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This installment dated 12/8/00.

No apologies. Nyah.

Random link of the week: You have NO excuse! (bad link 3.18.02, so I guess now you have an excuse.) This site has the first four volumes of the series "Revolutionary Girl Utena," dubbed or subtitled, at $6.00 a tape--that's $24.00 for the first thirteen episodes! I know the series is a little weird, but I find it very engaging (ooh, that was a pun, wasn't it? Rose bride? Engaged? Get it?). So now if I throw in Utena references and you don't understand them, it's your own fault. ^_-

Oh, I also made a BBS (moved and now you DO have to be a member to post ^^; 3.18.02) for general discussion of my comics; check it out if you think that kind of thing might interest you. (No need to be a member to post.)

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday.

This is page 36 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (132 pages cumulative.)