~Friday, November 5, 1937~

12:14:43 AM Julie: LB:  ::was seeing a new movie with a friend, but she excuses herself at the end, pushing her way through the crowd when she sees Isaac's alone::

12:18:39 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Is waiting on Maeve, who's just gone to the ladies room; he'd almost grow to like getting to go on dates with her again if it wasn't for the fact that they weren't going home together::

12:20:36 AM Julie: LB:  ::frowns at Isaac, clearing her throat::

12:21:34 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Oh, Libby.  Good....evening. ::he falters when he sees her frown::

12:22:01 AM Julie: LB:  ::folds her arms; softly::  Do you have to neck in public?

12:23:17 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::flushes:: We weren't doing any harm

12:25:51 AM Julie: LB:  ::winces; softly::  I...I know she's gone...

12:27:03 AM Quantum Catz: IS: And I think about her every day but...

12:27:17 AM Julie: LB:  ::shivers::  Do you even love this woman?

12:28:44 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Did you love Jack after a couple of dates?  

12:29:14 AM Julie: LB:  ::swallows::  That's not the issue; I wouldn't have done that where everyone could see.  At least sit in the back next time!

12:30:18 AM Maggie: ::the woman Libby was with comes up and loops an arm through hers:: Libby darling don't fuss. It's been months and the whole town is glad to see he's moving on with someone not only better 

12:30:19 AM Maggie: suited for him but one who is much too sweet to get into trouble. ::she smiles knowingly at Isaac::

12:30:54 AM Maggie: MV: ::she's come back and is standing silently off to Libby's left but just behind her:: 

12:31:19 AM Julie: LB:  ::goes stiff, looking at her friend::  Don't talk about Maeve like that.

12:31:30 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Winces:: She may be gone but she was still my wife.  No one could ever replace her

12:32:30 AM Maggie: ::the woman pats Libby's arm:: Sorry dear but the whole town is talking about it... and well... you must know it holds some truth. 

12:33:05 AM Julie: LB:  ::jerks her arm back::  You act like Maeve deserved...

12:34:01 AM Maggie: MV: ::she walks over to Isaac, tucking her arms around herself to keep from reaching for Libby:: 

12:34:44 AM Maggie: ::the woman's mouth opens and shuts a few times:: Well... I mean... she *did* kill those men... 

12:35:05 AM Julie: LB:  ::swallows; whispers::  You weren't there; you don't know.

12:36:55 AM Quantum Catz: IS: All Maeve ever tried to do was protect the people she loved ::reaches for Maeve's hand::

12:37:26 AM Julie: LB:  ::winces, looking away, and suddenly feeling rather childish::

12:37:51 AM Maggie: MV: ::she tightens her jaw to keep from reacting, though she does squeeze Isaac's hand::

12:38:58 AM Maggie: ::forces a weak smile:: I honestly didn't mean any harm...it's just I've heard people talk... ::coughs:: Well, perhaps I should be getting home. See you later Libby. 

12:39:29 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Whatever else Maeve was, she was the mother of my child and I loved her so just...keep your opinions to yourself.  And tell these 'people' to do the same

12:39:51 AM Julie: LB:  ::sighs at her friend, then glances back at Isaac for just a second before bowing her head::

12:40:42 AM Maggie: ::the woman pauses and briefly eyes the woman standing next to him before looking back:: I'll keep that in mind. Good day. ::she hurries away, likely trying to escape the heavy tension:: 

12:41:17 AM Maggie: MV: ::she rubs Isaac's arms, trying to avoid looking at Libby:: Everything OK? 

12:41:55 AM Julie: LB:  ::clears her throat; softly::  It...::cuts herself off, swallowing hard::  I'll see you later, Isaac.

12:42:35 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: Bye

12:43:29 AM Maggie: MV; ::she opens her mouth to say goodbye as well then promptly closes it::

12:45:36 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::turns to leave the building once Libby's gone::

12:46:29 AM Maggie: MV: ::leans close, whispering:: I'm sorry isaac... 

