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See Julie's Commentary (opens in separate window)

This installment dated 1/15/01. Check back every Friday(?) for a new installment!

I regret the lateness of this installment; sorry. My scanner refused to work, and even now I'm not convinced it wishes to *continue* working, but it did do some stuff for me in the last few days, so... I inked this one with my graphics tablet, too--not really a good idea, but, eh.

I'm still not sure; I *think* Fridays will remain updating days, except when I have Japanese history papers and whatnot due, but I'm still not sure...

Random link of the week: Utena Through a Rose Colored Lens (now offline it looks like -_- 3.23.02) has screencaps and info from the Japanese Dreamcast Utena game--notable because we found out THAT'S where that blue-haired girl who didn't look like fan art but wasn't in the series came from... Alternately, this (no idea where the heck that was supposed to link to ^^; 3.23.02) ugly page at least currently hosts some rather outdated info on Pokémon Gold/Silver, but seems to indicate which Pokémon can only be found as one gender (Chanseys apparently can only be girls)... That's all.

Oh, I (fairly recently) made a BBS for general discussion of my comics; check it out if you think that kind of thing might interest you. (No need to be a member to post.) Please visit. Please post. I'm lonely...

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday, if that's when I update next...^_^;;;

This is page 4 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (137 pages cumulative.)