~Saturday, October 16, 1937~

9:30:54 PM Maeve: MV: ::gets home from a busy day at the restaurant and flings her purse and jack down on the couch. Customers were getting on her nerves and the constant fight to keep up her new personality was beginning to wear on her:: 

9:36:56 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::appears in Maeve's living room, smiling:: I have a surprise for you

9:38:01 PM Maeve: MV: ::she freezes and turns back, her eyes wide:: Yeah I'd say so... ::frowns:: What's going on?

9:38:51 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::holds out her hand:: You won't know until you get there

9:39:15 PM Maeve: MV: ::looks at her for a moment then shrugs and takes her hand:: 

9:41:51 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::teleports Maeve to the living room of the Kindall house, where the curtains are already drawn so no one can see in::

9:41:58 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles when he sees Maeve::

9:43:15 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen as she turns around, surveying the place. She's stunned to say the least; softly:: Are the others gone?

9:45:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: They're housesitting.  I thought...maybe...you might want to stay the night

9:46:19 PM Quantum Catz: BM: I'll come back in the morning to get you home ::smiles and teleports away::

9:47:08 PM Maeve: MV: ::looks a little embarrassed but then smiles back at Isaac; softly:: It's been two weeks. Do you still think I'm going to run off of my own free will? 

9:50:14 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I just... You didn't see Josh when you left, you didn't have to try and pull him back together

9:50:44 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes; softly:: Yes I did. 

9:52:07 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What?

9:53:20 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks at the couch:: I sat right there and you healed me. ::she takes a deep breath:: Josh was by the window. I...was so frustrated. Anything I said would have given me away.

9:54:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath:: No wonder Livvy was so happy with you

9:55:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods and moves closer, reaching for his hand:: I was so relieved to just see all of you. 

9:56:18 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: I thought I was failing her - that some stranger could come in and make her happy and I couldn't even stop her crying

9:57:46 PM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns, then reaches up to wrap her arms around his neck:: That was my fault, not yours. 

10:00:26 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::puts his arms around her:: We all just missed you so much

10:02:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::runs her hands down his back, squeezing him tightly:: I love you. 

10:07:12 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I love you too

10:12:00 PM Julie: :  ::Livvy calls out from her room::  Ma!

10:12:34 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls back, eyes wide. Surely she didn't...::

10:13:05 PM Julie: LV:  ::starts to sob, banging a toy against the rails of her crib::

10:13:48 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: I think she wants you

10:14:10 PM Maeve: MV: ::still stunned, she heads for the stairs:: 

10:14:26 PM Julie: LV:  ::is trying to climb out of her crib when Maeve comes in::

10:15:08 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::follows after her::

10:15:12 PM Maeve: MV: ::she gasps and rushes forward to pick her up:: Livvy... careful there little one! ::though she realizes she isn't very little anymore. Not like she was before she left. Her heart clenches:: 

10:15:41 PM Julie: LV:  ::hugs Maeve for a moment, then looks at her face, blinking::

10:16:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::smiles down at her daughter, running a hand over her soft baby hair:: It's me little one. Sorry for the new look. 

10:17:53 PM Julie: LV:  ::touches Maeve's cheek, then lays her head on her mother's shoulder::

10:18:24 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves beside them, resting his hand on Maeve's waist::

10:19:58 PM Maeve: MV: ::she rubs Livvy's back, smiling; whispers.:: This feels good. 

10:20:33 PM Julie: LV:  ::smiles up at her mother, then starts to drift off to sleep::

10:23:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Yeah ::kisses the top of her head, smiling::

10:24:22 PM Maeve: MV: ::she closes her eyes, hardly able to believe it. Once Livvy is asleep, she lays her back in the crib, kissing her forehead gently.:: 

10:25:28 PM Julie: LV:  ::snuggles under her blanket, completely relaxed::

10:31:58 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes Maeve's hand, smiling to see both her and Livvy so content::

10:33:30 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smiles back though it fades as she reaches up to start yanking the pins from her hair. Blasted annoying things. She doesn't understand why women go to the trouble:: 

10:35:38 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::laughs as he runs a hand through her freed hair:: It looks much better down

10:36:45 PM Maeve: MV; It feels better down. ::she stuffs the pins into her pocket:: My poor head. ::laughs softly then takes his hand, tugging him toward the door::

10:38:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves out of Livvy's room, letting Maeve lead him::

10:45:42 PM Julie: :  ::that morning, Josh rushes up the stairs, opening Isaac's door without knocking::  Isaac!

