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This installment dated 1/5/01. Check back every Friday(?) for a new installment!

Welcome to my first, and probably close to last, page of "Mark and Jenny" inked entirely on the computer, with my new graphics tablet. I don't think it looks any worse than my others, though....well, it's possible I could ink another installment on the computer, but no way in the world will I color it like this again, unless I just plain have an extra several days on my hands...^_-;;; Aside from a couple illegible bits, the lettering's even okay, though...^^;;; Next week's will likely be back to plain old shading....

And I don't know when next week's is coming, anyway.....I should get one up sometime, but school starts next Wednesday, so I *might* be busy. ^^; Depending on my schedule this semester, I also may or may not keep "Mark and Jenny" on Fridays; I really like having it on Fridays, but my schedule might insist otherwise... So we'll see. ^_^;

Random link of the week: Super Mario 64 Central: The History of Peach Compelling reading....well, maybe not, unless you like Princess Peach Toadstool and trivia about her...^_-;;; Me, I had a brief love affair with the game "Mario Tennis" (we are still attracted to each other, but have currently decided to see other people)--my brother got the N64 game for Christmas...^_^; For some strange reason, I generally wound up playing as Peach, though Daisy (basically Peach in a yellow dress and with brown hair, though she *was* in a Mario game for the Game Boy, I think, as a princess needing rescued from space aliens ^^;) really is a closer resemblance to me... ANYWAY, I do think Peach is a better player (an online review disagreed....)....but..... I dunno what semblance this has to anything, but aside from NES hacks, that's the only webpage I bookmarked this week...^^; Oh, I did manage to beat the Master Ball Prime Cup championship in Pokémon Stadium using all my own Pokémon (I rented the system for that express purpose), it was hard, though..... If my Mew had been level 100 instead of 93, it might've been pretty easy, but alas.... My only level 100 Pokémon were Vaporeon (real good one) and Chansey (um...I love Chansey...)....but almost everyone else was in the 90s...uh....this free talk really ought to go on another page of mine, I suppose, huh? ^^;;;

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday, if that's when I update next...^_^;;;

This is page 3 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (136 pages cumulative.)