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This installment dated 6/2/00.

Spandex is a registered trademark, I'm sure.

Sorry I didn't put up a new installment last week; I got sidetracked...I put up two installments this week; I know that's not the same, but... Hopefully I'll have my new computer very soon; that may cut down how long it takes me to do one of these a little bit (I may not have to restart the computer five times to get a page saved; that happened this time ^^;).

Not much else going on in my little world, even if anyone cared to hear about it. ^_^;;;

Link of the week: (er, I think that's the URL ^^;--and now I think it's (3/16/02)), as I recall, had some interesting first aid info and stuff...

Next time: I have a plan drawn up...^_^;;; That wasn't much of a pitch. How about: Will Mark get over his naivety? Will Suzie run away? Will Jenny and Carson ever get out of that spandex? The answers to these and other aren't in the next installment, but who knows? ^_-;;; See you next Friday!

This is page 13 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (109 pages cumulative.)