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This installment dated 6/16/00.

Hmmm.....if anyone wants to buy a plan for one of these issues, I'll sell you one for $5.

My birthday's the 21st of June. I'm used to no one I know online giving me even a letter saying 'Happy Birthday' (well, maybe Steph did...we love Steph...), though.

I'll still be at Anime Expo, though I suspect no one cares, as even the offer of a 'free drawing' (ooh, aah) hasn't enticed anyone new to 'fess up and admit they want to meet me. I'll also probably be in Disneyland July 3rd (ew, it's going to be busy ^^;)..not that anyone could recognize me, but, with a lot of luck, I'll be wearing a pair of Gadget ears. (Gadget. You know. Mouse from Rescue Rangers? Aw, forget it...)

If anyone knows the name of that kitty Digimon that was trying to kill Ty's little sister (but didn't succeed last week, at least), let me know. It's CUTE! Evil or not, it's CUTE!

It took probably less than 15 minutes to color this. (And it shows, I know.) My computer's actually fast. ^_^ Well, fast enough...and I can TALK to it!

Oh, yeah, and my Mac knows Japanese now, too! Well, not really, but I can type in Japanese and display Japanese text on my web browser and stuff! (Er, don't e-mail me in Japanese; my program doesn't support it, and I REALLY don't know the language anyway...I was meaning to work on my letters before I went to Expo... ^^;;;)

Link of the week: The official Rurouni Kenshin website (MIA right now -_-;;;) I actually went through the whole thing without having the software to display Japanese...lots of pretty pictures and clips and stuff...actually, if I still had Ethernet, and if they still have their episode previews up, I'd download them all and make my own movie using the iMovie software that came with my iMac...but that's all beside the point, isn't it? ^^;;;

Next time: The first issue I'll draw being legal age! Whatever that's supposed to mean (it's my 21st on the 21st)... See you next Friday!

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