Isaac. ::she leans closer, wishing she could have her arms free if only for a moment::

7:50:30 PM Julie: :  ::the guard clears his throat::  They'll be coming for her.

7:51:28 PM Maggie: MV: ::she looks up; pleading:: You could let him in...for a moment. 

7:51:46 PM Julie: :  ::the guard shakes his head::  If something happens, it'll be me on that gallows.

7:56:29 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Just for a moment, please.  It's not like she can get away

7:57:42 PM Julie: :  ::the guard winces, not looking too happy with himself; whispers::  Two gold.

7:58:31 PM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes:: Oh lovely. Make a profit off of it why don't you. Going to charge for a front row view of the hanging as well?

8:00:16 PM Julie: :  ::the guard's eyes go cold, and he flushes::  Never mind, then.

8:03:13 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'll give you the money if you'll let me in with her

8:03:52 PM Julie: :  ::the guard glares at Maeve::  Sorry.  I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was corrupt.  ::turns to Isaac::  I'm going to have to ask you to leave, Mr. Kindall.

8:04:30 PM Maggie: MV; ::she pales:: They haven't come for me yet! I still have time! 

8:07:17 PM Julie: :  They'll be here any minute, and it won't go well if I've let him stay until then.

8:11:30 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I can't leave her...not like this

8:12:34 PM Julie: :  ::shakes his head::  I'm sorry.  You can kiss her if you'd like, but then you'll have to leave.

8:13:14 PM Maggie: MV: ::she pales more, shivering:: 

8:14:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves closer to the bars, leaning his head against them:: I love you

8:15:16 PM Maggie: MV: ::she closes her eyes, whispers:: I love you too.

8:18:13 PM Julie: :  ::the guard softly says::  I'm sorry, Mr. Kindall.

8:19:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::leans forward to kiss her through the bars, closing his eyes, his heart aching at the thought that will be their last moment together::

8:20:26 PM Maggie: MV: ::she kisses him back, wishing the moment would never end::

8:21:14 PM Julie: :  ::the door opens, and another guard comes in::  Ed!  What are you letting them do?

8:21:29 PM Julie: :  ::Ed winces, taking Isaac's arm::  Come on, Mr. Kindall.

8:22:58 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::back up, rather hesitantly::

8:23:33 PM Maggie: MV: ::a tear rolls down her cheek:: Isaac.... ::she follows until she hits the corner of the cell:: 

8:23:49 PM Julie: :  ::the interrupting guard glares at the lot of them; grumbles::  Get him out of here, Ed.

8:24:54 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve...

8:25:17 PM Julie: :  ::the guard pulls Isaac out::

8:25:30 PM Maggie: MV: ::hurriedly:: When...when she gets older... tell her I'm sorry. And I loved her.... 

8:26:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I will, i promise

8:27:22 PM Maggie: MV: ::she rests against the bars, watching him go::

8:27:56 PM Julie: :  ::the other guard comes in to watch Maeve::

8:28:20 PM Maggie: MV ::she glares at him::

8:29:27 PM Julie: :  ::the guard mutters::  We're not going to take any chances with you.

8:30:00 PM Maggie: MV: ::coldly:: If I could do anything I'd have already done it.

8:30:46 PM Julie: :  ::the guard shakes his head, waiting::

8:39:21 PM Julie: :  ::finally, one of the head guards comes in, frowning::  The baby's powers are gone.  Let's take her.

8:39:55 PM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes and moves away from the door, looking sick::

8:41:28 PM Julie: :  ::the guard who interrupted comes forward, taking Maeve's arm::  Come on, now.  Don't fight.

8:42:35 PM Maggie: MV: ::she bites her cheek, trying to curb the impulse to kick him:: What would be the point? You sissy's still have me cuffed.