12:50:44 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Libby came over to tell me to stop being so public

12:51:57 AM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes:: I need to talk to her... 

12:54:32 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs:: She meant well, unlike her friend

12:55:10 AM Maggie: MV: ::she looks away, not saying anything about that.::

12:57:40 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::squeezes her hand:: It's okay

12:58:57 AM Maggie: MV: ::smirks:: How can you say that when everyone thinks another woman is more deserving of you than your late wife? 

12:59:41 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Well, it doesn't matter what they think.  They're wrong

1:00:20 AM Maggie: MV: ::softly:: What if they aren't? 

1:02:50 AM Quantum Catz: IS: I love you, no matter what.  I'm not going to let the local gossips change my mind about that now

1:03:15 AM Maggie: MV: ::she smiles slightly at that:: 

1:07:29 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: I guess i have to walk you home now

1:08:03 AM Maggie: MV: ::raises an eyebrow; teasingly:: I can walk myself if you'd rather.

1:09:36 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::laughs, though he looks a bit sad:: I didn't mean it like that

1:10:07 AM Maggie: MV: ::softly:: I know but there's no reason why you can't linger around now... 

1:11:41 AM Quantum Catz: IS: It's not really the same though, is it?

1:12:28 AM Maggie: MV: ::she looks around first:: No but it'll have to do right? I dont exactly like staying there alone you know. 

1:14:59 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smirks:: We could send Grandpa round to keep you company

1:16:26 AM Maggie: MV: That isn't the same either. ::she looks up ahead, knowing they'll be passing Libby's soon::

1:17:08 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: I guess we've just got to be patient.

1:17:41 AM Julie: LB:  ::is on her porch, curled up in one of the chairs, shoulders hunched, choking back sobs::

1:18:35 AM Maggie: MV: ::she tenses, paling. She almost comes to a stop even though she knows Kathleen has no reason to approach Libby:: 

1:19:51 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates and then moves towards her:: Libby?  Are you okay?

1:20:08 AM Maggie: MV: ::relaxes a bit and follows::

1:20:29 AM Julie: LB:  ::her eyes go wide and she shivers, wiping her eyes, smearing her make-up; whispers::  Fine.

1:21:03 AM Maggie: MV: ::keeping her accent:: Can we get you anything? Would you care for some company? 

1:21:42 AM Julie: LB:  ::quickly shakes her head; whispers::  I have to go pay the sitter...::feigns a sad smile::

1:22:34 AM Maggie: MV: Oh well then, I hope you get to feeling better... ::she forces a smile though it doesn't reach her eyes::

1:23:13 AM Julie: LB:  ::frowns, looking more closely at the woman's eyes::

1:23:14 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Libby, if it's about what your friend said before...

1:23:43 AM Maggie: MV: ::she looks away, fidgeting. :: 

1:24:00 AM Julie: LB:  ::blinks hard and shakes her head; softly::  No...I'm sorry about that.  But...she was my friend, Isaac.  I know it doesn't hurt me as bad as you, but...and she missed out on so much...::voice catches::

1:24:33 AM Maggie: MV: ::she bites down on her tongue, hard. If they weren't on the stupid street:: 

1:27:03 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::glances at Maeve and then says:: I know it's...it's not fair.  And it's even worse to hear people talking about her like that

1:27:48 AM Maggie: MV: ::she winces; softly:: Perhaps we should go inside to talk? ::she looks around:: 

1:28:08 AM Julie: LB:  ::nods, pulling out a tissue; dabs her eyes::  If...if you'd like some coffee or something, sure.

1:28:34 AM Maggie: MV: Coffee would be lovely. ::she glances briefly at Isaac:: 

1:30:23 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs, not going to argue with her if she wants to tell her friend::

1:30:54 AM Maggie: MV: ::relaxes a little more::

1:33:09 AM Julie: LB:  ::lets them in and puts the coffee on; softly::  Milo should be asleep.  I'll just let the sitter out.  ::slips back::

1:33:51 AM Maggie: MV: ::she squeezes Isaac's hand when Libby leaves, looking worried.::

1:35:32 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: Are you sure you want to do this? I know she's your friend but the more people who know..

