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This installment dated 12/10/99.

I don't know if the shading will stay or not...(yes, I realize it looks a the way I did the shading was so I could print it out if I so desired...which would be fine (300 dpi prints okay, if not perfectly...) but my poor computer just about can't handle a 300 dpi 8x11 image in 32768 (or whatever the second-to-highest number of colors listed in my program is) colors. I can work with the page in 300 dpi in black and white, no problem, but I have to convert it to a higher number of colors so I can shrink it down to 72 dpi for viewing on this page (otherwise you'd have a very ugly, slow-loading, 3000 pixel wide picture to look at right now ^_^;). ANYWAY, my computer was making noises I didn't know it could make this evening... ^^; ANYWAY, this comic is a forum for experimention on my part (hey, you knew there had to be a catch, right? ^_-) so it may occasionally get a little weird... (Oh, and the shading is light because the gray of Mark's suit coat up there will print out as nearly BLACK if I choose to print it...)

Yeah, the contest is STILL over. I've got one more picture that I drew to send out (hopefully tomorrow), but other than that, I've made NO headway on the entries. This week was hard, though...

Random link of the week:

Official Princess Mononoke Website I just saw this movie it honestly was better the second time I saw it (in English; I had already seen a poorly fansubbed version in Japanese...). My friend is going to cosplay as San, and she wants me to be Lady Eboshi so she can go around trying to kill me. Unfortunately, I don't think I have the class to play Lady Eboshi. (She's cool, though; I want her voice! ^_^;)

Next time: Can't say; haven't drawn the plan yet. ^^; See you next Friday!

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