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This installment dated 11/17/00.

Hey, my comics page is three years! I didn't do anything exciting for the occasion though....^^; Ah well.

Let's see...if I type more I'll wind up ranting about television (wide-screen E.R.???? The most pretentious thing I've seen in a while, especially considering they pretty much just blacked out the top and bottom eighths of the screen and called it "wide-screen"...that's supposed to be a draw???)... Oops.

Random link of the week: rcdb: Roller Coaster DataBase It's okay......hey, the roller coaster in Phoenix got stuck on the track just a few days ago...I wasn't in the same city as it, but still...^_^;

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday.

This is page 34 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (130 pages cumulative.)