1:36:21 AM Maggie: MV: ::winces:: I can't leave her like this... and I can't lie to her... I guess after everything I've done that shouldn't be a big deal... ::shakes her head::

1:37:41 AM Quantum Catz: IS: It's up to you

1:38:16 AM Maggie: MV: ::she nods and lays her head on his shoulder:: Unless you think it will only make it worse...

1:40:10 AM Julie: LB:  ::comes back in, wincing at how close the woman is to Isaac::

1:42:59 AM Maggie: MV: ::she jerks away as if being caught doing something wrong:: 

1:43:21 AM Julie: LB:  ::swallows, and goes to see to the coffee::

1:43:47 AM Maggie: MV: ::she sighs heavily:: 

1:44:01 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: I think she'd want to know.

1:44:30 AM Maggie: MV: ::she nods and slowly stands up:: OK. I'm going... ::she hesitates though::

1:44:49 AM Julie: LB:  ::looks back at the couple, puzzled::

1:45:49 AM Maggie: MV: ::she just doesn't know how to say it without simply blurting it. She settles for dropping the accent first:: Would like some help with the coffee? 

1:46:17 AM Julie: LB:  ::looks closely at Maeve, eyes narrowing::  Who...*are* you?

1:47:58 AM Maggie: MV: ::she runs her palms over her skirt then tries coming closer; gently:: Kathleen Moore now. Though... you knew me better as Maeve. 

1:50:06 AM Maggie: MV: ::she frowns then shakes her head:: Reborn? No Libby, it's *me*. Come on, you should know Toby's handy work by now. 

1:52:21 AM Julie: LB:  ::shakes her head, tears streaming down::  But you...you died...I wondered if Becky was right...

1:54:53 AM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes, tearing up herself. She reaches for Libby's hands:: I've wondered the same thing too but ...it doesn't matter because I'm here now and not going anywhere as long as no one outside this selective circle finds out. 

1:58:23 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: I know it's a lot to take in

1:59:21 AM Julie: LB:  ::swallows; whispers::  What...what was the name of your character back in the alien show?

2:01:03 AM Maggie: MV: ::smirks:: Miffy. Come on? I would have thought you'd want some fireworks. 

2:02:16 AM Julie: LB:  ::can't help but laugh just a little; whispers::  M--Kathleen...

2:03:27 AM Maggie: MV: ::smiles sadly:: Yeah. 

2:04:31 AM Julie: LB:  ::reaches out to hug her friend; softly::  I missed you.

2:05:04 AM Maggie: MV: ::hugs her back:: I missed you too. 

2:13:57 AM Julie: LB:  ::shivers, pulling back at last; whispers::  So what now?

2:14:42 AM Maggie: MV: ::she shrugs:: I start over. And try to be better this time. ::smirks:: So far it seems to be working.

2:14:55 AM Julie: LB:  ::swallows::  I...hope so.

2:16:15 AM Maggie: MV: ::looks down:: I guess I can't promise anything... but I'm trying. 

2:18:08 AM Julie: LB:  ::smiles sadly::  Not everyone who gets a second chance.  Or a third.

2:22:54 AM Maggie: MV: ::she nods:: Are you going to be okay? 

2:23:35 AM Julie: LB:  ::wipes her eyes again, looking quite a mess; whispers::  I'd better brush up on my acting skills; it's been a while.

2:24:29 AM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes:: Yeah. I'm sorry Libby... I wasn't going to put you through having to but... 

2:25:09 AM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Too soft-hearted.  ::offers a weak smile, then cringes, a bit pale::  Isaac...  ::he's nowhere to be seen::

2:25:49 AM Maggie: MV: ::she looks up then winces:: Well... he didn't want to walk me home anyway... 

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