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This installment dated 4/13/01.

What a bum I am. I apologize. To be fair, I am working on a collaborative story that the other collaborator is drawing into a comic (I'm not sure how much all of you will like it, but...). And it's April so school is hard. I'll try to update next week, though.

Random links of the week: All Your Base Are Belong to Mr. T is very funny. (Apparently it's a very big/long/inefficient download; I didn't notice, what with the cable modem...) Engrish is Asian-type English that is just plain bizarre or humorous--if nothing else, think bad subtitles in kung-fu movies. Sorry I can't link to a site; it's often dirty ^^;

And then I will link to The Crossroads, which I think I've linked to two or three other times--but it is Easter this weekend, so it makes sense.

And if you must know, my brother and I call Super Wal-Marts "Super Mega Ninja Wal-Marts." So that's where that's from. ^_^

This is page 12 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (145 pages cumulative.)