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This installment dated 8/18/00.

Wow, this was on time...but let me again note, don't be surprised if next week's installment is late. Classes start next week and I have quite a few classes on Thursdays (although only one on Mondays and Fridays...^_^;).

Random link of the week: Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark Yes, I like the PBS show "Arthur." More than is healthy, probably. This is a cute website, though, especially if you like the show, but maybe even if you don't. As an added bonus, I even sent an e-mail about the show to them and they replied within 48 hours. It's probably rather slow-loading if you have less than a 56K modem, and there's a lot of Shockwave games, but I *think* there's a text-only version...

Next time:, I'll be moving into a house with three other people soon and attending classes at a major university; if *that* doesn't inspire me, maybe I'm a lost cause. ^_- See you probably next Friday (if not, as soon thereafter as I can manage without going crazy!).

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