8:43:58 PM Julie: :  ::the guard shrugs, dragging Maeve out::

8:44:18 PM Maggie: MV: ::she doesn't fight but neither is she in a hurry::

8:46:18 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::is standing holding Olivia tightly, shaking a bit; tears in his eyes when he sees Maeve::

8:47:05 PM Maggie: MV: ::her eyes search out Isaac's and lock. She tears up more when she sees Livvy:: 

8:47:12 PM Julie: JH:  ::looks at Maeve for a moment, then lowers his eyes, not wanting to see her like this::

8:48:42 PM Julie: LB:  ::is at a fair distance from the gallows, wringing a handkerchief::

8:50:33 PM Maggie: MV: ::she looks up at the noose and has to bite her cheek again to keep from fainting. She's trembling, not caring for how many people are here to witness her final moments::

8:53:24 PM Maggie: LA: :;she's gone home to be the twins, unable to stomach the idea of watching Maeve hang and being unable to stop it:: 

8:53:52 PM Maggie: DK: :she's standing by her brothers, pale and teary eyed:: 

8:55:34 PM Quantum Catz: EK: ::is standing next to Dolly, having been told to stay by Leyla when he worried about letting her go on her own; he's not crying but he looks sombre::

9:00:21 PM Julie: :  ::Harry's not in the crowd, but almost everyone else who's ever cared about Maeve--and some who didn't--are there.  Toby is watching in disbelief, and Guy's hands are balled into fists::

9:01:17 PM Maggie: MV: :;she pulls back when she reaches the noose, gulping. Her eyes scan the crowd briefly, cringing at the look on everyone's face. She silently mouths an "I'm sorry"::

9:02:50 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::is standing near the back, holding Ben, feeling rather nervous after having had guards watching her all day::

9:04:50 PM Julie: :  ::the executioner brings Maeve to the noose::

9:05:08 PM Maggie: MV: ::she takes a deep, shaky breath, resisting a little:: 

9:07:04 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::lowers his head down to Olivia's, closing his eyes, not sure if he can bring himself to watch::

9:07:48 PM Julie: :  ::the executioner's grip is tight, and he puts the noose around Maeve's neck::

9:07:58 PM Julie: :  ::a guard nearby lists off her crimes::

9:09:03 PM Maggie: MV: ::she gasps, and tries to duck away from it::  No....

9:09:43 PM Julie: :  ::another guard grabs her to hold her still::

9:10:21 PM Maggie: MV: ::she stiffens and for a moment it's clear they're the only ones holding her up. She's nearly as pale as a sheet:: 

9:10:40 PM Julie: :  ::as they put the rope around her neck, Maeve suddenly vanishes::

9:11:01 PM Julie: :  ::one of the guards holding Maeve up falls off the platform::

9:11:21 PM Maggie: DK: ::she gasps and grabs Isaac's arm:: 

9:11:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What...what happened?

9:12:00 PM Quantum Catz: EK: Looks like someone helped Maeve after all

9:12:14 PM Julie: JH:  ::looks up, blinking::

9:12:32 PM Maggie: DK: ::she glances towards Becky then towards Libby:: Yeah but for how long?

9:12:43 PM Julie: LB:  ::gasps, going rather pale::

9:21:27 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks rather in shock, his face pale::

9:23:11 PM Julie: :  ::the guards glare, taking note of who's there; one yells::  Who did this?

9:24:05 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::starts to move towards Libby::

9:28:22 PM Julie: LB:  ::swallows hard, not even knowing what will happen to Maeve if she *did* send her forward::

9:29:08 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: Libby...did you...?

9:29:58 PM Julie: LB:  ::in a tiny voice::  I don't know...::doesn't admit she had wanted Maeve out of there, more than anything::

9:31:23 PM Quantum Catz: BM: Maybe we should...get out of here

9:32:17 PM Julie: LB:  ::winces::  Then they'll be sure...

9:33:43 PM Quantum Catz: BM: Considering how determined they were not to let her escape, i'm not sure what they'll do if you stay

9:34:38 PM Julie: :  ::one of the guards is already approaching::

9:34:40 PM Julie: LB:  ::reaches out for Becky's hand::

9:37:01 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::takes her hand, though she hesitates to teleport and prove them right if they don't have to::

9:37:44 PM Julie: :  ::the crowd gladly parts for the guard, who looks at Becky and Libby, clearing his throat::  We have a few questions for you.