10:46:55 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::groans when he hears Josh's voice, still half-asleep::

10:47:39 PM Maeve: MV: ::she sucks in a breath, her eyes popping open, wide. She doesn't move, hoping Josh is too panicked to realize someone curled up against his brother.::

10:48:27 PM Julie: JH:  Isaac; Mrs. Norman has food poison--::stops still when he sees someone in bed with his brother; his jaw drops::

10:49:13 PM Maeve: MV: ::swallows hard, paling. She keeps her eyes on the covers, not knowing what to do:: 

10:50:21 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::fully awake now, he sits up, eyes wide:: Josh, I...

10:51:11 PM Julie: JH:  ::swallows hard and shakes his head, turning to run::

10:51:43 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Josh, wait!

10:52:01 PM Julie: JH:  ::they hear him running down the stairs::

10:52:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::she tears up, wondering why anything can't go right. She doesn't look at Isaac, knowing he regrets this now as well.::

10:53:57 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Groans and gets out of bed, getting dressed as quickly as he can; when he sees Maeve he pauses and reaches for her hand:: It's okay, i'll talk to him

10:54:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::nods, sadly:: 

10:55:31 PM Julie: JH:  ::is outside the back door, his forehead against the wall, trying to compose himself::

10:57:21 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::runs down the stairs and out the door, slowing when he sees his brother still there, hesitates to speak, not sure how to begin::

10:58:52 PM Julie: JH:  ::glances over when he hears Isaac; there's fire in his eyes::  How dare you?

10:59:14 PM Maeve: MV: ::she eventually gets out of bed herself, putting back on the dress she wore the day before. She gets up to fix her hair and sees the closet with her old clothes. She cringes:: 

11:00:12 PM Quantum Catz: IS: It's not...It's not what it looks like ::though even he knows that sounds rather lame::

11:01:44 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head; whispers::  I can't believe you.

11:03:31 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath, not sure where to begin without sounding crazy:: Just come inside and let me explain

11:04:17 PM Julie: JH:  Explain how you betrayed Maeve's memory?  If you wanted to move on you could've at least got married!

11:04:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::she comes down the stairs, afraid of what might be going on::

11:09:49 PM Quantum Catz:  IS: I didn't betray Maeve's memory!

11:10:30 PM Julie: JH:  Then what do you call it?  ::wipes his eyes::

11:11:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she puts her back up to the wall near the kitchen, biting her lip. She wishes they'd come all the way in. She's getting nervous::

11:12:32 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: It's hard to explain, just come inside, okay?

11:13:27 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  I don't want to hear it, Isaac.  I know you're lonely, but...it's wrong.  ::turns to go::

11:13:47 PM Maeve: MV: ::she flinches:: 

11:14:53 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Please, Josh - we can't talk about it out here, just come inside

11:16:19 PM Julie: JH:  What is there to talk about?

11:16:50 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Just trust me okay?

11:17:17 PM Julie: JH:  ::coldly::  What--were you healing her?

11:19:08 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Josh, just trust me - we need to talk

11:20:35 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  How can I trust you now?

11:21:44 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::snaps:: Because I'm your brother and I'm asking you to!

11:24:22 PM Julie: JH:  ::storms inside, his fury just getting worse when he sees Maeve::  What are you still doing here?

11:24:47 PM Maeve: MV: ::she jumps, her eyes widening. Too stunned to answer since she's never seen him this angry::

11:25:09 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Josh, stop it!

11:25:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::swallows hard; softly:: I'll just..go...upstairs... ::moves to do so::

11:25:49 PM Julie: JH:  Stop what?  How long have you been seeing her?

11:26:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves towards her:: Maeve..

