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This installment dated 8/4/00.

::yawn:: Nope; nothing of value to say...well, one thing--if your cat is using the litter box really often, you need to take him/her to the vet--we had to take Maggie (that's my cat) in a few weeks ago. She had a bladder infection and so now we have to give her drugs to fix it...^_-;;; Don't worry (like you were); she's back to her regular self (meowing at us every three minutes; that's NORMAL for her...). But I just thought I'd do the public-service announcement thing. (And if there's blood in your cat's urine, or if it's going where it shouldn't be, then REALLY make sure to take it to the vet...) I'm done. Hun (for the uninitiated, that's Mark's cat) says 'hi.' Well, actually, she just said 'meow,' but I just went and assumed....

Random link of the week: Sanrio Puroland Dunno why; it's just the only site that I found interesting...(Well, unless you're sick of Republicans *and* Democrats, in which case you can check out this site...) I actually got to said Sanrio site following a link that promised info on a new Digimon attraction they have there...I looked but couldn't find anything; closest I could get was by looking through the Japanese site...there's at least a couple pics here (offline 3.18.02)... Speaking of Digimon, my browser and I don't know enough Japanese to say if this site is any good, but the first link I followed showed me even a digivolved (OK, probably some kind of combo thing...) Lillymon?! (Lillymon's the only Digimon who I like the 'highest' form of better than the form below it, even if I do find the idea of a boxing cactus, I need to learn my terminology...^^;;; Blame Westaff for not employing me over the summer. Yeah.) ANYWAY, if you look around enough, there's maybe something of use there...that's, however, if you care about the series. ^_^; (Scary stuff here, though; I guess it's a map of Digimon and combo-Digimon? Links in the upper-right-hand corner lead to even more scary combos...) I wonder if the kids in Japan even understand this...

Next time: ::shrug:: See you next Friday!

This is page 21 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (117 pages cumulative.)