9:41:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::pushes through the crowd to Libby, looking at her rather desperately, desperately wanting to know where Maeve is but not wanting to ask in front of the guards in fear they just arrest her too::

9:41:41 PM Julie: LB:  ::softly::  I don't know what happened.

9:42:08 PM Maggie: DK: ::she follows behind him, looking worried::

9:42:33 PM Julie: JH:  ::is with them as well::

9:46:49 PM Maggie: : ::another guard approaches:: You are the only two that could get her away that fast. Where is she?

9:47:17 PM Julie: LB:  ::shakes her head::  I didn't do anything.

9:47:29 PM Julie: :  ::the guard yells back to another::  Bring her!

9:48:42 PM Quantum Catz: BM: Wait - you don't have any proof of anything

9:48:52 PM Julie: :  Proof, no.  Evidence, yes.

9:48:59 PM Julie: TY:  ::glares::  They haven't done anything!  You were watching them!

9:50:25 PM Maggie: : ::the guard glares at them:: Tell us where she is now and maybe we'll be lenient. 

9:50:56 PM Julie: LB:  I'm telling you, I don't know!

9:51:56 PM Julie: :  ::one of the guards brings the little girl who can take variants' powers--she's shuddering and pale::

9:53:02 PM Julie: LB:  ::gasps, squeezing Becky's hand harder::

9:54:10 PM Maggie: : :the guard smirks:: Are you still sure you don't know?

9:54:26 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::her eyes widen at the little girl and she backs up a step, terrified of what she might do to her::

9:54:45 PM Julie: TY:  You saw Becky--you know she didn't do anything!

9:55:07 PM Julie: :  ::the other guard smirks::  Unless she moved so fast we didn't see.

9:55:24 PM Maggie: : ::the guard's eyes remain on Libby:: No I think it was her. 

9:55:28 PM Julie: LB:  ::takes a deep breath, tears in her eyes::  I...might have sent Maeve forward.  But even if I did...she's likely dead.

9:55:51 PM Julie: :  ::the guard with the child nudges her forward::  She's dangerous.

9:56:44 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Dead? She can't... Where is she Libby?

9:56:58 PM Quantum Catz: BM: You can't just take someone's powers because you feel like it

9:57:02 PM Julie: LB:  If I...if I sent her forward in time...her body was probably hanged.

10:28:40 PM Maeve: ::For their honeymoon, Harry treated his new bride to a one month cruise around California and the Hawaiian Islands. The trip had been wonderful, and Stephanie stepped off the boat at the Gate Town dock reassured that her and Harry were meant to be together. She took one small bag with her, which she has thrown over shoulder, as well as another small one filled with a few souvenirs. She tosses both of them on the bed of their small hotel room that they're to share before their trip back to Marquis::

10:28:59 PM Maeve: SV: ::she turns to her husband, smiling:: Have I told you lately how lucky I feel to have you?

10:29:27 PM Julie: HR:  ::laughs::  Sure that's not just the pineapple talking?

10:30:39 PM Maeve: SV: ::she shrugs:: Maybe a little. 

10:33:32 PM Julie: HR:  ::reaches out and pulls her to him; softly::  You can let it talk some more, if you'd like.

10:34:24 PM Maeve: SV: ::she smiles more, snuggling up to him:: 

10:34:37 PM Maeve: ::there's a sudden knock on the door::

10:35:16 PM Julie: HR:  ::rather sharply::  We don't need anything, thank you!

10:35:32 PM Maeve: ::they knock again:: I have a message sir.

10:35:55 PM Julie: HR:  ::not releasing Stephanie::  Can it wait?

10:36:10 PM Maeve: SV: ::she frowns, looking up at Harry::

10:36:31 PM Maeve: ::there's a pause then quietly:: No sir, I think you'll want to see this.