11:27:22 PM Maeve: MV: ::she stops, cringing:: Kathleen. Remember?

11:27:42 PM Julie: JH:  ::is shaking with rage::  So you're pretending?

11:27:58 PM Quantum Catz: ((they got together officially july 4th, 1932))

11:28:48 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, fairly certain Josh is going to think him crazy now:: No, Josh, it's Maeve

11:29:19 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks back at Isaac, frowning:: 

11:29:23 PM Julie: JH:  ::his eyes go wide, and he glares at the woman::  What did you do to him?

11:29:56 PM Maeve: MV: ::her gaze snaps back to Josh:: Nothing Josh. He's telling the truth... 

11:30:59 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::opens his eyes:: Ask her.  Ask her anything Maeve should know

11:32:04 PM Julie: JH:  ::stares at Maeve, then shakes his head; whispers::  It can't be.

11:32:17 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smirks and goes over to the fireplace. She looks around to make sure the door is indeed shut before making a spark and lighting the logs there:: Afraid so. 

11:32:44 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head; softly::  What did you do to her?

11:32:44 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: I was trying to protect you

11:33:12 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I didn't do anything to her - Toby did

11:35:11 PM Maeve: MV: ::she moves back over to Isaac:: 

11:36:04 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head again::  No...she's dead...

11:37:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'm sorry, I was trying to protect you

11:37:47 PM Julie: JH:  ::staggers back against a wall; whispers::  She's dead...

11:38:28 PM Maeve: MV: ::she winces and moves forward, reaching for him:: Josh I'm not. I promise you. I sat right on that couch and held Livvy. The woman she called Ma ma? You remember that? It was me.

11:39:21 PM Julie: JH:  ::jerks his shoulder away::  I can't do this!  Not again!

11:40:03 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::flinches. Softly:: Maybe you should go upstairs just now

11:40:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls back, stunned. After a moment she nods; softly:: All right. ::hurt, she moves to the stairs:: 

11:41:19 PM Julie: JH:  ::just stares at the floor, shivering::

11:42:15 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves towards him:: Josh, I'm sorry

11:43:22 PM Julie: JH:  ::turns away; whispers::  How can I believe anything anymore?

11:44:02 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I only found out last month.  It's...it's a long story

11:45:47 PM Julie: JH:  Who's going to die next?  Eli?  Dolly?

11:46:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: No one's going to die

11:46:58 PM Julie: JH:  You did.  Maeve did.  Our *grandfather* came back!

11:48:55 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'm sorry - i don't know how to make this better, Josh.  I was hoping I could think of something, some way to make it easier for you

11:49:30 PM Julie: JH:  ::shudders, not looking up::  If I die, don't get your hopes up--I'm staying dead.

11:50:14 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches out to touch Josh, hesitating though, in case he pulls away like he did with Maeve::

11:51:44 PM Julie: JH:  ::does pull away, trying to keep from crying::  We'll lose her again.

11:53:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates, since that's what he's afraid of too:: She's doing everything she can

11:54:07 PM Julie: JH:  I can't do it, Isaac.

11:57:44 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I know it isn't easy but... ::Stops, not even sure what the but is since he had been avoiding telling josh for just this reason::

11:59:09 PM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  She'll just leave again.

12:00:18 AM Quantum Catz: IS: She doesn't want to leave

12:00:33 AM Julie: JH:  That won't stop her.

12:00:57 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces, as his brother voices his own fears:: Josh...

12:02:11 AM Julie: JH:  ::hugs his knees, glancing up at his brother for a moment before looking back down::  If not her, then you.  People have been leaving all my life...I can't take it anymore.

12:03:22 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches for Josh:: We're still here

12:03:46 AM Julie: JH:  ::doesn't resist; whispers::  For now.

12:03:53 AM Maeve: ::there's a shrill scream and the sound of something hitting the floor:: 

12:04:31 AM Julie: JH:  ::stands up, thinking he's a curse after all::

12:04:59 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hestiates, glancing at Josh, and then runs up the stairs to find Maeve::

12:05:49 AM Julie: LV:  ::is staring at her mother, more confused than upset::

12:06:17 AM Maeve: MV: Get away from me! ::she's standing in front of Livvy, waving one of her toys at the corner of the room:: 

12:06:27 AM Quantum Catz: IS: What's wrong?

