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This installment dated 6/9/00.

Free talk, free talk....I got a new computer; its' simply ADORABLE (it's an iMac; how could you tell? ^_-). It's purple and it can play DVDs (the first DVD player in the house ^^;) and it doubles as a space heater and I love it anyway. ^___^ It's soooo fast, though; the Internet speeds kind of suck (I *am* running through AOL, though), but it's making things go a LOT faster over more waiting five seconds when I fill a space with a gray having to split the file into three pieces so I can save it in web-friendly resolution...etc., etc....not that anyone wanted to hear about that, but... What's really cute is that I hooked up my old computer to my new one, so if I can find any old Power PC networkable games (the kind I don't have to pay for or steal, preferably), I can play them with my brother. And I have full access to my other hard drive on this computer, which is nice...the funny thing is, this iMac takes up less space than my old MONITOR...(which is probably why the silly thing's so darned hot ^^;)... I didn't get a new scanner, though, so I still have to scan in stuff on my old computer. Weird, huh.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas what I can name this hard drive?

And I finally went to the temp agency and interviewed with them and stuff, so someday I'll probably be working a temp job. Yay. (I'm sooo lazy; I hate working ^^;...unless it's writing or drawing comics, but I'm doubtful as to either one being a viable career option...)

Oh, and as I said earlier, I'll be attending Anime Expo 2000. (Yes, I'm still behind on my e-mail, Kendra. ^^;;;) If you manage to meet me, I'll draw you a picture. No, I never said it would be any GOOD, but I'll draw you one anyway.

Link of the week: I honestly don't know if I like the page or not (haven't been there in months ^^;), but... Or if you prefer, MacMall (I bought my computer through them to avoid sales tax, and to get free RAM. I'm cheap.)

Next time: Don't wanna pitch it. Can't make me. I think we'll actually see Maria again. (Will Mark *really* stay asleep? ^_-;;;) See you next Friday!

This is page 14 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (110 pages cumulative.)