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This installment dated 12/3/99.

Yeah, I cut the story arc short--and only 15 panels this page! ^_-;;; Funny that 12 look fine--almost *roomy* for this series--but 15 looks terrible... Well, next week's installment is still in the same title arc, but, I mean, with Sue and, never mind. ^^;

The contest is still over. ^_- I've only sent out three of the prizes so far, but everyone who I haven't replied to, don't worry; I got your e-mails. (Really; I got mail from everyone except the one winner I know OFFLINE, so I *did* get your letter; I'm just sending them out in order of reply, with the exception of the birthday girl... ^_-;;;)

Random link of the week:

The Online Comic Artist Directory is ALIVE!!! Granted, I had to spend about an hour re-listing all my series...^^; And no one saw fit to TELL me it was alive (okay, so I'm not exactly a member of any manga artist communities online, so I suppose it's my own fault...^^;). If you like online manga or Anime art, you are required by law to go there. (Okay, maybe only if I was undisputed dictator of the world. If I were undisputed dictator of the world, I'd also give government subsidies to rock bands who put cellos in their songs. And make it illegal to charge more for a subtitled tape than a dubbed one. Yeah, I think big. ^_-)

Next time: On with the OTHER pressing concern, eh? See you next Friday!

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