12:07:20 AM Maeve: EH: ::standing in the corner with his arms raised defensively. He speaks to Isaac, though his lips don't move:: I think I scared her. 

12:07:41 AM Maeve: MV: He was lurking in her room! 

12:08:27 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::if he wasn't so worried about Josh he would have laughed, instead he just says softly:: This is our grandfather

12:09:07 AM Maeve: MV: ::looks back at Isaac then at the grandfather. She lowers her weapon:: Grandfather? 

12:09:16 AM Julie: JH:  ::comes up quite a bit after his brother::

12:09:39 AM Quantum Catz: IS: He...turned up while you were gone

12:10:28 AM Maeve: EH: ::hesitantly lowers his arms:: I came to say hello to my other granddaughter... I didn't mean... who is she? 

12:11:16 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates:: This is...Maeve

12:12:11 AM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns:: Isaac.. ::she doesn't understand what's happening:: 

12:12:35 AM Maeve: EH: ::he tilts his head to the side, eyeing her:: She doesn't look dead. Nor does she look like her picture. 

12:13:31 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: It's a long story.

12:13:45 AM Maeve: EH: ::worried, but nods his head:: 

12:14:30 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks back at her daughter and smirks:: Come to think of it she looked a bit happy to see him. ::she winces, feeling a little foolish:: 

12:15:11 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Smiles weakly:: Sorry, i should have warned you but i thought he'd be with Eli until you left

12:15:22 AM Julie: LV:  ::laughs::

12:15:51 AM Maeve: MV: ::she runs a hand over her daughter's hair, smiling:: 

12:16:22 AM Julie: JH:  ::clears his throat::  Isaac, Mrs. Norman's still ill.

12:17:41 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods, rubbing at his eyes:: Okay. I'm coming. ::looks over at Maeve:: Becky should be here soon to take you home

12:18:10 AM Maeve: MV: ::she winces at him calling it home but nods:: I know. I guess...I'll see you at work?

12:19:56 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods, looking sad, and then leans forward to kiss her lightly, before moving to leave::

12:20:38 AM Maeve: MV: ::looks just as sad as she kisses him back. Its back to a cold lonely apartment for her.::

12:21:21 AM Julie: JH:  ::can't bring himself to smile at Maeve, or even to look at her::

12:22:00 AM Maeve: MV: ::her heart twists but she doesn't push it. She looks back down at her daughter, tears in her eyes:: 

12:22:11 AM Maeve: EH: ::stands awkwardly in the corner:: 

12:22:57 AM Julie: LV:  Ma-ma.  ::holds her arms out to Maeve, not understanding why she's leaving::

12:23:36 AM Maeve: MV: ::picks her up:: Hey, I'm going to be back. 

12:24:29 AM Julie: JH:  ::murmurs::  I guess she always knew that.

12:25:34 AM Maeve: MV: ::hugs her daughter tightly:: Yeah. ::kisses the side of her head:: But I'll be back for good soon... ::she almost says she promises but thinks better of it:: 

12:26:06 AM Julie: JH:  ::sighs, leaning back against the wall again::

12:26:55 AM Maeve: MV: ::glances at Josh; gently:: Isaac told you that you can't say anything to anyone, right? 

12:27:22 AM Julie: JH:  ::looking down::  Who would even believe me?

12:28:06 AM Maeve: MV: ::smirks:: Just checking. ::squeezes Livvy once more before reluctantly lowering her back into the crib::

12:28:24 AM Julie: LV:  ::looks disappointed, but doesn't fuss::

12:29:14 AM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: I love you little one and I'll see you soon. ::pulls away, and forces her legs to take her out of the room. She pauses briefly in front of the ghost:: It..was, uh, nice to meet you... 

12:29:25 AM Maeve: EH: ::nods, smiling slightly:: 

12:30:38 AM Maeve: MV: ::smiles weakly and heads out the door::

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