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This installment dated 11/10/00.

Hey, on time! Wow! @_@ Sorry if you don't understand this (I guess you'd have to have been up 'til like 3:30 AM Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in America ^_^;;;), and also watching NBC...ah well.... less obscure than Iron Chef, I guess...^_^; I can't help but be at least interested...even my roommate's political science teacher who told her class that it's a waste of time to vote, your vote doesn't matter, etc., recanted Wednesday. ^_^

Random link of the week: S O L A C E: Your Journey's End She draws pretty, and she's the only person who e-mailed me and said they got my Iron Chef reference. ^_^ Okay, so I'm sure all my readers have already visited her page numerous at this pretty picture of Jenner she drew? ^_^;

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday. ^_^;

This is page 33 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (129 pages cumulative.)