10:36:57 PM Julie: HR:  ::lowers his arms, looking apologetically at Stephanie; heads to the door and opens it::

10:37:50 PM Maeve: : ::a young bell hop stands there. He holds out the telegram.:: 

10:38:59 PM Julie: HR:  ::takes it, reading it::


10:51:03 PM Julie: HR:  ::the color drains out of his face; softly curses::

10:51:42 PM Maeve: : ::the bell hop bows his head:: Sorry sir. Let us know if there's anything we can do. ::he turns to leave::

10:52:18 PM Maeve: SV: :::she comes up alongside Harry; worriedly:: What happened?

10:54:02 PM Julie: HR:  ::is at a loss for what to do; softly::  They're...hanging Maeve.

10:55:46 PM Maeve: SV: ::her eyes widen:: For what? ::she pulls his hand down so that she can see the telegram::

10:56:14 PM Julie: HR:  ::hands it to her, grabbing his bag, before pausing::  And we're too late.

10:57:43 PM Maeve: SV: ::she stares at the piece of paper before walking back over to him; quietly:: I'm sorry Harry... 

11:00:18 PM Julie: HR:  ::shakes his head, shivering::  We...we should go.  Things get delayed sometimes.

11:02:17 PM Maeve: SV: ::she hesitates, and starts to shake her head but stops herself:: Of course. ::she gives him a small smile then slips around to grab her bags again::

11:02:57 PM Julie: HR:  ::takes his bags to the door::  I'm sorry, Stephanie, but you know I'd be no good here, knowing *this*...

11:03:24 PM Maeve: SV: ::sadly:: I know. 

11:05:55 PM Julie: HR:  ::walks quickly to the front desk::  She's family.

11:07:41 PM Maeve: SV: ::her eyes widen:: Well then you have some pretty weird dreams about your relation to said family. 

11:08:21 PM Julie: HR:  Well...not literally.  But that's what she is now.  ::reaches the front desk and checks out, having to pay quite a fee::

11:10:25 PM Maeve: SV: ::she cringes at the fee:: And when we get there? What do you plan to do? Burn the gallows?

11:11:33 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles weakly::  That's a thought.  ::the smile vanishes::  She's likely dead.  If not, we try to appeal.  Maybe ask the mayor to intercede.

11:13:04 PM Maeve: SV: ::she nods:: If we had time we could go to the queen. 

11:14:18 PM Julie: HR:  ::nods::  Perhaps we can convince Becky.  If Maeve's alive.

11:18:12 PM Maeve: SV: ::she nods again, but is clearly not holding her breath::

11:19:37 PM Julie: :  ::in a few minutes, Harry's secured a cart, and they're on their way to Marquis; his eyes are on the road::

11:21:01 PM Maeve: SV: ::quietly:: Are you sure you don't want me to drive?

11:21:33 PM Julie: HR:  ::after a moment, hands the reins over::

11:21:54 PM Maeve: SV: ::she takes the reins, sighing:: 

11:22:21 PM Julie: HR:  ::after a long pause::  Do you want to turn back?

11:23:07 PM Maeve: SV: ::she looks back at him for a second, one eyebrow arched in surprise:: Turn back? 

11:24:09 PM Julie: HR:  ::quietly::  I know you're sure she's dead.  She probably is...

11:25:26 PM Maeve: SV: ::she shakes her head:: You need to know either way. It's fine Harry. 

11:25:51 PM Julie: HR:  ::puts his hand on her leg; softly::  I love you, Stephanie.

11:26:26 PM Maeve: SV: ::she smiles a little:: Are you sure that's not the pineapple talking?

11:27:00 PM Julie: HR:  ::shakes his head; softly::  I'm sure.

11:28:28 PM Maeve: SV: ::her smiles grows a little brighter:: I love you too Harry. 

11:36:39 PM Maeve: SV: When the sun is almost set, she finally pulls up on the reins, knowing she can't push the horses any farther today::

11:36:59 PM Julie: HR:  ::frowns::  We've got to keep going, Stephanie.

11:37:34 PM Maeve: SV: ::she turns to look at him, sadly:: We've been going all day. The horses are tired. I'm tired.

11:38:34 PM Julie: HR:  They can make it; horses can hold out longer than people.  You can sleep in the back.

