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This installment dated 12/1/00. Check back every Friday for a new installment!

Sorry I didn't update last week; I did put up an update of Fox Tales instead...but I know it's not the's just, I had a paper due the Monday after Thanksgiving, and didn't even get back home to my computer 'til about 8 PM Sunday night....and I was away from all scanners over the holiday...which gives me no excuse for not drawing, but I was working on Courtly Love. Honest. Whose sick idea was it to make the end of the month near a Friday, anyway??? Ah well....I think I'll go rant on the index page for my comics site. (I'm considering making my own bulletin that presumptious of me?)

Random link of the week: Weekly Character Spotlight I don't remember if this was the site I meant to have as my link of the week or not (I just thought of one a few days ago ^^;;;)...but I did submit a piece for the first character featured there....I haven't tried to get any of my characters featured yet, though...

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday.

This is page 35 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (131 pages cumulative.)