11:39:12 PM Maeve: SV: ::she looks at him, stunned:: And if they slip a shoe? We won't be able to see the trail in another 15 to 20 minutes! 

11:39:37 PM Julie: HR:  ::frowns, too stressed to think straight::  Where's the next town?

11:40:34 PM Maeve: SV: ::she blinks:: A few hours to the east. Why?

11:41:58 PM Julie: HR:  ::winces::  Isn't there a place to stop off?  Maybe get some more horses, or at least have a proper place to rest?

11:43:29 PM Maeve: SV: ::she shrugs:: I don't know Harry. There might be another smaller town nearby. I'm not sure.

11:44:06 PM Julie: HR:  ::groans::  The horses could use some oats.  But...if we have to stop now...

11:45:09 PM Maeve: SV: ::she takes a moment then gently:: Harry...if she's alive by now then she'll be alive come dawn. We can keep going a ways but if we can't trade out the horses then I suggest we stay.

11:46:23 PM Julie: HR:  ::looks at her weakly, then nods::  We can't force the horses; I guess they won't make it without a rest.

11:46:56 PM Maeve: SV: ::she rubs his arm:: No they wont. You can take the reins if you want but my eyes are tired.

11:48:49 PM Julie: HR:  ::nods, taking them::  Let's go on for another fifteen minutes or so.  I think there's probably something up ahead.

11:49:07 PM Maeve: SV: ::she nods:: All right.

11:52:03 PM Julie: :  ::it's too dark to see much of anything when Harry finally guides the horses off the road, sighing::

11:52:48 PM Maeve: SV: ;:she sighs too; softly:: I'm sorry Harry. 

11:54:08 PM Julie: HR:  ::just gets out of the cart so he can feed the horses what they have::

11:55:11 PM Maeve: SV: ::she climbs down too:: Shall I try to make a pallet in the cart or would you prefer the ground?

11:56:04 PM Julie: HR:  ::smirks::  I've slept on worse than either.  Whichever you think is best.

11:57:03 PM Maeve: SV: ::she pulls out some of their clothes and tosses them over the back of the cart. There's already some old canvas back there so she uses that as well:: We'll be covered anyway. 

11:58:40 PM Julie: HR:  ::when he's seen to the horses, heads back to the pallet, then pauses::  I didn't bring any food for us.  And we'll need to watch the horses so they're not stolen.

12:00:59 AM Maeve: SV: We'll sleep lightly. Come on. ::she reaches for him::

12:02:43 AM Julie: HR:  ::softly::  It's been so long since I had to keep one eye open as I slept.

12:04:22 AM Maeve: SV: ::she smiles sadly:: It's a good trick. Comes in handy. 

12:05:35 AM Julie: HR:  ::leans into her::  Yeah, it does.  But you don't always need it if you're on the up-and-up.  Certainly not as a guard.

12:06:23 AM Maeve: SV: :;she puts her arms around him:: True. But even if you are on the up-and-up others aren't. 

12:10:44 AM Julie: HR:  ::smiles::  I'm not a fool, Stephanie.  But if I'm guarding something real important, I'm at least allowed to have a few hours off to get some sleep; someone else covers for me.  It's always nice to have a partner.

12:11:28 AM Maeve: SV: ::she frowns at him:: And? Am I not a good enough partner?

12:14:34 AM Julie: HR:  ::whispers::  No; you're the best partner.

12:16:14 AM Maeve: SV: ::she smiles:: Then lay down. We'll both sleep lightly. 

12:17:16 AM Julie: HR:  ::lays down with her, pressing his head against her shoulder::

12:17:48 AM Maeve: SV: ::she runs a hand through his hair, soothingly.:: This is not how I imagined spending the end of our honeymoon. 

12:20:03 AM Julie: HR:  ::closes his eyes, momentarily content::

12:21:11 AM Maeve: SV: ::she shifts closer and pulls the canvas up more, trying to block out the evening breeze:: 

12:22:27 AM Julie: HR:  ::whispers::  Good night, Stephanie.

12:22:52 AM Maeve: SV: ::murmurs:: Good night.

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